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December 28,  2008 - January 3, 2009

Parkerville Road Accident

January 2, 2009 -  A 21 year-old Southborough man was transported to U-Mass Medical Center after being injured and trapped when the vehicle he was in crashed into trees on Parkerville Road just north of Skylar Drive. The crash occurred around 4:30 PM on January 2, 2009.

Firefighters used the Jaws of Life rescue tools to free the injured occupant.

Parkerville Road was closed for over an hour while the man was extricated and the vehicle was towed from the scene.



· Written Brush Burning permits MUST be obtained in person annually at the Fire Station, 21 Main Street .

o Permits are available from now until April 30th

o Permits shall be issued to residents only (no landscapers or commercial permits allowed by regulations)

· Hours to obtain permits are:

o Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

o Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

· Permit fee for the season is $10.00

o Only checks made out to the Town of Southborough will be accepted

o Senior citizens 65 years of age and over are free

· Permit holders must call every day that you plan to burn, however, you can only call between 9:00 AM and 12 NOON for permission to burn.

o Burning can only be conducted between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM per Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations [310 CMR 7.07 (3)(e)]. Burning may be denied due to environmental factors.

Massachusetts DEP strongly encourages the chipping and mulching of brush versus burning due to environmental concerns. The Town's Department of Public Works accepts brush at the Town's Transfer Station.

Whoever violates any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500 plus the cost of suppression or by imprisonment for not more than one month or both (M.G.L. c. 42, §13).

Massachusetts General Laws c. 111, § 142 A-E and 310 CMR 7.07 as well as 527 CMR 10.22 regulate all open burning activities.


MA Pike Advisories

Pavement Resurfacing between Exits 11 and 12 from Hopkinton to Westborough
Lane Closures

A pavement resurfacing project is under construction between exits 11 and 12, from Mile 104.9 to 107.2 in Hopkinton and Westborough on the eastbound and westbound sides of the MassPike. Single lane closures will be required Tuesday and Wednesday westbound between 6:00am and 2:30pm and eastbound between 9:00am and 6:00pm.

I-90 East and West Maintenance and Inspections
Daytime Lane Closures

For the next several months maintenance crews will be doing repair work on sections of I-90 (MassPike) East and West from the I-90/I-93 Interchange in Boston to the New York State line during the day from 7 AM/ 9 AM (depending on location) to 3 PM weekdays.

Construction work zones will require lane closures to do the highway repair work. Much of the work needs to be completed in dry weather.

Arts Center at Southborough Newsletter

January 2009

Arts Center Logo

In This Issue

Watercolor Collage

Photoshop Basics

Administrative Details

Quick Links

Join Our Mailing List

February Vacation Art Camp!

Feb. 17, 18, 19
$130 full day (bring lunch)


10am - 12pm

K-2nd - Clay
3rd-5th - Cartooning

12:30pm - 2:30pm
K-2nd - Sculpture
3rd-5th - Clay


Children taking art class

Greetings -

Are you ready? We have an elevator!! On Christmas eve the elevator was approved by the state and we are fully operational. Many many thanks to all the people involved over the past few years who helped keep us going.

Get ready for some fun weekends - we have an intensive watercolor workshop next weekend and a Photoshop Basic workshop at the end of the month.

Session III classes start up on the 12th. Adult pottery has been changed to Wednesday nights at 7pm and IS running. Also, Saturday morning from 10-11:30 there is a children's clay class that has three spots left.

You may reserve your spot via email and bring the payment at the time of the class. Save on the stamp and the trip to the mailbox. You will receive a confirmation that your registration was received and that the class or workshop is running.

We welcome any and all feedback and would love to hear from you.  We're looking for fresh ideas and hope to see you at one of our classes or events!

Thank you -
Emily van Nort
Interim Director, Arts Center at Southborough


Watercolor Collage Workshop w/ artist Crist Filer
Sunday January 11th
10am-3pm at Arts Center, $50


Crist Filer collage

We are pleased to present artist Crist Filer who works mainly in watercolor and pencil. His sharp edged graphic artwork, using both wet-in-wet and dry brush techniques, provides and exhilarating experience of design and color. 

