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June 24, 2007 - June 30, 2007

This will now be illegal at the Southborough Transfer Station

June 30, 2007 - Part III of a III part series on the Southborough Transfer Station - by Linda Hubley. What you need to know that is a very important change at the transfer station, is that starting July 1, 2007, there can be no dumping in the compactor or leaving at the recycle center any cathode ray products such as televisions or computer monitors. These articles contain lead. There will be collection days provided by the Southborough Department of Public works where you may bring a television or computer monitor to the station to be collected by a private hauler. Rates will be set before hand and you will be requested to pay the hauler direct.

In the meantime if you have a computer monitor, Staples , announced last year a program to help keep our environment green. For a $10.00 fee you can bring a monitor to them for disposal. You need not have bought it at their store. http://www.staples.com/sbd/content/about/soul/environment.html

Another alternative is to check with E. L. Harvey and Sons Recycle Company in Westborough, MA. Their website is http://www.elharvey.com/recycling.html#computer

The following website takes you to the Department of Environmental Protection which has a wealth of information on recycling a number of products. http://www.mass.gov/dep/recycle/reduce/crtrsbz.htm#whatdo

Town of Southborough

Transfer Station

As of July 1, 2007 the Southborough Transfer Station will no longer accept computer monitors and televisions that contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs). CRTs are also known as picture tubes.

Computer monitors may be taken to any Staples store, regardless of where you purchased the equipment, for a $10.00 fee.

The Town of Southborough will hold a CRT Collection Day on October 20, 2007. Televisions and computer monitors will be collected for a fee. The fee will be based on age and type of equipment and will be paid direct to the recycling company. A fee schedule will be available prior to the collection day.

It is against State and Federal Law and the Rules and Regulations of the Southborough Transfer Station, to place CRTs IN THE REFUSE HOPPER.

The sign says it all

Working in the car wash

June 30, 2007 - Algonquin students wash cars in a line to benefit the ARHS Field Hockey team.

Current sticker good

June 29, 2007 - Part II of a III part series. By Linda Hubley - The recycling drama continues but on a more serious note. In speaking with the Southborough DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan and Southborough Police Sergeant Jane Moran there have been several important issues that have come up over the past few years at the transfer station. This year the Board of Selectmen, The Southborough Police Department and the Southborough Department of Public Works went over the old Rules and Regulations and made changes where necessary.

Residents moving out of town or not affixing their sticker and passing it along different cars has been a big problem. Also, people from out of town tend to find out when workers at the transfer station would take their breaks or lunches and take advantage of a non-patrolled area. According to Sergeant Jane Moran, this process becomes costly to the 80% of residents that have followed the rules and regulations. Between thirty and forty violators a month have been caught using the transfer station without a sticker. When this occurs, we the taxpayers of Southborough are paying twice. Once for our sticker and the cost of tipping and the other time to cover the costs of illegal dumping of trash into the compactor.

Under the new regulations, the wording has been changed to reflect that if any one other than a valid Southborough resident with a valid sticker enters the premises then they will be charged with trespass. If a resident of Southborough has moved out of town, their sticker is no longer valid at the Southborough transfer station. Anyone entering the transfer station property without a valid sticker is subject to a $250.00 fine and payment must be made within 30 days of notification from the Board of Selectmen.

For Southborough residents that have purchased stickers, remember if your vehicle is in the shop or has been sold and you have a new vehicle you can get a new sticker from the DPW as long as you show proof that you had purchased a current sticker. You have to have all the paperwork that you had to show for the original sticker.

Another new regulation put in place this year is removal of materials from recycling bins, compactors and Goodwill is prohibited. Salvaging parts in the metal pile is prohibited on site. Climbing onto bins, compactors or the metal pile is prohibited. There are safety issues involved with doing all of the above and you are strongly urged not to do so. If for some reason you see something in the metal pile that you really need, Karen asks that you request assistance from one of the transfer station workers. Karen cited as an example if you can use those tires off that discarded lawnmower, she says take the mower home, take the wheels off while at home and then return the mower. It is dangerous to be working on something or tying up the metal pile while you salvage an article.

