Great Winter Sporting in Southborough

The Octopush

One of the greatest ways to pass the time this winter is by participating in this breathtaking sport. In the real world, this game has another name called underwater hockey which is enough to create the idea that it is a six by a six-player match that takes place under the water. Yes, as much insane as it sounds, it is one of the most amazing, unique and memorable ways to spend your time this summer. It is worth noting, however, that the biggest risk here is your ability to hold your breath underwater as much as possible.



At the mention of this sport, the first thing that comes to mind is another type of rugby. The rules of this game require that you be not only fast but also perfect when it comes to handling all the other players in the game. One can only earn points by accurately directing the ball to the mouth of either of the crowns. The role that the other plays have is to ensure that the authenticity of the score you attain cannot pass for challenging in the opinion of the other team.



The Hantis is one of the most intense table challenge sport that man knows. The rules here require the players to do anything within their capabilities to master and display different types of overhead and low attack tactics that can come in handy when you release the loach. The good thing about this game is that everyone can play it regardless of age and other circumstances. In simpler words, the same rules that apply to Ping pong can more or less work in this game as well. It is a safe game even if it sounds like there are no boundaries when it comes to the real match.


Segway Polo

Another unique yet very reputable game is the Segway Polo. Steve Wozniak had an influential role to play in the founding of this game back in 2004. Sports and games reviews have it that this game is a game that passes for an ideal association with geeks. However, this does not mean that only smart people can play it. Hoverboards usually come in handy as they help to pass a strong message to the rest of the world who are willing to make this culture worth recalling.


Road Tennis

You can be able to tell just by the sound of the title itself that this game is not just fun, to begin with, it is also very cheap and convenient to come by at this time. All that this game requires is a slight stretch off the pavement, a small tennis ball and some great bats. In the real world, history proves that for the last eight or so decades, road tennis has been part of the growth and development of games and sports of human activities. There are so many activities that you can engage in during this winter, and all that you need to do is open your mind and welcome any great ideas.