Over the past several years Filer has demonstrated for most of the art associations in eastern Massachusetts. His art, both abstract and representational has been juried into 206 national and regional arts shows and won over 100 awards.

This workshop will be engaging and useful to both those who have created collage before along with those who may have wanted to explore collage but lacked a creative "entry portal."

Expect to dive into the discovery and development of Filer's unique collage approach. Participants will take one of their own "failed" or disappointing watercolors and dissect it in order to rebuild it into a new work of art. Attendees, using the guidelines and suggestions will  plan and critically think about their collage. Filer will lead an informal critique through out the workshop. Most of the day will entail accomplishing the collage and broadening the creative scope of the collage process.


Photoshop Basics Workshop
Sunday January 25th, 1-4pm w/ Michelle Sheppard $40 (new price)


Arts Building Warhol Style This one-day workshop will introduce digital camera users to the photo editing process.  Learn the foundations of image correction, resizing, printing, and digital collages, as well time to address questions that arise as one learns to navigate digital imaging through Photoshop. Laptop with Photoshop is required.


Administrative Tidbits


Ann Freeman drawing of the Arts CenterClasses for Session III Start January 12th


Read our latest newsletter here (this is our fall newsletter. The next one is almost done and will be sent out by mid-January)

Membership! We appreciate those of you who continue to give. If you'd like to renew today, click here.(If you'd like us to remind you when you last donated, send an email)

ARHS Sports 1/3/09

Boys Varsity Wrestling @ Montachusett Regional Voc   TBA
 Girls Varsity Gymnastics @ Hudson High School High School 10:00AM
 Girls Varsity Ice Hockey VS Medford High School New England 4:10PM
 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey @ Leominster High School WCC 4:30PM
 Boys JV Basketball @ Quabbin Regional H.S.   5:30PM
 Boys Varsity Basketball @ Quabbin Regional H.S.   7:00PM
AVRTHS Sports 1/3/09
Boys Varsity Ice Hockey VS Marian High School New England 2:10PM

Sports Schedules are subject to change under weather conditions


Boy Scout Troop 1 Southborough will be offering Christmas tree pickup in Southborough on January 3rd and January 10th for $5 per tree.

If you would like to schedule a pick up, please send email to Troop1Trees@gmail.com or call 508-626-8015 and leave a message. Email or phone message must include your name, phone number, address, and date for pickup. Requests for pick up will be taken until 8 PM the day before pick up.

Trees must be placed at the END of the driveway by 9 AM on the day of pick up. Please place $5 per tree in a plastic bag clipped or taped to the top of the tree. Money should NOT be placed in the mailbox.

This is a fundraiser for Southborough Troop 1 Boy Scouts and we thank the residents and businesses for support over the years!

Click here to learn more about the Town of Southborough CERT program. Please consider volunteering your time and expertise in your field.

Happy New Year

from the Southborough News

Nature's Christmas Ornament

January 1, 2009 - A cardinal takes a bite out of the snow this morning.

Algonquin Regional High School College planning breakfast

1/16 Junior Parent College Planning

Breakfast, 7-7:30 Light Breakfast

7:30-8:30 Presentation

Space Weather News

FIRST METEORS OF 2009:  The annual Quadrantid meteor shower peaks on Jan. 3rd when Earth enters a stream of debris from shattered comet 2003 EH1. The timing of the encounter favors observers in western North America and across the Pacific Ocean who could see dozens to hundreds of meteors during the dark hours before sunrise this Saturday morning. Visit http://spaceweather.com for a sky map and more information.

SOMETHING NEW: For the new year, Spaceweather.com is pleased to announce a new service: Space Weather Radio, broadcasting live "sounds from space" around the clock.  Today you can listen to the Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas.  When a meteor passes over the facility--ping!--there is an audible echo. (Activity should be high during the Quadrantid meteor shower this weekend.)  In the near future we'll be adding broadcasts of solar radio bursts and VLF signals from the ionosphere. The streams are punctuated by Daily Space Weather Updates from Dr. Tony Phillips.  Click here to begin listening:  http://SpaceweatherRadio.com

Latisquama Road

January 1, 2009 - Wind blown snow blankets Latisquama Road.


