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September 14,  2008 - September 20, 2008

Business News

Southborough, September 19, 2008 - Tech/Ops Sevcon, Inc. of Southborough, MA announced today that its board of directors has approved a decision to switch the listing of its common stock from the American Stock Exchange to the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC.  The Company expects to commence trading on NASDAQ under the symbol "TO" effective October 1, 2008.

Tech/Ops Sevcon, Inc is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of microprocessor based controls for electric vehicles.  The controls are used to vary the speed and movement of vehicles, to integrate specialized functions, and to prolong the shift life of the vehicles batteries.  Sevcon supplies customers throughout the world from its operations in the USA, the United Kingdom, France, and the Far East, and through an international dealer network.  The Company's customers are manufacturers of fork lift trucks, aerial lifts, mining vehicles, airport tractors, sweepers and other battery powered vehicles.

Early AM Accident

September 20, 2008 - Several people were injured and taken to the hospital this morning around 7:00 am right at the Westborough/Southborough town line on Route 9 Eastbound.  A car traveling east on Route 9 hit the rear end of a rack truck.  Westborough and Southborough Fire and police, MA state police, MA Highway and a Hopkinton ambulance responded to the call. 


September 20, 2008 - Looking like a scene out of the computer games Mist or Riven the Island off White Bagley Road is about the only thing that could be seen at the reservoir early this morning.

In Flight

September 20, 2008 - A cormorant heads for the reservoir.


Last day to register to vote or to change your political party for

Nov 4th election.

Clerk’s Office open 8am – 8pm


Monday Nov 3rd at 12 noon

for Absentee voters

This is the LAST DAY Absentee ballot applications can be received in the Clerk’s Office.

Nov 4th


Polls 7am – 8pm

ARHS sports 9/20/08
Boys Varsity Cross Country @ AMHERST INVITATIONAL Hampshire 9:00AM
 Girls Varsity Cross Country @ AMHERST INVITATIONAL Hampshire 9:00AM
Assabet Valley Reg. H. S. 9/20/08
Boys JV Football @ Maynard High School Click for directions   10:00AM
Union Local #7 Ironworkers team.

First Row: Jim Raymond, Bob Clifford, Bob Maquire (The Ironworker),
Dennis Naylor, Steve Goldstein (Mgr) Mike Naducci
Second Row: Steve Picone, Mike Otenti, Fred Scerra, Peter Mirabella, Bob
Clifford (Ret), Dick Mazzone (Inj Res) Joe Marmai, Tom Hall.

"As the outdoor season winds down Marlboro Senior Softball announces
the start of the season for Indoor Softball.  The games will be played
at the new Fore/Kicks facility on Forest St in Marlboro.  Games will be
on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 AM to Noon.  The age
requirement for men is 55 and women 40.  You must reach this age by
December 31 2009.
We will be playing for 12 weeks starting in Jan and ending in March
2009.  You can play once or twice a week whichever you prefer.

     For anyone interested in play Senior softball next year this is a
perfect opportunity to learn what Senior Softball is all about without
actually committing to a team or schedule. There are a limited number of
openings so anyone interested should contact Fred Scerra at
marlsrsoftball@verizon.net or call him at 774-249-0143 for further information.

Florence (Marschke) Romanowicz



Florence (Marschke) Romanowicz, 88, of Southborough and formerly of NC & NY died, September 10, 2008 at Marlborough Hills Nursing Home, after a period of declining health.

Born in Stanford, CT she was the daughter of the late Henry and Elizabeth (Lasitor) Marschke.

Mrs. Romanowicz was a registered nurse who worked in New York for a while before she became owned and operated of Hi Ho Nursery School in Bedford Village, NY. In 1985 she retired and together, with her husband, she moved to North Carolina to enjoy their retirement. After her husband’s death in 2001, she moved to Southborough to be closer to her daughter.

She leaves a daughter Judith Dodd of Southborough, 2 sons, Joseph J. Jr. Romanowicz of Armonk, NY; Richard Romanowicz of Mt. Kisco, NY; 4 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

Funeral and burial will be at a later date.