Sergeant Moran wants to remind everyone to have your sticker visible at all times. There should be no excuse for showing up at the transfer station without a sticker, now that you get two for the price of one and know that if for some reason you need a replacement sticker that opportunity exists. If you trespass without a sticker be prepared to pay. If the new Southborough Transfer Station rules and regulations are not followed you are subject to a first warning letter and a $100.00 fine for each subsequent violation. However, she makes it perfectly clear that if someone enters the Southborough transfer station premises without a sticker they will be fined $250.00 each offense.

Both Sergeant Moran and Superintendent Galligan request your full attention to making the transfer station run smooth, save money and have fun especially on Saturdays during “social hour”. The transfer station is unique in that it brings out so many friends and neighbors and what you thought might be a ten minute trip through the transfer station can oftentimes end up a much longer meeting with your neighbors to discuss families, politics, the weather or any other number of conversations.

Tales of the transfer station

June 29, 2007 - Part I of a III part series. By Linda Hubley - Costs of tipping for our trash to be sent to Wheelabrator is going up. The Southborough DPW is trying their hardest to keep costs down. One way to try to lower the price is by recycling more. I spoke with DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan and Southborough Police Sergeant Jane Moran. There are new rules and regulations that will take effect July 1, 2007. All residents should have been made aware of the new rules as they were inserted with the tax bills that went out this week. The transfer station days and hours remain the same. Wednesday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It will close at 6:00 PM sharp so if you have a large load, please make plans to go earlier than minutes before 6:00 PM.

The process of purchasing a Southborough Transfer Station sticker has changed slightly. First off, the price has increased modestly from $100.00 to $110.00 for the first sticker. But this allows the home owner to request a free second sticker. Additional stickers may be purchased for $50.00 each. If you use a private hauler you must also purchase a sticker for the $110.00. There is no cost to Senior Citizens for the first two stickers. You must be 65 or older to qualify for the sticker. The sticker will be of a new design this year but must still be placed outside on the drivers side rear window or bumper. New this year the stickers will have your license plate number on them. The vehicle and the sticker must match in order for you to use the transfer station.

To purchase a sticker in person one must now go to the DPW office below the Transfer Station. The hours and days for purchase of a sticker in person are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. You may also mail it to Southborough Department of Public Works, 147 Cordaville Road, Southborough, MA 01772-1662. Stickers may be purchased online at www.southboroughtown.com . All residents applying for a sticker must present a copy of a valid driving license, vehicle registration and proof of residency. Proof of residency shall be a current or past month utility bill not including your tax or water bill. All transactions made by mail or in person shall be made by check. No cash payments will be accepted. Household vehicles that are leased, the owners must come in person to the DPW to acquire a permit.

Karen emphasized that if your purchased sticker is on a vehicle that has been in an accident, traded in for a new vehicle or in the repair shop you may come down to the DPW and request a replacement sticker. There will be no cost for the sticker but you must bring copies of the required paper work with you. These will be limited to two per household per year. The sticker fee is non-refundable.

Karen and Jane both emphasized several items that have been costly to the Town of Southborough. Some of the costs that put our tipping fees up are cardboard boxes that are thrown into the transfer station compactor rather than in the recycle hopper for cardboard. Also when placing cardboard in the hopper, all boxes should be opened and flattened. Boxes left intact tend to utilize much more space and prevent more cardboard from being placed in the container. Sergeant Moran reminds everyone that the sticker entitles the homeowner not a commercial enterprise to bring their trash, leaves and recyclables to the Southborough Transfer Station. Businesses should provide for their own dumpsters and commercial haulers. This also includes landlords refurbishing apartments or homes. Wooden pallets, carpets, sheetrock and asphalt are just a few of the things that tend to jam or fill up the transfer station compactor which then costs the town money.

Very new this year is the discontinuance of cathode ray tube CRT computer monitors and televisions with picture tubes. They cannot be thrown into the transfer station compactor or left anywhere on the premises. There will be special collection days in the future for these items. Currently October 20, 2007 will be the first collection day. The owner of the article will have to pay to drop these items off. The cost has not been determined as of this date. There are alternatives and I will discuss those in a future article. Also new beginning July 1 is that you no longer can just come in with a white article. If you have a refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner etc. you must first get a permit from the DPW office either in person, by mail or online. There is no cost associated with this permit. The permit must be filled out completely and attached to the appliance. There will be a limit of 3 of each item per sticker year. Please plan on getting these permits ahead of time before recycling these at the transfer station. Permits will not be given out at the transfer station.

Karen welcomes every household to utilize the transfer station but to recycle properly in order for the Town of Southborough to see significant savings in disposing of our trash.

