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May 20 - May 26, 2007

Champs again!

May 26, 2007 = Congratulations to the Algonquin Regional High School Baseball team for clinching the Division 1 Mid Wach league for the second time in as many years.

Diamond in the rough

May 26, 2007 = The new  diamond shaped cedar shingle motif in place on of the Gables of the Community House.

Flower power/Girl power

May 26, 2007 - Sophomore students from Algonquin Regional High School contribute their planting skills to the Southborough Gardners and the Southborough Community house as their community project.

The old and the new

May 25, 2007 - Southborough Boy Scout Troop 1 assists the Southborough Veterans with placing new flags at the gravesites of Veterans.

Firefighters remember their own

May 25, 2007 - Southborough Firefighter PJ Phaneuf places a new firefighter flag on the gravesite of his Uncle Ed Phaneuf.

Notice #1

All Southborough Veterans are welcomed to meet at the Community House at the corner of Rt. 30 and Rt. 85 on Monday – May 28th at 8:15.

We will then lead the parade for the Memorial Day Observances starting at 9:00 AM

All Veterans – are urged to join us.

For more information – Contact VFW Commander - Steve Whynot (508-481-2359)

* * * * * * * * *

Notice #2

All Veterans and those interested are welcomed to join with VFW Post 3276 and Legion Post 161 in placing flags on the graves of our fallen comrades in arms.

Please meet in front of the Maintenance Building at 6:00 PM – Friday May 25th.

Let us not forget to place a flag on all Veterans graves – in tribute to their service to our country.

For more information – Contact VFW Commander - Steve Whynot (508-481-2359)


Please join us in honoring our nation on Memorial Day 2007.

Once again, VFW Post 3276 and Legion Post 161 will lead the Memorial Day Observances – starting with the parade through downtown Southborough and visiting the cemeteries along the route before ending our Observance at the All Wars Memorial.

We welcome those from our Fire and Police Departments, the various Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops, the Southborough Men and Militia and joining us on this important day.

For more information – Please contact VFW Commander – Steve Whynot (508-481-2359)

The Veteran monuments of Southborough (another in a series of honoring our Veterans leading up to Memorial Day 2007)


May 24, 2007 - Can you find the monuments memorializing our soldiers that have served, fought or died for our country? The Veterans will stop at several of these during the parade route on Memorial Day. One stop will be the Civil War monument across from Pilgrim Church. It is made of Fitzwilliam granite and engraved with those that lost their lives in the Civil War. Another stop will be at the Olde Burial Ground also across from the Pilgrim Church. Here they will honor the Revolutionary war Veterans. Those veterans trained in the field that is now St. Mark’s. At the Rural Cemetery they will also honor those that have served. Not on the parade route but just as important is the Fay Memorial Field on Central street in Fayville. This field honors Harold E. Fay who lost his life in WWII in Italy.


No parking here

May 24, 2007 - Beware where you park to watch the games at Mooney Field. Police were handing out tickets. There are No Parking signs posted along the field on Parkerville Road.

Mining for diamonds

May 24, 2007 - Mike works on the special effects of the cedar gable diamonds to be placed on each gable of the Community house at the corner of Rtes 30 and 85.  If you would like to donate to help defray the cost of the renovation, please see Bea at the Community House.

Cutting it up

May 23, 2007 Southborough DPW Cemetery Division Staff member Bridget Gilleney-DeCenzo prepares the cemetery for the upcoming Memorial Day.

Southborough tidbit: Two-hundred and nineteen men from Southborough enlisted for duty during the Civil War

A New Look

     May 23, 2007 - There will be a new look to the All Wars Memorial that sits between Main Street and Common Street next year. At the annual Southborough Town Meeting, the voters approved funds. The $25,000 will come from funding from the Southborough Community Preservation Act Historic Reserve Fund. The idea hatched when Peter and other veterans were discussing the memorial and the improvements that should be made to it. That idea evolved into the current planned restoration work. Veteran Peter Phaneuf has been the main force for the local veteran groups in leading the charge to get this accomplished. Mr. Phaneuf proceeded to get architectural plans for the veterans’ conception of what the renovations should entail and look like. Next step was to seek the funding for the project. They submitted an application to the Southborough Community Preservation Committee and met several times with that committee. It was then brought forward to the ATM where it passed overwhelmingly.

     The original All Wars monument was spearheaded by Don Banks and other veterans from town at the 1969 Southborough Annual Town meeting. The memorial lists the wars from WWI and up. All and any veteran that enlisted or served from the Town of Southborough would have their name inscribed on it. But over the years the bushes have become overgrown the rock wall and wrought railings have prevented handicapped veterans to easily access the monument.