Expressions of sympathy may be sent in her memory to Baypath Humane Society, 5 Rafferty Road, Hopkinton, MA 01748

Arrangements are by the Morris Funeral Home , (morrisfuneralparlor.com) 40 Main St. Southborough, MA 01772

Let me In, I'll Vote

September 18, 2008 - A Voter's Dog waits "patiently" outside Precinct 3 voting site at Finn School.

Checking out the Sunset

September 18, 2008 - Poll workers including Southborough Police detail officer Tim Slatkavitz checked out the awesome sunset Tuesday night.

****Fire Safety Alert****

A new product called “Itzagascan” is being sold and marketed in stores and on the internet as a collapsible cardboard container with a plastic bladder, which can be assembled for a simple one-time use gas can.

This product does not meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations for an “approved container” for such use.

Please be advised that the sale or use of this product is prohibited in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


HOLLISTON - Dan Haley, candidate to represent the Eighth Middlesex District in the state House of Representatives, today called on his opponent, Carolyn Dykema, to agree to three "true debates" prior to Election Day. "There are significant differences between Carolyn and me," said Haley.  "I think it is our responsibility to give the voters as many opportunities as
possible to hear and evaluate our positions on the important issues facing the District and the Commonwealth.  For that reason I am today calling on Carolyn to agree to participate in at least three true debates prior to
Election Day. "Candidate forums and round-tables are certainly worthwhile, but they limit candidate interaction. True debates, with unfiltered interaction between the candidates, give voters the best opportunity to evaluate the candidates and
make informed decisions in the voting booth," Haley continued.  "I hope that Carolyn will agree and we can get these debates scheduled as soon as possible."
     Haley also congratulated Dykema on her primary victory, and complimented her primary opponent, Ed Mills, on his campaign.  "Carolyn and Ed both ran excellent primary campaigns," said Haley.  "They are both hard-working
public servants who deserve a great deal of respect for their willingness to put themselves on the line.  I extend my congratulations to Carolyn, her family and her campaign on their victory yesterday. "I am confident that we will have a respectful, issues-based general election campaign.  I will work hard every day between now and November 4 to demonstrate that I am the candidate who will continue Paul Loscocco's tradition of bringing an independent voice to the Legislature.  Carolyn is running to join a Supermajority that has spent us into a billion dollar deficit in a time of record tax revenues.  Her perspective is already
over-represented on Beacon Hill. Mine is very different, and I look forward to convincing the voters that I will raise my voice against runaway spending, I will stand up for open, accountable government, and I will fight to keep our hard-earned tax dollars in the district, to fund true priorities like public education, transportation infrastructure and broad-based economic development."

ARHS sports 9/18/08

 Girls JV Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Golf VS Shrewsbury High School Juniper Hill 3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Soccer VS Marlborough High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Boys Freshman Soccer VS Marlborough High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 4:00PM
 Boys JV Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   4:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 5:00PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 5:00PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 7:00PM

Assabet Valley Reg. H. S. 9/18/0

Boys JV Golf VS Montachustt Regvochs   3:00PM
 Boys Freshman Football VS Greater Lowell Tech HS   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Cross Country VS Hudson Catholic HS   3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Montachustt Regvochs Gym 4:00PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Montachustt Regvochs Gym 5:30PM

Items of Interest

Spirit of America

Date: Friday, September 19, 2008, 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM, Saturday, September 20, 2008, 2:00 PM and 7:30 PM
DCU Center, Worcester, MA (50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA). The Spirit of America is a patriotic musical performance by the US Army Military District of Washington is free, but tickets are required. To obtain tickets call Ticketmaster at 617-228-6000 or order online at http://spiritofamerica.mdw.army.mil/ticketing_Worcester.html.

Night Sky

The satellite Jules Verne, the 22 ton European spacecraft will be rocketing to earth on September 29 as a defunct satellite. The projected path of the satellite as it becomes a fireball and descends into Earth's atmosphere lands it in a remote section of the South Pacific Ocean.   It can be seen in the skies overhead on the following nights: 9/20/08 look SSW @ 7:43.09 PM; 9/21/08 look WSW @ 8:06.29 PM; 9/22/08 look SSW @ 6:54.41 PM and 9/23/08 look WSW @ 6:54.41. 

