Making the Most of Yard Sale Finds

When you live in a winter climate much of the year, you get used to the crisp, fresh air. It is one of the great benefits of rural life. I love outdoor sports, long walks, sitting in a snow-covered park, and other activities popular with folks in Southborough. Like most, residents, I get tired of the stale air inside that results from too much heating. I crave open windows at work at the risk of alienating a few colleagues. Not everyone wants to wear a jacket sitting at their desk. Given this state of affairs and my penchant for clean air, you can imagine my chagrin when a friend who borrowed my car left it reeking of smoke. I assumed that he would do it outside, like most considerate smokers. Not so. The car needed a lot of help. I could barely get inside to start the car. Opening the windows wasn’t enough. It just so happened, however, that I found a yard sale down the street, and lo and behold, there was a new spray can of air freshener. Just in time. I immediately went about spraying the carpets and seats. It sure helped, and in a few minutes, I could drive the car without choking. I digress here, but I have to say that I also found a lot of other things at the yard sale to clean up and refurbish. I normally don’t go to these events, but this time was an exception. Not only did I get the air freshener to restore the car (at a very low price) and now there is No More Smoke Smell, but I also found some pieces of patio furniture that I can spray paint this summer to supplement my limited seating around the grill. To my surprise, the homeowner sponsoring the sale had some enamel waterproof paint and even some rust remover. I found everything I needed for this project. I got more out of the deal than a way to quickly remove stale smoke odor. I guess you never know what you will find. People sell anything from dishes and cooking utensils to old clothes and shoes. They offer old nails and tools, cast off toys, used books and office supplies. If you are looking for an odd decorative item for your home, you will find it. If you like to collect junk, you have the perfect resource. I also found a scented candle that might come in handy in a smoke-filled room. I hate stale air so much that I have several contingency plans. I think I will go to more yard sales in the area!

How to Winterize Your Home

Let's assume that all the above incredible information about Southborough manages to convince you to relocate to the town. You need to pick up a few tips on how to winterise your home. The town sets to winter in January whereby the temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius or even lower. Here are some helpful strategies that will help you take care of your property during the freezing climate.   Create a Checklist You need to create a checklist before everything else. A checklist helps in ensuring that you cater to all the requirements. Planning an action is important because there is a less chance that you will forget any step. Take a look your home, both the interior and the exterior then decide what you need to do. A good fact about the checklist is that you will remember to undo everything once it is time to open up your house after winter fades.   Turn off Main Water Supply After making the checklist, you would probably want to off the water at the main supply. Winter comes with some drawbacks, and one of them is that the pipe can freeze and burst especially if the furnace fails. Making sure that the main water supply is off will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses afterwards. In conjunction to that, you do not need to worry about any leaking taps that you forgot to turn off.   Drain Waterlines Turning off the main supply is not all. You have to drain all the waterlines because the water in them could freeze and cause bursting of pipes. You would not want to walk in and find out that your toilet pipes or other water channels are in poor condition. An air compressor should you get rid of excess water in all the drainages. Generally, all equipment and facilities that contain water drainages should be free of excess water. That includes dishwashers, washing machines, swimming pools, that is if you have any, among others.   Unplug Electrical Appliances Unplugging electrical appliances is a must. Frankly, everyone including children knows that electrical appliances should not be left in the sockets even if you are leaving your house for a short while. How about a whole winter season that you will stay away from home. Electricity can cause massive damage in case of any faulty wires or other factors that interfere with the normal flow. You should never assume that nothing can happen and that your home is safe. Ignorance can cost you a lot because any event of disrupted electric flow can bring down your house to ashes which is one of the worst experiences in life. Think about how you will have to start from scratch. Besides that, electricity damages can ruin your vacation because you must return with immediate effect to plan the next step. The above steps are helpful, and you will thank me later if you follow the advice.

Indoor Sports

Southborough is a great place to be, and if you happen to be a resident of this amazing place, this blog will provide vital information that can help you pass winter time without even realizing it. There is a lot to say for small town life. Our objective is to ensure that the Southborough we know today is a whole lot better than the one we knew the day before. The only way we can achieve this goal is to share as much as possible all that we know is safe and sound for you and your family to do this winter. That said, I will begin with a big shout out for indoor sports as a way to not only get through the winter, but to really relish this time of year. A full court game in a gym is so much better than a rough-surfaced school playground court. The hoop is better since it is not subject to the elements and you won’t find the net hanging by a thread or two in any place I know of.  No obvious rust on the rim or erased boundary lines from harsh, pounding rain. Basketball is my choice to stay healthy and active and out of the cold. If I want to be cold to the bone, I will go ice skating on a pond or skiing. If I want to keep my parka in a locker, I can play indoor tennis, badminton, racket ball, air hockey, shuffleboard, and much more. I know of places like Minneapolis, a frozen winter wonderland, where you can find indoor soccer, football, or cricket. After all, they have sky walks to get from one building to another it is so frigid outside. Somehow it doesn’t sit well with me, so I stick with basketball as my recommendation for winter fun in Southborough. Massachusetts is not the coldest state in the union, but it has to be one of them. No wonder relatives call from California when they hear about impending storms of the century hitting the northeast. I stem the tide of criticism, “why do you live there?” with a lot of boasting about indoor basketball. I always have access to a court, which is not at all true in many towns based on what I've read in Baller's Guide. The kids take over the school gym or the local team is in practice. It’s the same with the regional ice rink. Just try to get on the ice at 3:00pm when the youth of the town is out in full force after school. Somehow my fellow basketball players and I always gets a pickup game at the last minute. We often schedule weekends, however, to be sure. By nature, basketball is an indoor sport even though so many play on a school playground because they don’t have an alternative. There is nothing better than a slick polished wood surface to help you glide with the ball as you dribble for your next shot.