Making the Most of Yard Sale Finds

When you live in a winter climate much of the year, you get used to the crisp, fresh air. It is one of the great benefits of rural life. I love outdoor sports, long walks, sitting in a snow-covered park, and other activities popular with folks in Southborough. Like most, residents, I get tired of the stale air inside that results from too much heating. I crave open windows at work at the risk of alienating a few colleagues. Not everyone wants to wear a jacket sitting at their desk.

Given this state of affairs and my penchant for clean air, you can imagine my chagrin when a friend who borrowed my car left it reeking of smoke. I assumed that he would do it outside, like most considerate smokers. Not so. The car needed a lot of help. I could barely get inside to start the car. Opening the windows wasn’t enough. It just so happened, however, that I found a yard sale down the street, and lo and behold, there was a new spray can of air freshener. Just in time. I immediately went about spraying the carpets and seats. It sure helped, and in a few minutes, I could drive the car without choking.

I digress here, but I have to say that I also found a lot of other things at the yard sale to clean up and refurbish. I normally don’t go to these events, but this time was an exception. Not only did I get the air freshener to restore the car (at a very low price) and now there is No More Smoke Smell, but I also found some pieces of patio furniture that I can spray paint this summer to supplement my limited seating around the grill. To my surprise, the homeowner sponsoring the sale had some enamel waterproof paint and even some rust remover. I found everything I needed for this project. I got more out of the deal than a way to quickly remove stale smoke odor. I guess you never know what you will find. People sell anything from dishes and cooking utensils to old clothes and shoes. They offer old nails and tools, cast off toys, used books and office supplies. If you are looking for an odd decorative item for your home, you will find it. If you like to collect junk, you have the perfect resource.

I also found a scented candle that might come in handy in a smoke-filled room. I hate stale air so much that I have several contingency plans. I think I will go to more yard sales in the area!