This summer and fall, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) began conducting a research program to track the habits and flight patterns of gulls near the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs, and is now asking the public’s help in reporting any sightings of tagged gulls. With funding from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s (MWRA) Water Supply Protection Trust, permit and capture assistance from the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, and advice from the Massachusetts Audubon Society, DCR staff have already caught and tagged nearly 250 Ring-billed, Herring, and Greater black-backed gulls around the reservoirs in an effort to track their feeding habits and daily whereabouts.  Information from sightings will be used to help identify local food sources for the birds and determine the best way to try to prevent them from spending the night at the reservoirs. From fall through spring, thousands of gulls spend the night sitting in the water at the reservoirs. For almost 20 years, DCR has used various techniques to scare the birds away from the MWRA intake pipes and prevent their droppings from polluting the water. While those techniques – which involve setting off loud noises near the gulls, for example – have proven effective, DCR is looking for a more ecological and efficient approach.

Each gull species has its own tag color with a unique identification number for each tag. With help from the public, DCR has already been able to record the whereabouts of many of the birds at various times during the day, week, and season. Sightings have already been received from central Massachusetts to Maine, as well as from the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland. Anyone who sees a wing-tagged bird is asked to try to obtain the alpha-numeric combination on the tag (e.g., A57) and report it using the contact information below. Be sure to include the time and place the bird was sighted. Contact Dan Clark at (508) 792-7423, ext. 215 or dan.clark@state.ma.us. Gull Study information can be found at www.mass.gov/dcr/waterSupply/watershed/study/index.htm.

  • It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

    The annual Girl Scout cookie sale kicks off in eastern Massachusetts on Monday, January 5th. The sale culminates on Sunday, March 15th.

    This year Girl Scout cookies will include Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Lemonades, Thanks-A-Lot and the brand new Daisy Go Rounds, in honor of having Daisy Girl Scouts sell Girl Scout cookies for the first time! The Daisy Go Rounds contain five grab-and-go snack packs full of crispy cinnamon flowers blooming with flavor in every bite.

    To find cookies in your community, go to www.girlscoutseasternmass.org/cookies.

ARHS Sports 1/2/0
Girls JV Basketball @ Nashoba Regional H.S. Click for directions   1:00PM
 Boys JV Ice Hockey VS St. Johns H.S. Northstar Rink 1:50PM
AVRTHS Sports 1/2/09
Boys JV Ice Hockey @ Bellingham High School North Star 12:40PM

Sports Schedules are subject to change under weather conditions


December 31, 2008 - Travelers once again had to dodge snowy roads today and tonight.

Truck Fire Route 495

December 31, 2008 - Southborough Firefighters extinguish a truck fire. (photos courtesy of Southborough Fire)

Firefighters responded at 7:58 AM to a call from the Massachusetts State Police for a vehicle fire on 495 southbound at Simarano Drive. Arriving firefighters found the engine compartment and cab of a truck fully involved in fire.  It took less than 10 minutes to contain the fire, and several more minutes to ensure the fire was completely extinguished. 

Traffic was slow through the area as two, then one travel lane was closed during fire extinguishment.

The truck, containing a snow plow and sander body, sustained significant damage. There were no injuries.

Fire apparatus cleared the highway at 8:57 AM, just before the snow started to accumulate.

The December results for several Triboro youth hockey games:

12/8/08 - Triboro Bantam 1 vs. Franklin Bantam 1 Tie it up at 4 to 4

Franklin came back to get a tie in this closely matched contest. Triboro led 3-1 but fell victim to 3 come from behind goals by Franklin to earn the tie.
Steve Lampedecchio roofed the third goal of the game. Beating the golaie over his left shoulder. Mark McCauley led the team with 2 points including a nice goal of the rebound from a Sean Diodato blast from the top of the circle. McCauley pushed the rebound past the Franklin goalie. Dan Feller also had a nice goal during the game. The other Triboro score was by Sam Voss. Voss played his best game of the season. He was all ove the ice, at times setting up the cycle around the net.