Southborough Firefighters

June 29, 2007 - Firefighters showed up in force for the graduation ceremony of three new firefighters earlier this week.

Marching Right along

June 28, 2007 - The Southborough Library held their annual Fourth of July parade from the Library to the Southborough TownHouse and back.

Changing of the Guard

June 28, 2007 - These two young girls are about to switch flags and decorations.

Police Log

Sunday 6/24/07

00:14 smoke investigation Ashley and Davis

04:20 assist citizen Cordaville Road, Overdue Son

11:43 Highland and Parkerville Road, Noise complaint

11:57 Oak hill Road vandalism to fence

14:08 summer night details

15:43 Disabled Motor vehicle Main and Deerfoot Road

15:56 MVA Cordaville and Richards Road, No PI

20:12 Parking complaint Parkerville Road

21:50 Suspicious activity female in car in parking lot

22:22 suspicious activity Stockwell Lane, door bell rings nobody there

Friday 6/22/07

01:02 suspicious activity Southville Road vehicle in lot, left with no problems

06:02 Radar Marlboro Road

07:06 Traffic Enforcement Parkerville Road

07:32 Medical Main Street, assist SFD

09:48 Traffic complaint Joslin Lane Dirt bike on roadway

10:10 larceny theft of pocket book, Turnpike Road

10:33 Medical Main Street assist SFD

11:23 Newton Street Medical assist SFD

11:46 Newton Street Medical assist SFD

11:58 911 accidental hang-up, Pinehill Road

12:31 MVA Breakneck Hill Road

12:35 MV stop, violation, Turnpike Road west at Causeway

13:33 Residential Alarm Woodland Road

15:06 Joslin Lane Noise Complaint                     for More Police log click here

Senior lunches

June 27, 2007 - Volunteers from the Southborough Senior center pack the lunches to be taken to the homes of Seniors.


      June 27, 2007 by Linda Hubley -  Have you ever been hit, verbally and emotionally abused or sexually assaulted and didn’t know where to turn? Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, sexual, neglect or something outside these defines. Well now there is a new place to turn if you encounter any of these actions. The Southborough Police Department recently launched a new program for domestic violence. Officer Meredith K. Lobur is the first to hold the designation of Domestic Violence Officer in Town. It is also the first time ever that Southborough Police have had such a program. I spoke with her this morning to learn more about the program and help the Southborough Police Department spread the word about the new domestic violence program. First and foremost, Officer Lobur said all inquiries or complaints will be kept confidential. She encourages all people in an abusive relationship to contact her at the Southborough Police Department. The program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and she is on call for when situations arise involving domestic violence. She can help with restraining orders, legal situations, referrals and discuss other available options. Officer Lobur goes on to say that the new domestic violence program works with the courts, the District Attorneys office, Community Service programs and battered women’s shelters.

     Southborough Police Officer Lobur said that she and Sergeant Jane Moran are the only two female officers on the Southborough Police Department and both are certified in sexual assault investigations. By law, victims of domestic abuse can request to speak to just a female officer and the police department has to honor that request. Officer Meredith Lobur is reaching out to all persons that have or are in an abusive relationship to contact her. To request help you need not be married, can be in a same sex relationship, teen dating situation or a parent/child relationship. Neither does it matter your residency or immigration status. You do not have to be a  Southborough resident to seek this assistance. Officer Lobur says she takes an holistic approach to domestic violence and reminds all that the Southborough Police can be part of the solution and are very accessible with this new program in place. If you would like to contact her call the Southborough Police Department at 508-485-2147 and ask for Officer Meredith Lobur or Email her at mlobur@southboroughpd.com

Feeding time

June 27, 2007 - This Wren with worm in mouth awaits to fly to the nest to feed its young.