Looking for the International Space Station? 9/19/08 look SSW @ 8:00.11 PM; 9/20/08 look WSW @ 8:26.36 PM; 9/21/08 look SSW @ 7:17.52 PM; 9/22/08 look WSW @ 7:44.22 PM.

For more info on satellites over Southborough click here.

Winter Heating Safety

Captain Joseph C. Mauro

Southborough Fire Department

        As the cold weather approaches and the cost of heating your home is stretching people to the financial limits, the need to keep warm and safe this winter should be a top priority, especially for the aging population.  A great number of people may have to choose between heating the home and other necessities and may try to find alternative sources of heat to save money and keep warm.  Some of these alternatives may be dangerous and can result in fires that cause serious injury or death.  To avoid the danger of a fire occurring there are several things that you can do to keep warm and keep safe.

        The first thing that people can do is ensure that there are working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in all levels of the home.  If your home was not constructed with hardwire, electrically interconnected smoke detectors, then you must install battery operated detectors on all levels of the house.  All smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and the batteries changed twice per year.        “Change your clock; change your smoke detector battery”. 

        Your home also is required to have working carbon monoxide detectors on all levels, one each on each level, and must be within ten feet of all the bedroom doors. These detectors can either be battery operated or a plug in type to a wall outlet with a 9 volt battery as a back-up.  Carbon monoxide detectors are only required for homes that have fossil fuel producing appliances or attached garage.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced from burning fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, propane, wood and coal and is commonly referred to as the silent killer. 

        The most important item requiring attention after ensuring that you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is that the central heating unit is in good working order and is cleaned & serviced on an annual basis by a qualified technician.  Heating equipment in the home may consist of liquid fuel appliances such as an oil burner and gas fired appliances supplied from natural gas or propane.  Servicing these units will ensure that they are clean and running efficiently, the chimney connections and flues are intact, clean and not leaking gases back into the house, and the combustion chamber is not cracked causing fire or gas to escape.

        Another concern with central heating equipment is the storage of combustibles near the appliance.  If storing items in the area of the heating unit, you must keep all combustible items at least five feet from the unit in all directions.  You should also not use the heating unit to dry wet clothing or other items by placing the items onto the hot unit.

        While most people have oil fired or natural gas/propane heating units as the primary source of heat for the home, the cost of fuel has caused people to search for alternative sources of heat to save some money.  One of the most common heat sources is solid fuel equipment such as a fireplace, woodstove, pellet stove or coal stove.  If using these appliances, prior to the start of the cold weather season, you should have the chimney liner checked and cleaned by a professional to ensure that the liner is not damaged and any creosote build up is removed.  A dirty chimney with creosote build-up is the leading cause of chimney fires. Chimney fires burn very hot and can cause serious damage to the liner and may even ignite a fire in the house if the liner is already damaged or cracked.

        For anyone who has a woodstove, pellet stove or coal stove, you must obtain a building permit from the building inspector prior to having one of these appliances installed.  They must be inspected by the building inspector prior to use to ensure the proper installation as required by the Massachusetts State Building Code.  If you bought a house with a stove already installed, you can also contact the building department to ensure that the stove is installed correctly and is compliant with the building code.

 Additional safety requirements for wood, pellet and coal stoves is to allow a minimum of three (3) of clearance around the appliance to prevent combustibles from coming in contact with the heat source.  Also, the chimney flue can not be shared with the flue for other gas or liquid fuel equipment such as an oil burner or gas burner. 

        Prior to using a wood, pellet or coal stoves, make sure that the damper is open prior to lighting a fire,  never use flammable liquids to start the fire,  never leave small children unattended near the stove, and use a fireplace screen to prevent sparks and embers from flying out on to the floor.  Once the fire has burned down, remove the ashes into a metal bucket with metal lid and place the bucket on the ground outside away from the building.  Never place the ashes in a paper bag or in the trash. Ashes can stay hot for several days and ignite combustibles. 