12/10/08 - Triboro Bantam 1 wins 4 - 2

In a major upset. The Triboro Bantam1 team outskated a strong Lakers team. Triboro's physical game and crisp passing did the trick. John Stanton played very in net as he kept the Lakers at bay.
Dan Feller, Mark McCauley, Luke Freitas and Ed Leonard played well at defense.

12/28/08 - Triboro Bantam 1 vs. Midstate Bantam 1 Tie at 1 to 1

After losing in the last game against a very strong Midstate team 5-1. Triboro B1 stepped up thier game and skated to a 1-1 tie with Midstate. Curiously, Triboro was shorthanded for most the of the 2nd period.
This was a total team effort with ghreat apsing and great opportunities at both ends. John Stanton was outstanding in net. Conor Dolye played his best game of the season on defense. Nick Mosca's highlight hipcheck was the best of the season.

Robert M. Kiley



Robert M. Kiley 80, of Southborough died on December 30, 2008, at his home after battle with cancer.

He was the husband of Lidia (Tebaldi) Kiley for the past 52 years.

Mr. Kiley was a 1946 graduate of the former Peter's High School in Southborough and worked for over 35 years for N.E. Telephone, which later became Verizon of Framingham.

He was a member of the Pioneer Club. He enjoyed gardening, wood working, watching the birds eat from his bird feeders, Farmall tractor and reading. He loved spending time with his grandchildren and was always willing to lend a hand to a friend or neighbor.

In additon to his wife he is survived by his children, Mary Teresa Peterson and her husband Eric of Tynsboro; John Arthur Kiley and his wife Jane of Berlin; Francis Terence Kiley of Southborough; a sister, Rosita Bartolini of Southborough; 4 grandchildren, Lauren, Carl, & Bret Peterson and Samantha Kiley; numerous nieces & nephews and many close friends.

Visiting hours will be held Sat. Jan 3, from 9:30 to 10:30 AM at Morris Funeral Home, 40 Main St. Southborough.

Funeral Mass, Saturday, following visiting hours, at 11 AM at St. Matthew Church, Highland St. Southborough. Burial will follow in Rural Cemetery, Southborough.

Expression of Sympathy may be sent in his memory to U Mass Memorial Hospice, PO Box 2795, Worcester, MA 01613-9938

Anton Waring



Anton Waring, 90, of Southborough died on December 22, 2008 at Metro West Medical Center after a long illness.

He was the husband of the late Margaret (Kneiszl) Varing.

Mr. Varing attended the Conservatory of Music in Timisoara, Romania and was a talented trumpet player who had his own dance band in Romania for over 10 years before coming to United States in 1950. After he arrived in the U.S. he was employed by General Motors in Framingham for over 30 years. He never joined another big band but he did play for enjoyment and the pleasure of others.

He is survived by his son , Geza Balint of Southborough; a sister in law, Irma Borsos; and several relatives in Hungary.

Visiting hours will be held on Saturday, January 3, from 3 to 5 PM at the Morris Funeral Home, 40 Main St. Southborough, (Morrisfuneralparlor.com)

Funeral and burial will be private.

Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve
The Sudbury Rolls On

December 30, 2008 - The Sudbury River off of Cedar Street rolls through town at bank full with all the rain and snow we have had this month.

Ready for the next blast?

December 30, 2008 - Weather forecasters are predicting another snowstorm beginning late tonight/early tomorrow. Photo above is from the last storm taken at Beal's farm looking south from route 30. Winter storm warning in effect from 6 am to 6 pm est. Wednesday,  The NWS in taunton has issued a winter storm warning for snow, which is in effect from 6 am to 6 pm est. Wednesday. The winter storm watch is no longer in effect. This winter storm warning includes north central and northeastern Connecticut as well as all of central and western Massachusetts. Snow is expected to begin across northern Connecticut and western Massachusetts as well as Worcester county Massachusetts by 6 am. Snow will quickly increase in intensity and fall heavily at times during the Wednesday morning commute, with snowfall rates of one to perhaps two inches per hour developing between 9 am and 2 pm. Visibilities will be restricted to one half mile or less at times. Snow is expected to begin tapering off during by the late afternoon hours. Snowfall accumulations in the warning area are expected to range from 4 to 8 inches with highest amounts across the hills of north central and northeastern Connecticut and Worcester county as well as the east slopes of the Berkshires.
In addition winds will shift to north and increase 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 45 mph possible during the late afternoon and early evening hours. This will cause blowing and drifting of the snow and reduced visibilities into the early evening hours.
Wind chill values will also fall to into the single digits Wednesday afternoon and negative single digits Wednesday night. You should wear layered clothing as well as scarves, hats and mittens if heading outside.
A winter storm warning is issued when an average of 6 or more inches of snow is expected in a 12 hour period, or for 8 or more inches in a 24 hour period. Travel will be slow at best on well treated surfaces, and quite difficult on any unplowed or untreated surfaces.