June 27, 2007 - Southborough Fire Log

Monday 6/25/07

16:30 smoke detector, resale, Bigelow Road, C27, Captain Mauro

16:00 Commercial inspection, Main Street, C27, Captain Mauro

15:21 Alarm system malfunction, Sears Road, E22, 3 Firefighters

15:00 smoke detector, resale, Foley Drive, C27 Captain Mauro

14:39 unintentional alarm, Main Street, E21, E22, 4 Firefighters

14:30 smoke detector, new construction, Ledge Hill Road

13:30 smoke detector, resale, Woodbury Road, C27 Captain Mauro

08:30 plan review- smoke detector Valley Road, C3 Captain Mauro

Sunday 6/24/07

18:55 public service assistance Richards Road, C27, Captain Mauro

16:56 vehicle accident with injuries, Cordaville Road at Richards Road, A29, E21, 1 Lieutenant, 3 Firefighters

14:08 detail-off duty, Parkerville Road, B24, 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant

04:52 EMS call Chestnut Hill Road, A28, C30, 4 Firefighters

00:14 investigation Ashley Road and Davis Road, C30, 1 Lieutenant

Saturday 6/23/07

12:36 smoke detector activity, no fire, unintentional, Boston Road, A28, E22, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Firefighter

12:02 EMS Stockwell Lane, A28, E22, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Firefighters

10:26 EMS Pine Hill Drive, A28, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Firefighter        MORE FIRE LOG

Thursday June 28 at 11:00 AM is the annual Southborough Library 4th of July Parade.  All children are invited to join our parade to the Town House and back.  Refreshments will be served!  Also, please don't forget while you are at the library to pre-register for a fun filled Summer vacation reading program called Catch the Beat at your Library.  Several programs will have required children to have registered to participate in these special programs such as Jungle Encounters on July 12 at 2:00 PM and the Technology in Toyland ages 5 and up on July 13 at   11:00 AM.






June 27, 2007 - Are you an adventuresome traveler? Would you like to travel but you don’t have a friend that does?

Well sign up for the Southborough Senior Center trip to the Black Hills. If one more traveler signs on the group anticipates extra savings.

Contact Ann Wheeler at the Senior Center, 9 Cordaville Road, Southborough or call 508 - 229 - 4453

June 27, 2007 - by Linda Hubley    At last nights Southborough Board of Selectmen’s meeting, a presentation was made from Trammel Crow’s proposal for a Chapter 40 B development off of Route 9 behind the Red Roof Inn. Southborough Attorney Jenks did a little background on the project called Alexan Southborough and then introduced Debbie Horwitz, Tim O’Connor and Jay Russo to discuss the project. The proposal is in it’s conceptual stages and the plans presented show the majority of the roadway, parking lots, buildings and amenities just West of the large pond on the property bordered by Route 495 North.

     Trammel Crow has submitted their application to the MA Housing Partnership and the Town of Southborough should receive a confirmation letter within the week. The Town will then have an initial 30 day comment period. If this project passes in its entirety, the Town of Southborough will then meet it’s mandated 10% housing stock. This in itself though will not stop future Chapter 40 B proposals from coming to the Town. Plans for this project are available at the Southborough Town Library.

     The project will encompass approximately 25 acres of an approximately 100 acre lot currently owned by Flatley Properties. Trammel Crow has a purchase and sales agreement for the 25 acres within that property. The proposal presented is for 200 apartments situated in 8 three story buildings and 8 town homes. The entrance way will be via Park Central between the Red Roof Inn and the office Building just prior to the ramp to Route 495 North. The apartment complex will be of 72 one bedroom, 124 two bedroom and 4 three bedroom models. The town homes will be either four-plex or duplex construction and will be located within the transition area before entering the apartment building location. Amenities and the clubhouse will consist of a computer room, exercise room, media room, outdoor pool and tennis courts.  Currently the project estimates that it will add between 30 to 40 children to the school system. It also estimated 1600 vehicle trips per day for the project. The entire project will generate 35,000 to 45,000 gallons per day of sewage that will be treated on an on-site plant located down a service road that would be created just East of the pond and further North than the proposed project.

     When opened for discussion there were a myriad of concerns voiced by both Town officials and residents.  Water and transportation issues were brought up by DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan. Water issues and access issues were brought up by Fire Chief John Mauro. Chief Mauro strongly suggested that the apartments be sprinkled fully due to the current state of affairs of the Town water supply. The Southborough Housing Partnership Committee requested a formal presentation be made to their group. Recreation Director Doreen Ferguson reminded project managers that the Town’s recreation program isn’t just for children but for Adults and Seniors too. All Selectmen did mention that the egress from the property is a problem. Mr. Boland was hesitant about how a school bus would proceed picking up and dropping off students at that location.

