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November 20, 2011 - November 26, 2011

The Kid's Fun Run

November 26, 2011 - Hundred's of children participated in the annual Gobble Wobble Kid's Fun Run.


Hide in Brush

November 26, 2011 - This buck is on the move in the season's rut.  Just a reminder for those that hike in the woods of Massachusetts - Shotgun season starts Monday the 28th of November followed by Primitive firearms December 12 this year.  Might be a good idea to wear some orange.

Southborough School Info

Algonquin Regional High School Schedule

11/28 Professional Development Day - No School for Students

11/29 Students Return

12/8 - 12/10 "PIPPIN-Musical" 7pm
12/9 Championship Signs Silent Auction

12/13 Mid-Point Term 2
12/16 Championship Signs Silent Auction

12/22 Holiday Concert

12/23 Half Day for Students,Winter Ball

12/24 - 1/2 Winter Vacation

1/3 Students Return

1/12 Junior Collge Planning Night, 7pm

1/16 Martin Luther King Day - No School

1/17 Professional Dev Day - No School

1/19 Tri-M Induction, 7pm

1/27 End of Term 2

2/1, 2/2 MCAS Biology Retest

2/6 Extended Homeroom - Course Selection

2/6 8th Grade Course Selection Night, 7pm







Avoid Decorating With Invasive Plants!

During holiday seasons, many people use plant material to decorate their houses or businesses. The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) and the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) highly recommends that people avoid using certain exotic, invasive plants such as Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) and Multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) in holiday decorations. Though these plants are attractive, it is best to refrain from using them. Birds eat and carry away the fruits from wreaths and garlands and the digested but still-viable seeds sprout where deposited. Exotic, invasive plants create severe environmental damage, invading open fields, forests, wetlands, meadows, and backyards, and crowding out native plants. Bittersweet can even kill mature trees through strangling. Both plants are extremely difficult to control: when cut off, the remaining plant segment in the ground will re-sprout. It is illegal to import or sell bittersweet and multiflora rose in any form (plants or cuttings) in Massachusetts.

Backyard gardeners, nursery staff, landscapers and conservationists can learn more about invasive plants from the DFW "A Guide To Invasive Plants". In the Guide, each invasive plant description includes a photograph, the plant's regulatory status, key identification characteristics, habitats where the plant is likely to be found, type of threat the plant poses to native species and habitats, and its current distribution and place of origin. Similar plant species are also briefly described to aid in plant identification. The Guide includes definitions of three categories of invasiveness, brief explanations of how invasive plants are introduced and spread, why invasives are a problem, how to learn more about controlling invasive plants, and the state agricultural regulations regarding their importation, sale and propagation. Useful invasive plant websites are also referenced.

To purchase a guide from DFW, stop in the Westborough office during business hours or send a request to "Invasive Plant Guide," MassWildlife Field HQ, NHESP, 1 Rabbit Hill Rd, Westborough, MA, 01581, and include a check for $5 (per copy) payable to: Comm. of Mass.--NHESP. Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards.


Space Weather News for Nov. 26, 2011

CME AND RADIATION STORM: A solar radiation storm is in progress around Earth. At the moment (the late hours of Nov. 26th), the storm is classified as minor, which means it has little effect on our planet other than to disturb HF radio transmissions at high latitudes. Bigger effects, however, could be in the offing.  The same blast that caused the radiation storm also hurled a CME into space, and this CME appears set to deliver a blow to Earth's magnetic field on Nov. 28th.  Geomagnetic storms and auroras are possible when the cloud arrives.  Visit http://spaceweather.com for more information and updates.

WOULD YOU LIKE A CALL when geomagnetic storms are in progress? Storm alerts are available from http://spaceweathertext.com (text) and http://spaceweatherphone.com (voice).

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New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at  http://spaceweather.com/services/ .

Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

ARHS Winter Sports Tryouts Begin


Gobble Wobble 2011

(photos will be up on the Southborough news flicker acct sometime this weekend.)


The Annual Christmas Tree Sales at the Fire Department Starts December 2, 2011

November 25, 2011 - Southborough Firefighters Association will start selling Christmas trees December 2, behind Fire Headquarters.  Various sizes of trees can be found from the short to the tall.



National Grid Utility Hearing to discuss both storms
Tuesday, November 29th,
7:00 pm
Trottier Middle School
49 Parkerville Road

Space Weather News for Nov. 25, 2011

SOLAR ECLIPSE: This morning, the new Moon passed in front of the sun producing a partial solar eclipse over Earth's southern hemisphere.  Sky watchers in Antarctica and parts of New Zealand and South Africa witnessed the solar disk turning into a crescent as slender as 9%.  Images and more information are highlighted on today's edition of http://spaceweather.com.