The Southborough News Contest celebrating crossing the 100,000th reader will be held beginning January 5, 2009 after the school holiday vacation week.

ARHS Sports 12/31/08
Girls Varsity Ice Hockey VS Shrewsbury High School New England 1:00PM
AVRTHS Sports 12/31/08
Boys JV Ice Hockey @ Hudson High School Click for directions North Star 10:35AM

Sports Schedules are subject to change under weather conditions


Triboro Youth Hockey Squirt 3 defeats Franklin 6 - 3

A strong performance in net by Chase McGuire fought off a strong Franklin squad. Point leaders were Jon Rodenbush with his first hat trick of the season and followed up by Marissa Feller with a pair of goals. Assisting in these goals was Julianne Sacco with two followed up with assists by Joe Leonard, Max Flerra, Isabella Bogdanski and Jason Monteiro.

Fire Log

Sunday 12/21/08






Monday 12/22/08



More Fire Log

Sand for Residents

December 30, 2008 - The Southborough DPW always puts out a small pile of sand for residents for use in their personal use.

 Police Log

12/16/08 Tuesday

Patrol and building checks

Radar and MV stops: Southville Road, Oak Hill Road, Framingham Road, Boston Road, route 9

08:51 Dare instruction

09:49 Arrest Framingham Road

10:28 medical route 85

12:09 MVA route 9 and Central Street

12:15 simple threats

12:55 MA Pike East MVA

13:08 Woodland Road and route 9 accident

14:35 SFD training

17:40 arrest adult Main Street

18:11 retraining order violation Woodland Road More Police Log

Gulbankian Farms Garden Center and Florist Shop

Headed out to a New Year's Eve party and looking for that special gift, bouquet of flowers, a plant or gourmet food? Look no further than in Southborough at Southborough News advertiser Gulbankian Farms Garden Center and Florist Shop.  Not just a flower shop, Gulbankian's offers unique gifts, food, Melissa and Doug Toys, candles, pot pourri, Stonewall Kitchen Items, Classic Calligraphy and much much more.  Conveniently located directly across Mt. Vickery Road from the Southborough Post office.

All in a Row

December 29, 2008 - The tractors at Beal's farm sit amongst this weekends melting snows.

Replacement Rail

December 29, 2008 - CSX workers cut out a broken rail in order for a new rail to be fitted and welded to replace the old rail.  The old rail was marked with yellow and the new rail is with orange so not to mix them up.

Free Skate Vacation Week - St. Mark’s

School Street Entrance

Tuesday Dec 30 1:00 - 3:00 PM All Free Skate

Wednesday Dec 31 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM All Free Skate

Friday Jan. 2 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM All Free Skate

Space Weather News for Dec. 29, 2008

NEW YEAR'S EVE: What a way to end the year. On Dec. 31st, Venus and the slender crescent Moon will gather together high in the southwestern sky for a beautiful conjunction visible for hours after sunset.  The two brightest objects in the night sky can be seen through city lights and even fireworks--so everyone can enjoy the show. Meanwhile, closer to the horizon, Mercury and Jupiter are converging for their own Dec. 31st conjunction. This one is not so easy to see, but rewarding for those who make the effort to find the two planets shining through the rosy glow of sunset.

Visit http://spaceweather.com for sky maps and photos of the converging planets.