        Aside from the above mentioned methods of heating the home, the most popular items used to supplement heat are space heaters.  Space heaters come in various sizes and types and are intended for temporary heat only.  While fires from space heaters are not frequent, they are the deadliest of all heating appliance fires.  When using a space heater you should ensure that there is a three (3) foot radius from combustibles such as drapes, furniture and other materials.  The heater must be placed on a firm level surface in an area where it can not be bumped or knocked over.  Never use a space heater when unattended and turn it off and unplug while you sleep.  If you must use an extension cord, make sure that it is a heavy duty cord with a power rating at least as high as that on the label of the heater. 

        There are other means that people will use to try and keep warm this winter that should never be used.  Never use the gas stove to heat your home.  Gas stoves will produce greater amounts of carbon monoxide and the open flame from gas stoves can ignite combustibles in the vicinity.  Never use unvented kerosene, diesel or propane heaters inside of a building.  These items are illegal for use in habitable buildings and also produce a large amount of carbon monoxide and heat that can ignite combustibles.  Do not use any other type of open flame or non-vented device within a building. 

        In order to ensure proper safe heating within your home this season, please only use properly installed and maintained appliances designed for heating your home.  Fireplaces, Wood, pellet or coal stoves and space heaters are acceptable means of supplemental heat but use them with care and per the manufactures recommendation. 

        If you have any questions about home heating safety you can call you local fire department for assistance.  The number for the Southborough Fire Department is (508) 485-3235.  You can also can also go to the U.S. Fire Administration web site for more information.  Anyone who may need fuel assistance can contact the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs or the Massachusetts Department of Energy, or call 1-800-351-0077. 

Empty Precinct

September 17, 2008 - Workers at Precinct 3 at the Finn School await voters at yesterdays election.  Town-wide Southborough only saw 12.71% of registered voters do their duty and go to the polls to vote. 

Unofficial Election results for Southborough

Democratic Ballot

Republican ballot

Senator in Congress

John F. Kerry


Jeffrey K. Beatty 124

Edward J. O'Reilly


Representative in Congress

James P. McGovern



Marilyn M. Petitto


John J. Doyle


Thomas L. Walsh


Senator in General Court

James B. Eldridge


Stephen L. Levy 122

Representative in General Court

Precinct 1


Matthew A. Giancola


Arthur G. Vigeant

Danielle W. Gregoire


Representative in General Court

Precincts 2 & 3  

Carolyn C. Dykema


Dan Haley

Edward J. Mills


Register of Probate

Stephen G. Abraham


From Sunrise

To beyond Sunset, the Polls were open with few people voting

(Sunset and Sunrise photos from Finn School yesterday)

It's Not too Late

September 17, 2008 - Although Cub Scouts held a sign up night last night at Finn School it is not too late to join.

ARHS sports 9/17/08 

 Girls Varsity Field Hockey @ Burncoat Senior High School   3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Field Hockey VS Gardner High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls JV Field Hockey @ Burncoat Senior High School   5:00PM

Assabet Valley Reg. H. S. 9/17/0












Hudson Catholic HS







Keefe Technical High Scho



Signs and more Signs

September 17, 2008 - Sign holders for both democratic candidates running for Representative in General Court hold signs outside of Finn School.  Sometimes there were more sign holders than voters at the Finn.

Don't forget to Vote


Precinct one - Woodward School Precinct two - Trottier School Precinct three - Finn School

Senior Schedule

September 16, 2008 - Southborough Senior Center Director Pam Le Francois accepts a check for over $2,000 for the center from James Falconi of Falconi Oil.  Every Tuesday as each customer fills their vehicle, Jimmy donates money back to the Senior Center.