BLACK FRIDAY:  Authentic rocks from space, solar telescopes, stellar wall hangings: You can't get any of this stuff at your local mall.  For truly out-of-this-world holiday gifts, visit the Space Weather Store: http://shopspaceweather.com

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William M. Smith, age 89, known to family and friends as Bill, passed away at the home of his daughter on November 16, 2011. Bill was born in Natick, Massachusetts on June 15, 1922. He lived for a long time in Southborough, Mass before moving to Stoughton, Mass and then to Princeton, New Jersey. Bill made many good friends over the years and he was a consummate family man. From 1942 to 1946 Bill served in the US Navy as a communications specialist aboard the USS Buckley. He transferred his acquired skills into a long career with the New England Telephone Company. While working to support his robust family, he earned a Bachelors degree from Boston College to satisfy his respect for and penchant for learning. After retiring, Bill stayed active by working as an assistant at construction sites, by walking several miles each day, and by working on home repair and construction projects. And reading! Bill was very widely read and enjoyed many genres. He could almost not stop reading. In his lifetime he covered nearly a librarys worth of books. Among the many family and friends who have been a part of Bills past are eleven siblings, who have resided throughout the US; some are no longer here: Leonard, James, Dorothy, Mildred, Mary, Robert, Alfred, John, Richard, Jean, and Brenda. The wife he loved nearly sixty years, Alberta, and he are parents of William (wife Jeanne), Mark, Julia (husband David), Marie (husband Michael), and John (wife Dianne). They are grandparents to eleven lovely children (Jeremy, Melissa, Alan, Tawnya, Zachary, Abagail, Jenna, Michael, Julia, Sarah, and Dorothy) and great-grandparents to four. Alice and Peter Fitzgerald have been very close friends for many decades; their families have shared a long happy history. Bill loved the simple things and lead an honest, straightforward life in which he enjoyed and appreciated hard work, a good book and a long walk, and the large cadre of people he has long known. A generous man, with a bright outlook, a hearty laugh, with always a good word or story to be told, he will be missed. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the MicMac Benevolent Society [www.ncns.ca] Bill will be cremated. A memorial gathering will be held at 12 noon on Saturday, November 26 at St. Matthews parish hall, 105 Southville Rd, Southborough. Please join us there for music, food, and memories.


Running for a Cause

November 25, 2011 - Need the Citizens say more? Just two days after the decision by Selectmen to close the swap shop, protesters had the shirts set to go in the Gobble Wobble Race and had lots of supporting cheers along the way!!

Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

Skate Schedule at St. Marks


St. Marks School

Gardner Hockey Rink on School Street

No Rentals provided, please bring your own skates.

Monday 28‐Nov 1 to 3pm S’boro Free Skate


Shutting Down December 1, 2011

November 23, 2011 - There will only be one more week remaining for the Southborough Swap Shop. It is scheduled to close December 1.  Supposedly from a minority group of people that hang out and act out at the Swap Shop, local Selectmen have opted to close the facility to residents based on the DPW recommendations. Many people have contacted the Southborough News about this action.  The beloved "swap shop" has been in existence for many years.  When the new recycle center was established a few prominent citizens like Peter Phaneuf urged the town to acquire the current building from the Gulbankian's who had a home adjacent to the current transfer station.  The building was to be demolished to make way for the commercial building that now stands there. The Swap Shop has evolved and many folks depended on it. Many residents have dropped items off or picked up great equipment such as sports, toys, furniture, books and more. Several said that they loved to see the children's faces light up as they came into the building and saw all the toys left by those whose children had outgrown them. Others used the books as a library taking what they wanted and returning them when read.  The building also had use as the town's social center and bulletin board.  Where else could you go on a Saturday and find Girl Scouts selling cookies, politicians shaking hands, Scouts selling popcorn, school children selling raffle tickets? Many of the people I have talked to since this news broke wonder how many more items will be tossed into the transfer station upping the tonnage that we will be expected to pay. They say we have been subjected over and over during the years to recycle.  They have seen our costs skyrocket for stickers and now we are being told we can't recycle  at the swap shop.  Others lament the social aspect or the loss of jobs for senior citizens paying off their work for taxes program.  Many people are concerned that the items currently dropped off at the center will end up on secluded roadways or in the dumpster itself.  Still others expect a backlash from the community in recycling all together.  I myself is not happy with the situation and would prefer to see those that fouled the rules be banned or fined.  The majority should rule - not the minority. Linda Hubley- editor@southboroughnews.com

Coffee Time

November 23, 2011 - State Senator Jaimie Eldridge joined Brian Donavan for a cup of coffee recently at the Southborough Senior Center during their annual Autumn Fair.

November 1, 2011 Selectmen’s meeting - Selectmen met with assessors at a public hearing dealing earlier this month to determine the tax rate and classification. Board of Assessors chairman, Mr. Cibelli started the hearing off with presenting information for tax classification for the four classifications: commercial, industrial and personal property, open spaces, residential.  FY 12 Tax value decreased 15.76 million to 2.058 billion dollars.  The average house increased from $509,800 to $516,400 FY12.

Staying with a single rate tax rate will increase $15.58 to 16.14 per $1,000.   The average home would see their bill in FY 11 $7,943 increase $8,335 FY12 a 4.9% increase.   The Board of Assessors recommended keeping the single tax rate.  Commercial, industrial and personal classes which represent 19.3% of total value in Southborough.