     A variety of statements and questions were posed by neighbors and abutters. Attilla Herzeg and Karen Shimkus were two of many concerned neighbors that this was Flatley’s way of bringing the parcel before boards, piecemeal to get the entire parcel developed. Selectmen had to remind residents that they could only speak on this proposal before them, not the entire parcel nor the aggregate developments along the Route 9/Route495 corridor. Jim Denman spoke that Southborough will soon look like Framingham and Natick with all the traffic and large developments. Residents from 73 and 75 Flagg Road spoke about their concerns relative to any increased water that may increase water already flowing down from the property near their yards and then across the street toward Wendys Resteraunt. Residents also asked closest setback from an abutter - answer was 300 to 500’ currently under the proposal. Another resident asked if there were any plans for noise abatement from Route 495.

     The proposal will go through the 30 day comment period before the Town has to send their comments back to the MA Housing Partnership. It will then be brought before the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Southborough Conservation Commission. Selectman Boland reiterated that it is best to work with the developer of a Chapter 40 B than to have something we don’t have any say in forced on us.

I've been working on the railroad

June 27, 2007 - The CSX railroad has been cutting brush along the railroad tracks in Southborough the past two days.  This photo shows the cutter working the South-side of the tracks yesterday.  Earlier today they finished the North-side of the tracks.  It takes several sweeps up and down the tracks to clear the width and height of the trees and brush.  Every several years the brush is cut down to keep the tracks clear for the visibility of the train engineers.

Working in the heat

June 27, 2007 - A hot morning working for the Southborough Recreation Department is about to come to an end for the day.

Keeping cool

June 27, 2007 - These youth are finishing up their Southborough Recreation program day with a reading of a book.  They had just gotten out of the pools minutes before the photographer showed up. So it was cool reading.

Southborough welcomes three new Firefighters

June 26, 2007 - Firefighter Jason E. Neal, Chief John Mauro, Firefighter Matthew G. Hubley and Firefighter Mark A. Lister stand proud after graduation from the Massachusetts Fire Academy class #019.  Last night the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training class #19 held graduation ceremonies at Dover Sherborn High School.  The thirty-one candidates spent the last five months training in lectures and practicals culminating in live structural firefighting practices at the Massachusetts Fire Academy in Stow this past weekend. On hand at last nights Firefighters graduation were family, friends and members of the Southborough Fire Department to welcome the new recruits into the fire service. Southborough Fire Chief John Mauro presented graduation certificates to all three new Southborough Firefighters.  Father Craig Lister of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Southborough, led the graduation in the Invocation and the Benediction. Father Craig also had a proud moment when presenting his son Mark with his graduation certificate. Mark currently works for AM B Care Ambulance. Matthew Hubley was presented his certificate by  his father Southborough Fire Lieutenant Skip Hubley and uncle, Southborough Fire Captain Joe Hubley.  Matt represents the third generation of Southborough Firefighters following in his dad and Grandfather George's footsteps. Jason is a fourth generation Southborough resident and a graduate of UMASS and owns his own landscaping company in town and has always had a strong bond with the Fire Service.

Board of Selectmen's Meeting Agenda 2007                                                 6:00 p.m. Executive Session: Litigation report from Town Counsel
7:00 p.m. Presentation by Trammel Crow - 40B proposal on Flatley property [Rte. 9 and Rte 495] 8:30 p.m Latisquama Rd. - truck exclusion request                                                    Town Administrator Report  -  -Public Comment                                                           OTHER BUSINESS                                                                                                               1. Review transfers from Salary to Expenses: Facilities Dept., Building Dept., Tax Collector/Treasurer, Town Accountant, DPW, Library, Recreation.
2. Employee evaluations—Carol Ostresh and Barbara Luther
3. Use of Electronic messaging by Town Board and Committee members policy—adopted May 8, 2007 (amend minutes of May 8th to include approval)
4. Discussion of transfer station hearing process.                                                                                                      CONSENT AGENDA                                                                                                                                                  1. Approve minutes from May 29, 2007, June 5, 2007.
2. Designate Special Counsel position as Special Municipal Employee.
3. Accept resignation of Sandy Worcester from the Cable Committee; Ted Hill from Capital Budget and Donald Leavitt from LEPC.
4. Accept donations of: $300; $350 and $25.00 for ambulance donation account in memory of Dorothy Mauch.
5. Award contract for renovations to the Police Department bathrooms.
6. Appointments:
? Susan Chorey, 15 Red Gate Lane as a member of the Master Plan Steering Committee – Housing Authority Rep., term to expire June 30, 2008 and a member of SHOPC – Housing Authority Rep., term to expire June 30, 2008.
? Benjamin Stevens, 4 Bay Path Lane as a member of the Southborough Stewardship Committee, term to expire June 30, 2008.
? Robert Basow, 23 Darlene Drive as a member of the Youth Commission, term to expire June 30, 2010.
? Barry Bachrach and D. Moschos Special Counsel, term to expire June 30, 2008
? Robert C. Lagasse, 10 Powdermill Lane as Field Driver, term to expire June 30, 2008.
? Catherine Weber, 5 Clifford Street as a member of the Southborough Cultural Arts Council, term to expire June 14, 2009