Monday 15

Tuesday 16

Wednesday 17

Thursday 18

Friday 19

8:30 Health Clinic

8:30 Walking Group

9:00 AM painting

8:30 Health Clinic

9:30 AM Wii Bowling/golf

9:00 Falconi Golf Tournament

9:30 AM Tai Chi

10:00 Pool

9:30 Mah Jongg independent

10:00 Medicare talk
9:30 AM Cribbage

9:00 AM Downeast clambake mini-bus trip

10:00 Creative Writers

12:00 PM Lunch

11:30 movie/bag lunch
12:00 PM Lunch

11:00 AM Senior Singers


12:30 PM Pitch

12:00 PM Lunch
12:00 PM Blue plate special 12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM lunch    
2:00 PM Fitness

12:30 Pitch

2:00 Fitness 1:00 PM bridge  
Senior Center will be open Saturday September 20, 2008 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Whist will be at 10:00 AM


Join Southborough Cub Scouts

Fall Recruitment on Tuesday, September 16th from 6pm to 8pm at the Finn School Cafeteria.  Cub Scouts is “Fun with a Purpose” so come register your son because childhood memories between a boy and his father last a lifetime.  First and Fourth Grade boys are invited to join Cub Scouts.  Yearly registration is $50.00, so please bring a check to the Recruiting Roundup Meeting.  See you at the Finn School and invite a friend!

New Fire Vehicle

September 16, 1008 - Southborough put their newest truck into service today.  This vehicle purchased through town meeting funds replaces the aging car 30 vehicle.

CERT Training

September 16, 2008 - Instructor Jim McLaughlin trains members of CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), the MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) and members of the Southborough Fire Department in the Weapons of Mass Destruction class this past weekend.  If you would like to help the Town of Southborough in times of an emergency or disaster please contact Neal Aspesi at 508-485-3235, ext 437.

Recycle Train

September 16, 2008 - The "recycle Train" runs along the Sudbury River last week.  This train runs out of Boston several times each month carrying crunched cars, waste oil, used paper and a myriad of other products headed for recycling centers.

September 16, 2008 - One of the largest fundraisers for the Senior Citizens is the annual Falconi Golf Tournament.

 Click here for more photos from today's golfing tournament.

ARHS sports 9/16/08

Girls Freshman Volleyball @ Marlborough High School   3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Soccer @ Groton Dunstable Regional   3:30PM
 Boys Freshman Soccer @ Groton Dunstable Regional   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer @ Leominster High School Doyle Field 3:30PM
 Boys JV Soccer @ Leominster High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer VS Leominster High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls JV Soccer VS Leominster High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Fitchburg H.S.   3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball @ Marlborough High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Marlborough High School   4:30 PM
Assabet Valley Regional High School
 Boys JV Golf VS Montachustt Regvochs   3:00PM
 Boys Varsity Cross Country @ Nashoba Valley Techhs Click for directions   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Bay Path Regtechhs Click for directions   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Worcester South   3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Keefe Technical High Scho Gym 3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Keefe Technical High Scho   4:30PM

The Marlboro Senior Softball teams picked up action this week after the Cape Cod Classic. Would like to congratulate the EMASS 75+ team for winning the championship in the 75 Div.

The Iron Workers Local #7 entertained the Wayland “A” Team at Ghiloni taking both ends of the doubleheader.  The Iron Workers took the first game 17 – 14 scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the 6th to clinch the win. They then took the 2nd game 11 to 7. The Iron Workers offense was led by Dennis Naylor who went 7 for 7 with 3 doubles Jim Raymond and Tom Hall both going 6 for 7 with Tom Hall also hitting 2 doubles. The Friends of the Seniors dropped 2 to Shrewsbury.

We are looking for players for our indoor season which will start in December. Any Marlboro residence is eligible to play. We will be playing at the new Fore/Kicks on Forrest St. Anyone interested should contact Fred Scerra at marlsrsoftball@verizon or 774-249-0143. This is a good chance to see what Senior Softball is all about.

17th Annual Falconi Golf Tournament

September 15, 2008 - A beautiful but very windy day greeted golfers as they teed off to benefit the Southborough Seniors today at Juniper Hill Golf Course in Northborough.