Out of the 3,697 parcels 233 are commercial and industrial parcels representing only 6.3%. But, they account for 19.35% of the value.  Commercial and Industrial businesses pay personal property in addition to the real estate taxes plus the recognized additional funds for athletic, recreational and community events.  The current assessments are based on FY 10 due to a time lag.

Selectman Rooney has been torn with the potential  split rate of residential values have been increasing while commercial and industrial have been decreasing when comparing apples to apples.   Not fair to split the tax rate amongst commercial and industrial that usually cannot even voice concerns.  Business owners he has met with feel if they get a higher rate, then they may be forced to leave town.  He is comfortable with agreeing with the Board of Selectmen in supporting the single tax rate.  Selectmen Dan Kolenda agreed with Selectmen Rooney in agreeing with the single tax rate.

Selectman Boland is concerned that the average tax bills keeps going up and is concerned with the struggling population and seniors in town.  He also is concerned about businesses and their struggle.  He said he is concerned with how Town Meeting members have voted in town meetings and overrode selectmen at last year’s town meeting.  Mr. Boland recommended the selectmen vote for a single tax rate for

The only comment from the audience was from EMC, who stated they were  in favor of the single tax rate.  Selectmen then voted for the single tax rate.

Request from the Southborough Recreation to have a vehicle for after school programs.  Doreen Ferguson said that when the after school programs began to build they started transporting students to program by using the DARE van but then the van was sold and Recreation was left with no vehicle.  They are seeking to acquire a vehicle to use to transport students to various programs.  Currently they run carpools which take a lot of administrative time to run.  School buses logistically don’t work and van rentals are too costly.  Leasing is also high.  Doreen also checked with Fay School and St. Mark’s which she said it is not an option.  Knight’s limo offered to sell a used high mileage vehicle for $2500 but might run into maintenance costs.  The yearly cost for a vehicle could be covered under the current after school programs.  Emails to parents suggested that they could pay extra if a van was available.  Ms Ferguson would like to purchase a new vehicle and beliefs most programs run by them would cover the cost of the vehicle.  The RAP programs have been a huge success.  The Recreation Commission supports the issue of purchasing the vehicle.  They would like the low end version and to see how it goes.   Town Meeting approval would be needed for three years or more.  The vehicle they are looking at is a five year lease.  Selectman Dan Kolenda thought it a wonderful idea and supports it as long as covered within the budget.  Selectman Rooney asked why are they coming before the board if covered under the Recreation budget and does it have to come under the town insurance.  Administrative Manager Jean Kitchen said that the Recreation Commission and Department have to come before the board because they don’t have permission to purchase a vehicle without the Selectmen’s support.  Selectman Rooney asked “Do you need more than one or more?” Recreation department said it would be duel Trips with schools getting out at different times.  Leasing? Not in favor – Knights idea is good.  Economic sense to charge users.  Selectman Boland is not sure why we are transporting students. Town liability transporting kids with non professional drivers.  Safety features needed.  Selectman Rooney made assumptions that the vehicles should be required and ask that the Recreation employees take any required classes for licensing and transportation of recreational programs.  Doreen Ferguson said that if there are requirements her employees will take the classes.  Selectman Rooney asked that they run these concerns by Town Counsel.    

Selectmen voted for permission for the Southborough Recreation Department to purchase or lease a vehicle for the department to transport students to RAP programs.  Selectmen Rooney and Kolenda voted for Southborough Recreation to obtain quotes for vehicles to transport students. Passed 2 – 1 with Selectman Boland voting no.

Town Accountant position search process.  Nineteen applicants.  Jean Kitchen, Vanessa Hale, Brian Ballentine and school rep Cheryl Levesque.  Heidi Kreiger.  Heidi has community experience in municipal accounting and is a CPA.  The hiring committee brought her forward with her resume.  Heidi worked for the Town of Hopkinton and before that the Town of Manchester, CT.    National certifications and purchasing authorizations for the state of Massachusetts.  Selectman Rooney asked why she left Hopkinton.  She said she was not renewed by the Hopkinton Town Manager did not renew her.  Previous town managers have given good recommendations.  Why Southborough? Asked Rooney.  She replied she was looking for a job, sent her application in, interviewed, researched the town and liked it very much.  Selectman Dan Kolenda said he was significantly impressed with her resume and background.  Mr. Boland asked how she resolved conflicts with town boards and management how she handled questions of concerns that have not been approved or sanctioned. Ms Krieger said she would cite instances and state statutes.  There may be gray areas but that if she knows it shouldn’t be paid she would let them know.  Selectmen unanimously approved Ms Kreiger as Town Accountant.