BONUS: Is Venus really bright enough to cast shadows?  The answer is yes, and the proof may be found on today's edition of Spaceweather.com.  A French photographer has captured rare images of Venus casting a shadow and he has even made a movie of the shadow in motion.

ARHS Sports 12/30/08
 Boys Varsity Wrestling @ FRAMINGHAM TOURNEY High School 9:30AM
 Girls Varsity Gymnastics VS TRI MEET - ARHS/ASHLAND/HOLLISTON Algonquin 12:00PM
 Boys JV Ice Hockey VS Westboro High School Northstar Rink 1:15PM
 Boys Freshman Basketball VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 4:00PM
 Girls JV Basketball @ Fitchburg H.S.   5:30PM
 Boys JV Basketball VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 5:30PM
 Boys Varsity Basketball VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 7:00PM
 Girls Varsity Basketball @ Fitchburg H.S.   7:00PM
AVRTHS Sports 12/30/08

No sports scheduled

Sports Schedules are subject to change under weather conditions

St. Mark's Clock Tower

December 29, 2008 - The Clock Tower at St. Mark's stands sentinel over the campus.

Recreation Night For

7th and 8th Grade Trottier Students at the Trottier Gym

and Cafe Friday, January 2nd

6:30 to 9:30 pm

Looking for something to do over the winter break??

Come join your friends for an evening of fun and games. This is your time to get together with friends and have fun! Get up and dance or just listen or sing along with your favorite musical artists.

Movies, music, pick up games, table tennis, and more !!

Pizza, snacks, and drinks included. Child will be free when a parent chaperones the entire event

• Please see reverse side of this flyer for rules and permission slip

Signed permission slip and admission fee of $10 (non-refundable)

are due by Wednesday, December 31 at 12pm in the Recreation Office.

• Please make checks payable to “Southborough Recreation”.

• No one will be admitted without a signed permission slip and

paid admission

• A responsible adult must pick up students promptly at 9:30 pm


Questions? Please contact Jenn Hom at Jhom@southboroughma.com or call the Recreation office at 508-229-4452.

NOTE: Advanced sign up is a must in order for this event to happen. Please sign up today!!


Celebrate First Night @


http://www.brightnight.org  (Providence, Rhode Island)

http://www.firstnight.org  (Boston)

http://firstnight.wolfeboro.net (the lakes Region of NH)

ARHS Girls Basketball Scores Big

December 28, 2008 - Everyone seemed to be enjoying the free skate time at St. Mark's Gardner rink this weekend.  More skate time this week includes the following date and times.

Monday Dec 29 3:00 - 5:00 PM All Free Skate

Tuesday Dec 30 1:00 - 3:00 PM All Free Skate

Wednesday Dec 31 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM All Free Skate

Friday Jan. 2 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM All Free Skate

ARHS Sports 12/29/08
Boys Varsity Wrestling @ FRAMINGHAM TOURNAMENT High School 9:30AM
 Boys JV Ice Hockey VS Shrewsbury High School Northstar Rink 1:10PM
AVRTHS Sports 12/29/08
Boys JV Ice Hockey @ Hopkinton High School North Star 10:00AM

Sports Schedules are subject to change under weather conditions


Boy Scout Troop 1 Southborough will be offering Christmas tree pickup in Southborough on January 3rd and January 10th for $5 per tree.

If you would like to schedule a pick up, please send email to Troop1Trees@gmail.com or call 508-626-8015 and leave a message. Email or phone message must include your name, phone number, address, and date for pickup. Requests for pick up will be taken until 8 PM the day before pick up.

Trees must be placed at the END of the driveway by 9 AM on the day of pick up. Please place $5 per tree in a plastic bag clipped or taped to the top of the tree. Money should NOT be placed in the mailbox.

This is a fundraiser for Southborough Troop 1 Boy Scouts and we thank the residents and businesses for support over the years!

Busy Day at the Transfer Station

December 28, 2008 - Cars and trucks seemed to line up in a never ending line, Saturday at the transfer station.  Normally open on Thursdays and Fridays this week found the transfer station closed for the Christmas Holiday. It reopened Saturday bringing throngs of Southborough residents out.