     Under the new plan there will be a brick and Boston cobble base (similar to that at the Civil War Monument) and a new-bricked handicapped ramp will be built. In addition there will be granite pavers and squares that will be available to engrave Veteran names. Several granite benches will serve as seating to reflect upon the sacrifices made by the men and women. A granite podium will be built just off to the side of the Memorial. A plaque attached to the podium will have the words from the poem In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. This poem has always been read at every year’s events at the Memorial and holds deep meaning to many of the Veterans. The veterans will purchase the materials for the project with the money funded and then a contract for placement of the material will be put out to bid. Much of the labor in prepping the All Wars Memorial will be done with volunteer labor. The drawings of the project are stunning and I am sure the All Wars Memorial when completed will be just as stunning.


May 23, 2007- Each year the Town of Southborough is inundated with various groups of people, or college-age students, who are soliciting products, magazine subscriptions, and donations to certain causes. These solicitors quite often use strong sales techniques and can be very persuasive.

Per the Town by-law, be advised that all solicitors are asked to register with the Southborough Police Department. If you do not want them to visit your home or business, your Police Department recommends that you post ‘NO TRESPASSING’ and ‘NO SOLICITING’ signs on your property.

Here is the Southborough By-Law:

133-1. Hours of activities.

No individual or individuals, group or organization shall solicit door-to-door on the private property of another between 1/2 hour after sunset and 7:00 a.m. in the Town of Southborough.

§ 133-2. Registration with Police Department required.

Solicitors intending to work between 7:00 a.m. and 1/2 hour after sunset are asked to register with the Police Department the name or names of individual solicitors and the make, model, color and registration number of vehicles being used in connection with the solicitation.


Don't forget to check out the Southborough arts Center

There is still time to see the ARHS student art exhibit


The Arts Center is located at:

21 Highland Street
Southborough, MA 01772

May 23, 2007 - The Southborough Police Department will be holding it’s 8Th Junior Police Academy on July 23rd through July 27th from 830am-330pm. The Academy, which is held at the Trottier Middle School, is open to boys and girls ages 12-15. The cadets do not have be a Southborough resident. The fee is $40 per cadet. Applications are available at the Southborough Police, 19 Main St. Any questions, contact Officer Kevin   Landry at 508-485-2121.


The Southborough Cable Committee and Verizon Fios Representatives presented to the Southborough Selectmen at a public hearing tonight a proposal hammered out to bring Fios television to all parts of Southborough. It was accepted by unanimous decision of the Selectmen.




May 23, 2007 - At last night’s Southborough Board of Selectmen meeting a presentation was made by Verizon officials and the Southborough Cable TV Committee relative to the on-going negations for licensing to bring Verizon FiOS television to all areas of Southborough. Selectmen and a packed audience listened to Verizon officials opening presentation. From Verizon’s perspective they say bringing Verizon FiOS Television into town in competition with the current provider Charter Cable that resident’s cable costs could see a reduction from the competition. Verizon FiOS is touted as the most sophisticated in the Nation. There are 42 Cities and Towns in the Commonwealth now using Verizon FiOS and more in negotiations. They urged the Selectmen that if the license is granted that they will offer more High Definition channels and quick response to maintenance or viewing issues in regards to the FiOS system. Verizon employees with the exception of underground systems that need to be trenched will do all work. Southborough CATV Committee then presented what they had brought to the negation table. The highlights of the negotiated contract being presented to the Selectmen tonight would bring the Town of Southborough 4% of the revenue, $100,000 in capital equipment over a seven year period, substantially all of the Town that is aerial fiber optic would be wired within twelve months and the entire town within 36 months. This would include the Pine Hill Road section of Town that is now on Framingham ComCast system. According to their presentation slide show there are 2659 subscribers (2005 DTE numbers); 2857 households (VZW number) –156 households in Pine Hill Road area; Cable service types (VZW numbers) 76 aerial, 21% underground and 3% multiple-dwelling. After the presentations questions by the Board of Selectmen were answered. Selectmen Boland asked if Verizon employees or contractors would install FiOS. Answer from Verizon officials were all aerial lines and all inside work will be conducted by Verizon employees. Next question was if you could have FiOS television without a Verizon phone installed. The answer was yes you would be able to have just the FiOS television service. Selectwomen Phaneuf then asked what would be the timeline or disruption caused by installation. The answer was it would be dependent on the length and complexity of installing the line outside and what equipment would need wiring on the inside. Another question that was asked from the board was how would complaints be handled. Answer to that would be a Verizon employee would be assigned to answer any complaints within Southborough. A question and answer session was opened to the audience. A few questions centered on the timelines of installation or promises of installation that were a bit longer than what was expected. On those particular cases the Verizon officials said they would look into the matter. Another question raised were some of the shorter private roads and how would installation be performed. Verizon officials said there would be no problem with installation on private roads. A question was raised if there was a discount to be allowed Senior Citizens. No senior discounts are provided. The Southborough CATV committee tried to negotiate a senior discount but Verizon does not negotiate for a senior discount under licensing agreements. They are hoping with competition that rates will be reduced. After all questions had been asked a motion was made by the Selectmen to vote on whether or not to give a license to Verizon. The vote was 3 – 0 to grant the license.