Police Chief Jane Moran requested two police officers as full time reserve and a (military – and IOD one from March 2010) One position was a promotion  making a position vacant and another full time position became IOD – time and a half with regular full time Southborough officers.  As of July 2007, the department has spent 92% of the overtime budget and 108% of reserve budget only four months into the year.  The Southborough Police department is requesting two positions. Just having one position filled would save the town $38,271.74 per year.  Selectman Rooney asked what if one of the two officers came back to work? Chief Moran didn’t think that they would return but that the newly hired officers would know that they would relinquish to the original officers.  Recommended James Gallagher and Officer Whelen both who had originally applied for the full time positions.  Both are currently on the reserve pay schedule.  Chief Moran said that under the Salary Administration plan they would make $18.66 per hour.  After 90 days they would get benefits but if they go beyond the ninety days it would be retroactive to their starting date for town benefits.  Selectman Boland recommended hiring only for the ninety days so that benefits are not incurred.  Selectmen postponed hiring 90 day officers.  For the open Communications position they got four applicants.  One was not appropriate and Chief Moran is putting one forward that has several years as a dispatcher.  Selectmen voted

                        SOUTHBOROUGH FIRE DEPARTMENT

                                DAILY LOG


Tuesday 11/15/11



    E23  FF KANE         FF MARTINS
















    A28  FF STRONG       FF KANE



Wednesday 11/16/11



    A28  FF STRONG       FF KANE

















    C30  FF FRANKS


Thursday 11/17/11











    C30  FF ROACH


    T21  FF WILLS



    A28  FF ROACH        FF WILLS

    C30  FF ASPESI








Friday 11/18/11



    E22  FF PIERCE       FF NEAL

    T21  LT DANO         FF ROACH



    T21  LT DANO         FF AMENDOLA



    E22  LT DANO         FF AMENDOLA



    E22  FF NEAL         FF PIERCE

    T21  LT DANO         FF AMENDOLA



    A28  FF PIERCE       FF NEAL







Sunday 11/20/11





Monday 11/21/11




Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

Don't Forget the Race

The Rivalry!
Algonquin Tomahawks vs. Westborough Rangers @ Algonquin

Thursday 11/24 at 10:15am

Come and support the THawks in their final game of the season!



Five Marlborough Hospital representatives traveled to Texas to accept the success story award given by at the Press Ganey Inc., at their national client conference. The success story award for clinical performance was given to only three organizations in the country. Pictured are (l to r):  Mary Brown, MSN, RN, Kathy Berry, RN, BSN, Deb Chauk, MS, RN, Judy Connelly, MS, RN, and Audrey Greenlaw, RN. (contributed photo)

Marlborough Hospital Wins National Improvement Award


 Marlborough, MA (November 22, 2011) – Marlborough Hospital is proud to announce that Press Ganey Associates, Inc, has named it a 2011 Success Story Award® winner at the organization’s national client conference held in Grapevine, Texas last week. Marlborough Hospital is one of nine organizations to receive this honor in 2011. It is one of three organizations in the nation to receive the award for clinical performance.


Marlborough Hospital received the award based on its improvement programs related to the care of cardiac and pneumonia patients. The hospital focused on specific quality and safety initiatives specifically to improve pneumococcal/influenza vaccination rates, antibiotic selection and administering treatments  proven to give the best results for adults experiencing a heart attack. The team included physicians, nurses and pharmacy staff.


The results for the clinical process measurement was April 2010 through March 2011 with the hospital surpassing the state average in several different areas including achieving pneumonia vaccination rates of 99 percent, influenza 97 percent and antibiotic selection of 99 percent as measured by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The state averages for the ranks are 95 percent, 94 percent and 95 percent respectively. Marlborough Hospital is in the top 10 percent of all hospitals submitting cardiac data to CMS.


At the conference, Kathy Berry, RN, BSN, director of performance improvement for Marlborough Hospital presented the details of the hospital’s clinical performance which led to the national recognition.


According to Mary Brown, Marlborough Hospital’s chief nursing officer, she said, “As an organization that adopted a total quality management philosophy several years ago, it is gratifying to see that our efforts have resulted in the level of patient satisfaction performance that merits this kind of recognition.”



The three success story award winners for clinical performance were: Marlborough Hospital, Marlborough, MA, Baptist Hospital East, Louisville, KY and Johnson & Johnson Medical Device & Diagnostics Group.


The success story award recognizes facilities that have demonstrated leadership, implemented organizational change and improved performance. The Press Ganey Success Story Award is a highly regarded symbol of achievement in the health care industry.  It is awarded annually and Robert Draughon, Press Ganey’s CEO noted, "We are proud to partner with Marlborough Hospital. Their innovative approach to improving clinical performance helps advance the quality of health care in Central Massachusetts.”


Press Ganey currently partners with more than 10,000 health care facilities — including 50 percent of all U.S. hospitals — to measure and improve the quality of care that providers deliver to patients and, ultimately, to improve the overall health care experience.

What do you know about Alzheimer’s Disease? More than 5.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with this disease. Maybe a loved one, a relative, a friend or an acquaintance suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Do you know how to react? Do you know how to help the carepartners. Join us on Wednesday evening, December 7th at 7pm at the First Community Church, 137 Southville Road, Southborough, MA when Joanne Koenig Coste, the author of Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s will enlighten us on this disease. Please join us.


We are living in a time when carepartner’s burn out from the act of loving at a rate that is staggering.  For every patient who succumbs to a memory-impaired disease or dementia, there may also be a carepartner who will lose their life from the issues that surround the act of caring for a loved one with a dementing process.