Don’t Forget to Vote

PRIMARY ELECTION - Tuesday Sept. 16, 2008: POLLS open 7am – 8pm

STATE ELECTION Tuesday Nov. 4, 2008: POLLS open 7am – 8pm
Wednesday October 15, 2008 is the last day to register to vote or to change your political party for the Election. Clerk’s Office open from 8am-8pm.

NOTE: Absentee Ballot Requests are due by 12 noon the DAY BEFORE the ELECTION.

Voting Locations: There are (3) three polling locations in Southborough

Precinct 1 A.S. Woodward Memorial School, 28 Cordaville Rd

Precinct 2 P. Brent Trottier Middle School, 49 Parkerville Rd

Precinct 3 Mary E. Finn School, 60 Richards Rd

Click here for more information on your ballot and voting questions.


Outside Help

September 15, 2008 - Fire Captain Joseph Hubley prepares to direct traffic for the Hopkinton Ambulance.  Hopkinton sent an ambulance mutual aid to Southborough as Ambulance 29 is out for service and Ambulance 28 was returning from an area hospital from an earlier call.  Southborough Firefighters responded to the call with the Engine and called for the mutual aid ambulance.

Southborough meetings

September 15 - September 19, 2008





ALGONQUIN BUILDING COMM. 9/15 5:30 PM Principal's Conference Room ARHS
9/15 7:00 PM Upper Hall Cordaville Hall
9/15 7:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
9/15 5:30 PM Hearing Room Town House
ASSABET VALLEY REG. VOC. DISTRICT SCHOOL COMM. 9/16 7:00 PM school committee room Assabet Valley Reg High
BOARD OF SELECTMEN (Attending Regional School Comm. Mtg.) 9/17 7:00 PM Library ARHS
OPEN SPACE PRESERVATION COMM. 9/17 7:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
COMMUNITY PRESERVATION 9/18 7:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
Recycling Committee 9/18 7:30 PM Conference Room DPW

Southborough Public Library




Story & Craft

4-5 yrs




Story & Craft

2-3 yrs.


6:30 4th-6th Grade Book



Story & Craft

2-5 yrs.



11:00 Music and Mother Goose




11:00 Ellen Collins-Author Reading

Maggie Magoo Takes a Walk



ARHS sports 9/15/08
 Girls JV Volleyball @ St. Peter Marian H.s   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Cross Country @ North Middlesex H S Hawthorne 3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Cross Country @ North Middlesex H S Hawthorne 3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Field Hockey VS Hopkinton High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Boys Freshman Football @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball @ St. Peter Marian H.s   4:30PM
 Girls JV Field Hockey @ Fitchburg H.S.   5:30PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey @ Fitchburg H.S.
Assabet Valley Regional High School
Boys Varsity Soccer @ Montachustt Regvochs Click for directions   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Montachustt Regvochs Click for directions   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer VS Worcester South   3:30PM
 Boys JV Football VS Hudson High School   3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball @ Sutton High School   4:00PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Sutton High School
Brilliant Color

September 14, 2008 - This colorful hanging plant of mums could brighten up anyone's day.

Open House Today

September 14, 2008  1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Contact: Lorraine Estella of Realty Executives @

Cell: 508 - 480 - 8800 or Direct: 508 - 449 - 4119

Phone: 508 - 480 - 8800 or Fax: 508 - 449 - 4119

Offered for sale with an open house showing today is this 8 room/2 bedroom/3  1/2 baths on three level condo in an adult community.  Lovely unit that features crown moldings, surround sound throughout, Master bedroom with, wall to wall carpet,  California closets and luxurious master bath with soak tub with tiled shower, double sinks.  Kitchen has gas range, cherry cabinets, granite counters, stainless appliances. Fireplace,  hardward floors, full walkout finished basement with full bath and unfinished area for storage, deck, patio and attached garage parking for two vehicles. Condo fee includes refuse removal, master insurance, exterior maintenance, road maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, exercise room and clubroom.  Great commuter location with easy access to routes 9, 495 and MA Turnpike, less than two miles to MBTA train station.  