Northboro/Southboro Integrated Preschool

Mary Finn School

60 Richards Rd.

Southboro, MA 01772


Zeh School

33 Howard St.

Northboro, MA 01532



The Northborough/Southborough Public School’s Integrated Pre-School Program is inviting neighborhood children who will be three years old by June 15, 2009 for a screening for possible enrollment. Our program brings together neighborhood children and special needs children. The screenings will take place on January 30, 2009 at both the Zeh and Finn Schools. For a program brochure or to schedule a screening, please contact Jackie Garvey at 508-351-7048 x 401.

Senior Schedule

Monday 29

Tuesday 30

Wednesday 31

Thursday 1

Friday 2

9:00 Dr. Cooper

8:30 walking group

9:30 Pool Closed

Holiday: New Years




9:30 AM Cribbage

11:00 Sr. singers

10:00 Creative Writers  

12:00 Lunch

12:00 Lunch 12:30 Pitch    
    12:00 Lunch  
2:00 PM Fitness


2:00 Fitness  


If Southborough Schools are closed due to inclement weather then the

Senior Center is also closed. If snow occurs on a Saturday (or Friday

night) then the Senior Center will not open that Saturday. If during a

school vacation week we experience inclement weather please call

ahead to see if events are being held.

Southborough Library

Sunday 28 Monday 29 Tuesday 30 Wednesday 31 Thursday 1 Friday 2 Saturday 3





3:00 Frosty’s

Magical Birthday

Party ~ Magic Show

with Greg


  Happy New Year    

Southborough meetings

December 29 - January 3, 2009





No Meetings this week

Louise M. (Pessolano) Fabrizio



Louise M. (Pessolano) Fabrizio, 91, of Plymouth and formerly of Southborough died on December 23, 2008.

She was the wife of Cosmo “Gus” Fabrizio for over 62 years.

Mrs. Fabrizio was a home maker and enjoyed arts and crafts. She was instrumental in creating the organization, Friends of the Southborough Library and one of the original members She loved to cook for her family and was a devoted mother and grandmother. Her greatest joy was spending time with her family.

In addition to her husband she is survived by her son Michael Fabrizio and his wife Catherine of Cumberland, RI; a brother, Edward Pessolano of Canterbury, NH; a grandson Timothy Fabrizio and his wife Sarah of St. Albans, VT; and many nieces and nephews.

Visiting hours will be held on Tuesday Dec. 30, from 4 to 8 at the Morris Funeral Home, 40 Main St. Southborough (Morrisfuneralparlor.com).

A Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 31, at 11 AM at St Anne Church, 20 Boston Road, Southborough. Burial will follow in the Rural Cemetery in Southborough.

Expressions of sympathy may be sent in her memory to the Friends of the Southborough Library, 25 Main St. Southborough, MA 01772

Marion (Copeland) Cookman



Marion (Copeland) Cookman, 99, of Westborough and formerly a long time resident of Southborough died on December 25, 2008.

She was the wife of James H. Cookman who died in ’86.

Mrs. Cookman was a homemaker while raising her son. She then was a teller for the former Framingham National Bank which later became Shawmut Bank. She had many bird feeders at her home and enjoyed watching them. She was a member of Pilgrim Church of Southborough and a former member of Southborough Senior Citizens, Southborough Women’s Club, Southborough Golden Rollers, and Friends of the Southborough Library. She was a devoted grandmother and her greatest joy was spending time with her family.

She is survived by her son James H. Cookman, III and his wife Karen of Westborough; her grandchildren, Sherri Lamorticelli and her husband Dana of Barre; Lori Cookman of Holden; Wendi Watt and her husband John Dracut; James H. Cookman, IV of Westborough; Melani Cookman of Onset; and 4+ great grandchildren.

She was predeceased by her daughter Emily Jane and 3 brothers.

A Funeral Home service will be held on Friday, January 2, at 1 PM at the Morris Funeral Home, 40 Main St. (Morrisfuneralparlor.com) Southborough, burial will follow in the Rural Cemetery in Southborough.

Memorial contributions may be sent in her memory to Framing Heart Study 73 Mt Wayte Ave. Framingham, MA 01702