Carepartnering (the patient / caregiver relationship) in the upcoming years will bring moments of pain, celebration, doubt, fear, and joy. There will be days of saying “this is the best thing I’ve ever done” and days of saying “get me out of here”. There will be additional strains on family relationships, finances, and dynamics but there also will be more knowledge, more human service programs, and more family support.


The idea of this presentation is to discover a positive interaction based on reordering priorities: not dreams for tomorrow but hopes for this hour’s peace; not the perfectly coordinated home but painting the bathroom red if it helps him find the toilet; not trying to bring her into our reality but living for moments in her new world; not mourning the failures created by the disease but creating chances for success to happen; not focusing on lost abilities but capitalizing on remaining skills; not questioning, chastising, or reasoning but finding peace in his current time and place; and, most importantly, not hearing the failing words but listening to the emotion behind them.


When we learn and employ new carepartnering skills, we, the carepartner’s, will endure a more positive journey.  Throughout it all, whatever kind of caregiver we may be, each of us can learn to listen when words can no longer be spoken, to hear messages from deep within a loved one’s eyes, and to provide the kind of loving care that transcends illness and applauds humanness.


Joanne Koenig Coste presently serves as an international consultant to healthcare providers and as an outspoken advocate for Alzheimer disease (AD) patients and families.

          She is a past Chairman for the Board of Directors Mass. Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Assoc and since 1977 has been facilitating support groups for both patients and for family members. More than 3 decades ago, Joanne designed the program and environment for one of the first Alzheimer specialized building in the U.S

          She has been selected by Readers Digest as a National Health Hero along with others: Katie Couric, Oprah Winfrey, & Rosalyn Carter. She was featured on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw in January 2000 as a Woman to Watch in the 21st Century for her pioneering efforts on behalf of AD patients and families.

          Joanne has appeared on many radio & TV programs across the country- NBC Today Show, NPR Talk of the Nation, The NY Times, and many other media venues.   In 2001, Joanne Koenig Coste was inducted into The International Society of Poets.

          Joanne is founder of The Program Directors’ Alliance – a grassroots organization designed to elevate the status of those working with AD patients in the community.

          With an undergraduate degree in Education and Masters Degree in Counseling & Psychology, she is a member of the faculty at Cambridge College.

          Currently Joanne is a contributing writer to:  the AFA magazine Care ADvantage; Caring.com, a website for caregivers; the medical website WebMD; the South Shore (MA) Senior Newsletter; and the American Journal of Alzheimer’s among others.

          She is the renowned author of the best-selling Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s, currently available in 3 European countries, Australia and Japan.    Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s has been selected by the World Health Organization for Medical School libraries across the country.


Hey Everyone,

Its that time of year again....The Recovery Connection is now accepting donations for "Toys for Tots". The drop off location is here at The Recovery Connection, 31 Main St. Marlboro, MA 01752.

The drop off box is located at the main entrance of the center.

All donations are very much appreciated and will make a difference.


-The Recovery Connection Members and Staff

Just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow, November 23rd @ 2:30pm is our annual "pot luck" thanksgiving dinner @ The Recovery Connection.

We hope to see everyone there!

-The Recovery Connection Staff and Members

The Recovery Connection

31 Main Street, Marlborough, MA 01752

(508) 485-0298



2012 Calendars now available!

Get yours today at projectsmile.org


Join our Facebook page and stay updated!

Click the logo to go to our page. The link is also available at www.projectsmile.org

Project Smile 5th Annual Date Auction hosts Karson and Kennedy with special guests New England Patriots Cheerleaders.

Special Fall Fundraising Events Raise $29,000 for Project Smile

Project Smile’s two signature fundraisers raised record amounts.

An excited crowd of over 450 guests packed into Gypsy Bar, Boston on September 16 for the 5th Annual Project Smile Charity Date Auction. A record $19,000 was raised as guests bid enthusiastically for dates with 40 of Boston’s most eligible singles including Boston fire fighters, Coast Guard members, area police officers and other terrific guys and ladies. Boston radio personalities Karson and Kennedy kept the crowd going with their dynamic hosting. The New England Patriots Cheerleaders were special guests and helped cheer the crowd on as the bidding commenced. Thanks to sponsor Sofft Shoes, every bachelor came with a $150 Sofft Shoes gift certificate for the lady with the winning bid.

Volunteers from Single Volunteers Boston and KNF& T Staffing also assisted during the event. The event also featured a silent auction for sports memorabilia, airline tickets and gift certificates to area restaurants, theatres and more.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped make this event such a success,” said Catherine Pisacane, Project Smile’s Executive Director. “We raised a record amount of money and we want to thank everyone who sponsored, who donated auction items, volunteered to be auctioned, helped at the event and all our guests. We appreciate all the generous support that made our event a success. We are very excited for next year’s event.”