Click here for Lorraine Estella, Realty Executives

Outrunning the pack

September 14, 2008 - Seada runs toward the Striker's goal.  The Strikers left with a win 4 - 1 over the C-C Avalanche.

2008 Master Plan

The final 2008 Master Plan is now available on the town’s website. For easier viewing and downloading, I’ve posted it by chapter.   

Paper copies will be available as soon as they are back from the printer. Electronic copies of the full document for those who would prefer a CD.  Please take the time to review the results of 18 months of planning – I think you will find that the plan nicely demonstrates the Town’s desire to move forward while still retaining what is most important.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this very important effort.

Vera Kolias, AICP
Town Planner
Town of Southborough

Click Here For Master Plan

Mark "Duke" Kelley Bike Run

Southborough Players Logo

Announcing Our
Children's Musical Theater

The Southborough Players are proud to announce a New Children's Musical Theater Workshop.

This workshop introduces songs from kid-favorite Broadway musicals like "Annie", " Bye Bye Birdie", "Hairspray", "High School Musical" and several others.

Workshops will include:
  • Theater games
  • Improvisation
  • Basic audition skills
  • Vocal and dance performance techniques
With a "Final Musical Performance" on November 8th.

Registration will be held on Sunday September 21, 2008 beginning at 1:00 pm at the Southborough Arts Center, 21 Highland St., Southborough, MA. Enrollment is limited to 50 students (Grade 1 - 8)  on a first come, first serve basis . There a $100.00 participation fee due at the time of registration.

The workshop classes will be held on Sundays from 1:00-3:00 pm at either The Southborough Arts Center or Trottier Middle School. There will be no class on Columbus Day.
If you would like more information please contact the Players at (508) 485-4424 or through email at info@sbplayers.org
Closer Than Ever Auditions

"Closer Than Ever" is a musical revue of 20-plus songs by Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire.

Each song is a vignette into a character's life, universal moments and themes all of us can relate to. It is like opening a box of tucked away mementoes.  Each one tugs at your heartstrings as you relive the events rooted in the souvenirs. All we ever have is the present and our memories as we travel on our journey through life.

The Players are looking for a small cast of men and women performers for this musical revue.

You must be able to sing close harmonies. Preference will be made for singers who look late 20's to early 50's.  "Closer Than Ever" will be directed by Teri Shea with musical direction by Debbie Martin.

Auditions: Will
be held Sunday September 14 at 3:00 pm  at the Trottier Middle School, 49 Parkerville Road, Southborough, MA 01772. 

Please come prepared to sing a song from the show.

Rehearsals/Performances:  Rehearsals will be Sundays from 3-7pm and one or two weeknights based on cast availability. Performances are November 7, 8 and 9.

If you have any questions, call (508) 485-4424 or email info@sbplayers.org.

Thank you for supporting the Southborough Players. We look forward to continuing the tradition of bringing live theater to Metrowest since 1969.

-The Southborough Players Board of Directors
In This Issue
Closer Than Ever Auditions
Volunteers Needed
Join Our Email List

 Without your help we can not survive

The Producer is responsible for the overall production. The Producer works with the Production Staff, Directors and Board to insure a successful production (this is a paid position).
Production Staff
There are multiple  options available on the Production Staff such as:
Stage Manager
Program Manager
Asst. Director
Light & Sound Dir
House Manager
Box Office Manager
Concession Manager

Join Our Mailing List

Letters to the Editor

Dear Linda

   It is a great suggestion to donate magazines as well as articles needed or wanted by those serving our country.

   I noticed the partial list of suggested magazines and wondered if "lady magazines" should also be included.                  

  Your landscape photos are very good!      

   Diane Beane        

From the editor: Yes, women's magazines can be included too.  Magazines can be many types such as fishing, outdoors, vacation, travel, food, readers digests, prevention magazine, house and grounds magazines, computer, games, puzzle mags etc. Although the magazines get sent in a box with a soldier's name on it, they are ultimately passed around for everyone's enjoyment.

Monday 9/8/08