Crunch time

June 25, 2007 - The All Wars Memorial begins its facelift.  The shrubs needed to be removed in order for the work to start for the placing stone and brick around the Memorial.  Funds from the Community Preservation Committee are being used for this project. More work will be done after the start of the new fiscal year, July 1, 2007.  The Southborough DPW will place these shrubs near the Town's Phillips property, Middle Road at the back of the Transfer Station.

Waiting for the Paddlers

June 25, 2007 - A canoe sits idly along the Sudbury River in Southborough.

More scenes from Summernights

June 25, 2007 - photos courtesy Carol Willoughby

Catch the Beat at your Local Library

June 25, 2007 -  Sign up at the Library for the summer reading program.  Certain programs will require that participants be pre-registered. Some of these programs will be Jungle Encounters, Art to Gogh, Start U Reading with Clifford and Technology in Toyland. So don't miss out! Get to the Library to sign up.

Senior Center Weekly Schedule

Monday  25 Tuesday  26 Wednesday  27 Thursday  28 Friday  29
8:30 AM Health Clinic 9:00 AM Cribbage 11:00 AM Chair exercise 8:30 AM Health Clinic 10:00 AM Mahjongg Independent
12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM Lunch 9:30 AM Mah Jongg 11:00 AM  Chair Exercise
  12:30 PM Pitch 2:00 PM Fitness 10:00 AM Creative Writers 12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Fitness 1:00 PM Bridge   12:00 PM Lunch  
      12:30 PM Pitch  
      1:00 PM Bridge  

It's an uphill battle

June 25, 2007 - Youngsters clambered up this rock wall as part of an inflated obstacle course at SummerNights.

Southborough meetings June 25 - 29, 2007





Advisory Committee


7:30 PM

Upper Hall Cordaville Hall

Stewardship Committee


8:00 PM

conference room, Fire Station

Planning Board


7:00 PM

Hearing Room, Southborough Townhouse

Board of Selectmen


7:00 PM

Hearing Room, Southborough Townhouse



5:30 PM

Hearing Room, Southborough Townhouse

Personnel Board


6:45 PM

Town Administrator Office TownHouse

Zoning Board of Appeals


7:30 PM

Hearing Room Town House

Agenda for the Planning Board 6/25 meeting

7:00 PM Presentation – Trammell Crow Residential 40B Proposal

7:30PM Continued Public Hearing – Modification to Edgewood Estates

8:00 PM Request for an Extension – Steve Lahaye/Lahaye Estates

8:15 PM Discussion – Planning Board Rules & Regulations/

Amended Fee Schedule

8:30 PM ANR – Valley Road/Capital Group Properties

8:35 PM ANR – Boston Road/Matt Jackson

More Fireworks Photos

Busy Fire Truck

June 25, 2007 - Southborough Fire Chief John Mauro was kept busy hoisting youngsters up into the fire truck at last night's SummerNights event.

June 24,2007 - If you didn't go to SummerNight 2007 you really missed a great band, awesome fireworks and community spirit at it's best.  Here are several photos taken tonight at SummerNights 2007.

Fireworks and smoke

June 24, 2007 - Everyone enjoyed the brilliant display of fireworks tonight.

Foam anyone?

June 24, 2007 - Children enjoyed the annual foam "pool" provided by the Southborough Fire Department.

And the Band played on

June 22, 2007 - Children dance to the music from the Infractions.

Ridem "em Cowgirl

June 24, 2007 - 3 ponies and a horse provided plenty of entertainment for the little ones.


June 24, 2007 - After scaling the wall, it was an easy ride down.

Fireworks Prep

June 24, 2007 - Robert Mallette finishes up with setting the fireworks for tonight's display.