Be sure to check out www.projectsmile.org/events.htm for date auction photos and a video from the event. Planning for next September’s 6th Annual Date Auction will start soon. If you are interested in helping plan next year’s event, please email Catherine at cpisacane@projectsmile.org

Project Smile’s 8th Anniversary Celebration, held October 21 at the Doubletree Hotel, Milford was another big success as it raised $10,000. Guests enjoyed the debut of the 2012 Project Smile calendar, a tremendous silent auction with over 100 items, a live auction, live jazz music, delicious appetizers and cake from Konditor Meister. Hosted by Dick Ferrucci, the event also featured special guest speaker Steve Aveson, NECN anchor who gave a moving speech and special guest Miss Massachusetts. Danielle McNeeley, Miss New England Pre-Teen volunteered with her family at the event and did a wonderful job. This was Danielle’s second year helping at the event.

“Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor our event, who donated auction items, volunteered and all our friends who showed their support and attended.” Said Catherine Pisacane. “We are so happy to have your help.”

Smiling Stiletto Fall into Fashion Show Raises $1,800 for Project Smile

It was a night of fashion, glitz and gorgeous shoes as the Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club held their Fall into Fashion Show at Copley Place on September 22. Hosted by Lisa Donovan from Kiss 108 FM, the show featured fashions by Karen Millen, Cache, Elie Tahari, Banana Republic, BEBE and others. Guests enjoyed complimentary Cameron Hughes wine, Skinny Girl margaritas, Sweet M’s cupcakes, Hint water and Legal Seafoods appetizers. The proceeds from the event went to Project Smile- the official charity of the Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club. A portion of the proceeds also went to the Simon Youth Foundation. Copley Place was the presenting sponsor for the Fall into Fashion Show. Christine Gunn, Smiling Stiletto member, worked very hard to organized the event along with Copley Place.

The Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club is a social organization for shoe lovers with over 2,800 members in the Boston area. Check out Smiling Stiletto and photos from the event at www.smilingstiletto.com

The upcoming Step into Spring Fashion Show will be held on Thursday, April 26 at Copley Place and will benefit Project Smile and the Simon Youth Foundation.

Get Your Project Smile 2012 Calendar! 

Show your support for Project Smile and get your 2012 calendar! The calendar features beautiful photos of children with their stuffed animals, many of whom are the children of police and fire fighters, as well as other photos. Calendars are only $10 plus shipping. They are available at www.projectsmile.org


Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

Marlborough Senior Softball Registration

 November 22, 2011 - The Marlboro Senior Softball is opening registration for their 2012 Indoor Softball Season on January 2, 2012 at the Fore Kicks II sports facility in Marlboro.We will be playing a 12 week schedule on Monday and Thursday of each week from Jan 2 to Apr 2, 2012.  We play in the morning from 10 AM till noon.  You can play on either day or both.We have a limited amount of open spaces so if anyone is interested in playing should contact me as soon as possible.  This is a nice why to find out what Senior Softball is all about. This is our spring training to get ready for our regular season which starts in April as soon as fields are open.  We play mornings from May to Sep on either Monday or Wednesday mornings.Indoors we have no age limit but for our regular season in the spring you must be 55+ for men and 45+ for women by December 31, 2012.  We have a limited number of openings for our regular season teams so if anyone is interested in playing indoors or in our regular season should contact Fred Scerra at  at marlsrsoftball@verizon.net as soon as possible..

Gobble Wobble 2011 Online Registration

Gobble Wobble 2011 Walk/Mail In Form

Event Info

Readyman Badge

November 21, 2011 -

The Southborough Cub Scouts from Pack 921 worked on First Aid and Readyman procedures with Lt. Chris Dano and Maura Goodney R.N. at the Southborough Fire Station. The Webelos Scouts worked on this as a requirement for them to earn the Arrow of Light Award, which is the highest award in Cub Scouts.

Lt. Dano covered everything from bicycle safety, water safety, and how and when to do the Heimlich maneuver. He then gave the boys a tour of the workings inside the Ambulance. He also showed them how he slides down the pole, always a cool thing for firefighters!

Mrs. Goodney, a nurse at a local hospital, taught the boys how to treat cuts, burns, people in shock, and people with allergic reactions, including how to administer epipens. Each of the boys then got to practice CPR on the teaching mannequin.

We want to thank Lt. Dano and Mrs. Goodney for the time spent teaching the boys. Our emergency personnel are the greatest!

 Marlborough Hospital President and CEO Named


Worcester, MA – Karen Moore, MS, FACHE, has been selected to serve as the president and CEO of Marlborough Hospital effective November 28, 2011.  The announcement was made by John O’Brien, president and CEO of UMass Memorial Health Care, and Richard Bennett, chair of the Marlborough Hospital Board of Trustees.


Moore will replace Douglas Brown, senior vice president and general counsel of UMass Memorial Health Care, who has served as the interim president and CEO of Marlborough Hospital since May, 2011.