A few more rows to go

May 22, 2007 - Carlos works on replacing cedar shingles on the Community House. If you would like to donate funds to help in the restoration of the building please contact Bea at the Community House.

The Bridges of Southborough

The Bridges of Southborough, by Linda Hubley

(This is a series of tributes to our Veterans leading up to Memorial Day 2007)

May 22, 2007 - You know the movie, Bridges of Madison County. But did you know that Southborough has some very important bridges. How many times have you driven over them and not noticed the signs or have you noticed them? Here is a little history on three bridges that have been named for veterans of different wars.

One of the most traveled bridges is on Route 85 and is the Sgt. Osgood T. Hadley Bridge that spans Route 9. Named after a Civil War hero, Sgt. Hadley was born, raised and enlisted in the 5th Regiment assigned to Company E of the NH 6th Regiment. He entered the service as a color guard but during the Battle of the Wilderness picked up the fallen colors and was made a color bearer for the remainder of the war. Sgt. Hadley would be injured numerous times but continue with his service. He would be struck by mini balls at Antietam, Battle of the Wilderness, a Petersburg skirmish and Cold Harbor. He would be struck by shell fragments at Fredericsburg and Cold Harbor and hit in the arm at Battle of Petersburg. With all his injuries he continued to serve until he returned to Concord, NH to retire the colors in July 1865. He did not stay in New Hampshire but took a job with the Boston and Albany Railroad as a fireman and later a locomotive engineer. He married to Ellen Josephine and settled in Southborough, MA. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism near the Pegram House, Virginia on September 30, 1864.

The next bridge that is named for one of Southborough’s soldiers is once again on Rte 85 but spanning the Railroad tracks as you near the Marlborough and Framingham Road traffic lights. This bridge is named for ENFN Robert R. Foley, JR a young man from Southborough. His family still lives here in Town. He was serving with the Navy in South Viet Nam. He was killed in action while assigned to an LCPL River Security Patrol on November 11, 1968.

The third bridge is an obscure route that not many might take. It is a small bridge that spans the Sudbury River between Wood Street in Southborough and Cedar Street Ext. in Hopkinton. It is named for George A. Hubley a WWII Army Medic. George enlisted in May of 1942 and was trained as a medic with the 261st Medical Battalion that was attached to the first Battalion of the 531st Engineer Shore Regiment under the First Engineer Special Brigade which was the Army’s first foray into an amphibian unit. His unit would work with Darby’s Rangers throughout the North African, Sicily and early Italian campaigns. They were then sent back to England to prepare for D-Day. George and his ambulance would be one of the first American ambulances on French soil on D-Day landing at Utah Beach. From there he saw action throughout France, Holland, Belgium and into Germany. He was awarded several medals and citations for his three plus years of service in the European Theatre of Operations.

Run for the ball

May 21, 2007 -Algonquin battles it out with Winchester.

Pitching the ball

May 21, 2007 - Algonquin pitches to Fitchburg.


Run like the wind


May 21, 2007 - ARHS participated in the division meet


Supporting our Soldiers by Linda Hubley

(This is a series of tributes to our Veterans leading up to Memorial Day 2007)

May 21, 2007 -Southborough is fortunate to have so many volunteers around. With Memorial Day coming up I just want to mention several people that have been using their time and effort to provide soldier’s a bit of home while stationed overseas. Politics aside, our soldiers are spread out around the globe. These soldiers are our fathers, brothers, mothers, daughters, cousins, friends, grandchildren and yes even a grandparent or two. They come from big cities to little towns that no one has probably heard of.

The VFW post 3276 Commander Steve Whynot has put out an appeal for used cell phones. If you have an unused cell phone you could drop it off at the Southborough police station or the Southborough Town Hall for a program that will turn your old cell phone into a calling card for a soldier through Soldiers Angels.