Moore is a senior health care executive with extensive experience in not-for-profit and for-profit health care. She has a successful track record of improving the patient and family experience of care and hospital quality and financial performance.  “We are very pleased Karen will join UMass Memorial Health Care as a member of our senior leadership team during this period of rapid change in our industry offering an unprecedented opportunity to improve patient care,” said O’Brien. “From the very beginning, we were impressed with her accomplishments and extensive health care background that spans more than 30 years beginning with a foundation of direct patient care when she began her career as a staff nurse in neurosurgery. “


Most recently, Moore served as the chief executive officer for Kindred Hospital Park View in Springfield, MA, where under her leadership she was responsible for improving quality and the patient experience. Under her direction she guided her teams to exceed goals and create new initiatives that support community needs. As a result of the improved care delivery, she increased revenue by at least 10 percent and admissions each year by more than 20 percent, and also implemented an electronic medical record system. Prior to her position with Kindred she was with Baystate Franklin Medical Center for 11 years where she served in many leadership positions including interim president and vice president of hospital operations.


About the appointment Richard Bennett said, “We spoke with many qualified candidates for the position but universally, we all believe Karen is an innovative leader who works exceptionally well with staff, physician and the community. This is why she will be a great match for the culture of Marlborough Hospital.”


Moore has achieved the distinction of board certification in health care management as a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE), was awarded a distinguished alumni award from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, School of Nursing, and completed a Harvard University Professional Development Program for senior executives.


She is a past member of the board of directors of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and on the executive leadership team of the American Heart Association’s 2011 Pioneer Valley Heart Walk. Currently a resident of Shelburne Falls, Moore plans to relocate to the Greater Marlborough area.

“We would also like to thank the members of the search committee who spent many hours reviewing the backgrounds and interviewing the large number of very qualified applicants who expressed interest in the position at Marlborough Hospital,” added O’Brien. “Through their efforts, we have found another strong leader for the UMass Memorial Health Care system.”

Sudbury Valley Trustees held its 58th Annual Meeting on October 5th at the Beatrice Vokes Theatre in Wayland.  This meeting recognizes SVT’s achievements in protecting and caring for land in our region and celebrates the individuals who have made significant contributions to that mission. 


We thank our hosts, the Beatrice Vokes Theatre in Wayland, a fellow non-profit for sharing its wonderful facility with SVT. This historic and characterful theatre is a wonderful asset in our community, and we appreciate all the assistance provided by their Board and volunteers in making the evening a great success.


We are sincerely grateful to the local business community who supported this event.

We would like to express our thanks to Beveridge and Diamond of Wellesley, Middlesex Savings Bank, Framingham Cooperative Bank, Capital Group Properties of Southborough, and Beals and Thomas of Southborough for helping to underwrite the meeting.  Our sincere thanks also go to Framed in Time of Framingham, which provided generous assistance in the framing of the conservation awards. Thank you to Trader Joe’s of Framingham, Roche Brothers/Sudbury Farm and Shaws Market for contributing the refreshments which greatly enhanced the festive nature of Annual Meeting. Thank you to Wild Birds Unlimited of Sudbury their contribution of a door prize.


We feel most fortunate to have the support of these local businesses as we pursue our mission to conserve land and protects wildlife habitat in the Concord, Assabet, and Sudbury river basin for the benefit of present and future generations.


Nancy Hallen & the SVT staff




Six years ago Sudbury Valley Trustees plunged into an ambitious project to restore shrubland habitat on the top and south-facing slope at the Cedar Hill Reservation in Northborough.  Before the start of the project, the former pasture was a mix of old field, shrubs, and small trees.  Over several years SVT cleared 16 acres.


The land clearing was simple, but dealing with the resultant surge of invasive plant growth has not been simple.  Bush honeysuckle and Oriental bittersweet grew back with a vengeance in grand profusion.  Invasive plants love disturbance and lots of sunlight.  Over several years, certified applicators selectively sprayed herbicide on the invasive plants.


Laura Mattei, SVT Stewardship Director, describes the current landscape at Cedar Hill as a mix of grasses, forbs and shrubs – a significant increase in plant diversity throughout.  However, Mattei cautions, “While the results of photo-point monitoring and a vegetation survey show that SVT’s efforts have significantly reduced invasive plant cover, we must remain vigilant.  To keep the invasive plants in check, we will most likely need to do another herbicide treatment.”


The primary goal for the project was to create habitat for shrubland bird species that have suffered recent population declines.  Success! Within just a few years, target bird species arrived to nest at the site.  These birds include the perky prairie warbler, the buzzy blue-winged warbler, and the stunningly beautiful indigo bunting.  While Eastern towhees had already been common at the site, they would have been lost had the land transformed to forest.


What’s missing?  Native shrubs.  There is an excellent diversity of native plants, including some native shrubs and small trees, but native shrubs such as high bush blue berry and arrowwood viburnum have not appeared.  The next step will be an attempt to reintroduce more native shrubs to the site.  This process entails collecting and propagating seeds from nearby sources, and then planting the young plants.  To protect these young plants from deer browsing, the plants will be encircled with wire mesh while they become established. 


Though the project at Cedar Hill has achieved positive results in a short period of time, there are still many more years of effort to reach the full biodiversity goal.


This project has been supported and funded by the following: The Boston Foundation – Fund for the Environment; Hollis Declan Leverett Memorial Fund;

MassWildlife Landowner Incentive Program; USDA Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program; Entergy; Defenders of Wildlife’s Living Lands Project; and The Entrust Fund.