Southborough resident and police officer Fred Mabardy (above showing off a vest) has been collecting bullet proof vests for nearly a year now sending them overseas for our soldiers. His campaign started after receiving a phone call from Clinton Police Sgt. William Kamataris asking for unused vests to be sent over with Military Police headed for Iraq. Fred is a firearms instructor and travels the country teaching firearms training for police officers. His contacts are many. From locally collecting vests from the Southborough Police Department, Fred also gets vests from as far away as the Los Angeles Police Department. Mabardy says that after a few years the bulletproof vests are retired from police service and replaced by new ones. Police departments either have to destroy the vests or store them so they do not fall into the hands of criminals. It only made sense for Police Departments to step up and donate the vests to Mabardy’s campaign and have them sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the vests he says are still brand new in the box. He has also heard back from soldiers that use the vests. They use them in a myriad of ways such as sleep with them on, double up their military vests, and pad floors and walls of their vehicles with them. For a video of Fred Mabardy’s campaign on police vests for soldiers check out http://wbztv.com/seenon/local_story_341151146.html

My family and I have been involved for just over two years now with a care package program through www.adoptaplatoon.org We have been assigned numerous platoons over the years. We had a Texas National Guard unit of 24 soldiers that had been stationed in Tikrit, Iraq. They had been in country 14 months and were just about to miss their second Christmas at home when they got an early gift and rotated back home just a week before Christmas came along. We have also hosted platoons from Camp Lejune Marines, Military police and have just finished a rotation with a 10th Mountain division unit. I too would like to take this time to say thank you to all the residents that have donated items in the buckets we have out at the Southborough Library and St. Matthews church, and to those that have showed up on our porch with bags of items, especially the two families that during last years Thanksgiving asked their friends and relatives to bring something to dinner that would be donated to a soldier through AAP. Thank you all very much.

Lisa Braccio and her family have been wonderful effortlessly volunteering their time and energy. She has run several town wide care packages drives for the soldiers Her boxes are filled with food snacks, personal hygiene products, batteries, CDs and lots of letters and cards. The many boxes have cheered many a soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lisa and her family would like to thank all that dropped off donations this rainy weekend. Another big thank you go to all the volunteers that collected the items and packaged them up and filled the two postal service trucks. The drive netted over 200 packages destined for soldiers, some who never receive any packages or letters from home. A surprise flyover on Sunday capped off the donations. Lisa supports the troops through www.anysoldier.com if you would like to learn more about the program. Below photo volunteers complete the lengthy forms for the care packages.   


Also at the Senior center on Tuesdays at 9:00 AM is coffee and cribbage.  All are welcome.

Monday is belly dancing lessons at the Senior Center at 10:00 AM for $2.50

July 17 at 4:00 PM the Southborough Police Association salutes seniors with a dinner. $5.00 RSVP the Senior center @ 508-229-4453

Both pocket and refrigerator magnet versions of the File for Life are available at the Senior Center.  This free service allows you to give accurate and complete information to emergency personnel.  Everyone is encouraged to pick one up or contact the Senior Center for more information.

Share the trail

Terry sharing the trails in Winchendon MA back in 2005

May 21, 2007 - Southborough resident Terry Holland was recently nominated and won the award from SAM (snowmobile association of Mass) and that is “Snowmobiler of the year” for the entire state of Massachusetts. She is the 2nd woman to ever win this award. Terry is now up for the American Snowmobiler Council Award for the U.S. of America. If she wins that award it will be presented to her in Minnesota. Last year the Holland family from Bigelow Rd Southborough was voted “family of the year” for Massachusetts and went onto the national awards and won “family of the Year” from ACSA (American Council of Snowmobile Associations) This award is the top award for all the snowmobile associations in the US.





May 20, 2007

The Community Church of Southborough on Southville Road will be holding their annual yard sale on June 2, 2007.

Packages for soldiers

May 20, 2007 - Above: Steve Whynot and US Army Ranger Ed Collazzo trade stories.  Steve is a Nam vet and Ranger Collazzo has been in Iraq.  Below a volunteer fills the second postal truck with a boxed care package for a soldier.



May 20, 2007 - Sarah Kacevich mans the Southborough Art Center this rainy Sunday afternoon.  On display is a awesome art exhibit by Algonquin Regional High School students. So visit our own art museum here in Southborough.  Hours are weekdays 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM/weekends 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The ARHS art exhibit runs through May 30th.

Southborough tidbit: 721 Southborough residents served in the U.S. armed forces during WWII (extracted from Nick Noble's Fences of Stone A History of Southborough, Massachusetts

Packing the goodies

May 20, 2007 - Don't forget to come out and support our troops. Drop off goodies at the Southborough Senior Center, 9 Cordaville Road from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sunday May 20.