Learn more at www.svtweb.org/current-projects

Sudbury Valley Trustees

18 Wolbach Road

Sudbury, MA 01776


Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

Triboro Hockey Newsview details

Sport: Hockey
  League: >Midgets
    Date: 10-30-2011 at 3:30p
    Team: Triboro-Midget Major   vs   Twin City Hawks
Location: NESC - Marlborough, MA
   Score: 4 to 2
 In a chippy game, Triboro outlasted the twin city team Ben Larsen went the distance and shut down the Twin city team.

Sport: Hockey
  League: >Midgets
    Date: 11-19-2011 at 9:00p
    Team: Triboro-Midget Major   vs   Twin City Hawks
Location: NESC - Marlborough, MA
   Score: 5 to 2

Sport: Hockey
  League: >Midgets
    Date: 10-30-2011 at 3:30p
    Team: Triboro-Midget Major   vs   Twin City Hawks
Location: NESC - Marlborough, MA
   Score: 4 to 1

Hand Made Crafts and Gifts

November 20, 2011 - Yesterday was the annual Senior Center Autumn Fair.

Leaf blower debris, rain spots, dirt driveway, going out on a date, road splatter, any other excuse it's a good time to get a car wash.  Choice Car Wash at 155a Boston Road.  And if not washing your car is enough:

·         Did you know that you get .10 cents off a gallon of gas when you purchase a car wash at the pump at Southboro Auto Tech (Gulf Station) right next to the car wash??

Annual Pie Sale

November 20, 2011 - The First Community Church held their annual pie sale.  If you didn't get there early you missed out on some of the best homemade pies and breads in Southborough.

November 21 - 25, 2011

Meeting Date Time Place
Drafting Committee for Town Manager Legislation - Agenda Nov 21 7:30 PM Room A, Cordaville Hall, 9 Cordaville Road
Planning Board - Agenda Nov 21 7:00 PM McAuliffe Hearing Room, Town House
Board of Selectmen - Agenda Nov 22 6:00 Pm McAuliffe Hearing Room, Town House
Library Board of Trustees - Agenda Nov 22 5:00 PM Southborough Public Library
Taxation Aid Committee - Agenda Nov 22 9:00 am 1st floor Conference Room, Town House
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7:45am Walking Group

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Town House hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
8 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM - 7 PM
Friday: 8 AM - 12 Noon

Thanksgiving Hours:
Town House and Transfer Station will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th


Thank you for participating in the 2011 Resident survey in which the Town collaborated with Clark University. We appreciate your efforts in assisting the Town in this endeavor. The Board of Selectmen will review survey results during a presentation at their December 20, 2011 meeting.


Turkey Farms


Jeanne Marie (Donahue) Luchette of Southboro, formerly of Allston, November 16, 2011. Beloved wife of Ted Luchette. Devoted mother of Christine Dezotell and her husband Christopher of Marlboro. Dear daughter of Celia C. Gaudette and the late John F. Donahue. Loving grandmother of Jack, Matthew and Zoe Dezotell. Step daughter of Andrew Gaudette. Sister of Daniel Donahue of Arizona and Nancy Donahue of Abington. Step sister of Andrea Gaudette of Natick, Mark Gaudette of Pembroke and Alan Gaudette of Marshfield. Jeanne worked as a Para Legal for Robinson and Cole, LLC for many years and lived for her family and grandchildren. Visiting hours will be held in the Burke & Blackington Funeral Home, 1479 Washington St. (Rte. 16), West Newton, Sunday, November 20 from 3:00 - 7:00 P.M.. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers remembrances can be made to the American Cancer Society , 30 Speen St., Framingham, MA. 01701. Burke & Blackington Funeral Home www.BurkeFamilyFuneralHomes.com

Sports and Recreation

ARHS Sports Photos by Chris Wraight www.thawkspix.com

Sign Up Your Daughter
for Girl’s Lacrosse

Spring 2012


Text Box: Join the Fun! One of our 3rd & 4th Grade Teams at the Spring 2011 Acton-Boxboro Lacrosse Jamboree


Registration Wednesday November 2nd – Wednesday November 23rd, 2011


Northborough-Southborough Girl’s Lacrosse (NSGL) registration for the Spring 2012 season will take place in November. This is open to girls in both towns in grades 3 through 8, and new this year we are adding 1st and 2nd Grade too.


RETURNING PLAYERS: Registration will be open for the first week only
(Wednesday November 2nd – Wednesday November 9th) for returning players.


NEW PLAYERS: Registration will open Thursday November 10th – Wednesday November 23rd for ALL players.


NEW THIS YEAR: Sign up your 1st and 2nd grade daughter for 4 Sunday clinics to be held in April/May - this will be a great way to introduce younger girls to the game!


Registration will close November 23rd.


Register online at www.nsgl.org.


We strive to take all girls who wish to play, however we have limits due to team size, availability of qualified coaches and availability of field space provided by the towns.


Don’t wait! - We have ended up with a waiting list each year of girls who tried to register after the registration closed.


Visit our website for details, www.nsgl.org.