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June 27, 2010 - July 3, 2010

Peek a Boo

July 5, 2010 - This Carolina Wren is a bit camera shy.

Sports and Recreation

The Sr Panthers entertained the Scituate Seniors and took both ends of the doubleheader winning the first game 14 to 1 and the 2nd 8 to 3.  Leading the Marlboro offense was Steve Goldstein going 6 for 7 and Emory Payne going 4 for 7 with a triple.  Mgr Scerra says that this is the first game this year that we put offense and defense together and looks forward to a better 2nd  half of the season.

The Jr Panthers traveled to Wayland to take on the Gray Sox and also took both ends of their doubleheader winning 19 to 7 and 17 to 1 behind the pitching of Jim Boice.  Mgr Goldstein said that Jim took the place of Fred Scerra on the mound this year and  is doing a great job.  Marlboro’s offense was led by Dick Mazzone 6 for 7 and Paul Avakian 5 for 7.  Tom Hall chipped in with a double and home run.

The Sr Panthers have a record of 5 wins 10 losses and 1 tie and Jr Panthers are 7 and 7

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

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Police Log

7/2/10 Friday

Mvstop violation route 9 and 495, Framingham Road, White Bagley Road,

Radar: Parkerville road, Richards Road, Middle Road, Route 9 and Middle Road

Route 9, route 9 and Parkerville Road, main street and chestnut Hill Road, Johnson Road and Northboro road, Johnson road and main street, Willow Street, Sears Road, Main and Wyndemere Road, Marlboro Road and acre Bridge Road

Residential alarm Rockpoint Road

Noise complaint – dogs – Pine hill Road

Solicitors – Smith Lane

7/1/10 Thursday

MV stops, Violations, Radar: route 9, Parkerville road south, middle road north, White Bagley Road, Southwood Drive and Parkerville Road South, Main and Chestnut Hill, Woodland and Carolyn Terrace, Marlboro Road at St. Mark’s,

Alarm glass breakage route 9 office

Wallet turned in by citizen

ACO dead raccoon Cordaville at causeway route 85

CO Parkerville Road and Southville Road, loose dark brown dog possible Sheppard

Residential alarm Ledge Hill Road

Fire alarm Harvest lane

Community policing Main Street

Hitch hiker route 9 west

Larceny Woodland Road

Fire alarm Main Street

Residential Alarm Kidder Lane

Residential Alarm Adams Road

Dump truck parked on both side of roadway middle Road

Residential alarm Sears Road

ACO small snake in box Southville Road

Community policing with Kidsborough

Suspicious activity route 9 and 495 assist MA state police

Solicitor problem Sears Road

Solicitor Problem Main Street

MV accident motorcycle down

Stranded party in lobby trying to get to Nashua NH

Residential alarm Carriage Hill Circle

Fireworks complaint Parkerville road  More Police Log

Garden Welcome

July 4, 2010 - Gardens are thriving at the Community gardens this year.

Sports and Recreation

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July 10 –Free Fly Fishing Clinics, Foxborough --Learn about fly fishing and try out your skills with author and Angler Education Program Instructor Dr. Robert Sousa at Bass Pro Shops located on Rte 1 Northbound at Patriot Place. There will be two free clinics at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM respectively. Topics covered will include fly casting, fly tying, and fly fishing. Contact Bass Pro Shops at (508) 216-2000

It's a First

The first ever Southborough Girls U10 Tournament Softball Team. The girls competed in a two day tournament in Douglas, MA at the end of June. (Beth Terricciano contributed photo).


July 3, 2010

Lisa and I wanted to share the soldiers' words of thanks (attached) with you all who made the Care Package Drive the best ever - over 500 boxes - along with our deepest gratitude.

As we get ready to celebrate Fourth of July please remember all our veterans and deployed soldiers who defend our freedom. Happy Fourth!

Proud Army Moms of 1LT Courtney Wilson 864th EN BN.
Deb and Lisa


I would like to take the time to thank you for your groups support in our Operation Enduring Freedom it is very much appreciated.  The packages send more than just candy stuffed animals and letters.  They send joy to our sailors, soldier and airmen out here, it gives us that feeling of pride in what we do no matter how hard the job.  Because of people like you and your group we want to go the extra mile in the fight.  I cannot explain the feeling that is giving out when we receive these packages alls I can tell you is that no matter what is going on at that moment, its like your problems dissipate briefly.      thank you again, CS3 Tudor, Charles W.

I am Staff Sergeant Herrera, I am a Platoon Sergeant for one of the platoons from within the 3-43 ADA family. I say family because that is exactly what we are while we continue to serve in the Army. Now as we are currently deployed, we have continued to grow stronger and stronger as a family. We look out for each other on a daily basis. Our families back home also help one another as well. Now, like any family we do get on each other's nerves from time to time. However, when we receive uplifting packages and letters from people we do not know believe it or not, this seeming less action to that others might see as a waste of time, always cheers us all up and brings us back to why we volunteered to serve our great nation. Not only do your packages of goodies taste great in our tummies, but for a few minutes they give us that feeling of being back home sharing a snack with our families as well. So again, thank you all for the snacks, letters, and the love with a touch of kindness that you all have blessed us with. On behalf of the 3-43 ADA family, we extend our arms in welcoming you all as part of our family as well. I will end this email with a loud and thunderous United States Army war cry....HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!  

SSG Jesus Herrera        "We go in together, we come out together, or we don't come out at all"!

My team received the care package from you today.  We have Airmen &Soldiers here and I passed out the snacks and supplies.  Thanks for thanking the time to think of others and sending out the package as we truly appreciate it.  I've attached a pic of my airmen that work for me here in Afghanistan. Take Care & thanks again...TODD SEALEY, Capt, USAF

I wish I had more time to write but I just wanted to say thank you for the care package we received in the mail today.  It is getting hot now and we are slowly but surely getting better support.  My dog is still trying to find Bin Laden and give him a bite.  Hope all is well back in MA. GO CELTICS.    SSG Daniel Konrardy

Hello Debbie this is Cody Watson with C/38 over in Iraq and i just wanted to say thank you so much for the package I received! I very much appreciate the time and energy you spent on that it means a lot! Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Cody Watson

Hello Debbie and Lisa
First I want to say thank you for choosing my soldiers and myself as platoon that you would like to sponsor during our deployment here in Afghanistan. First let me introduce myself to you. I am 1LT. Andre' M. Richards am originally from Cambria Heights (Queens) NY and I was transferred (or voluntold as we say in the Army) to this unit and mobilized with them and then got deployed. I was enlisted for 6 and half years before I got commissioned as an officer. I am a Signal Officer and I  command 53 soldiers in a signal platoon and all of these soldiers are on smaller teams providing communications service for coalition  forces all over eastern, western, southern and northern Afghanistan.
Though A Company 392nd ESB (Expeditionary Signal Battalion) is located in Blackstone, VA the soldiers that are here on this deployment range from many different states to include NY,NJ,PA,MA,VA,NC,SC,GA,FL,TX,AZ,CA and we also have some soldiers from the great state of Hawaii here with us that makes it a  more memorable experience due to the diversity of people that we have here.
Though the snacks and goodies might have not seem like a lot to you when you decided to send them it was a great moral booster for my soldiers when they receive the contents of your package there was a lot of smiles and excitement due to the fact that we cannot just go to the local store here and get some of these goodies and if we can as soon as the PX here get such items they come off the self like water before a hurricane and as few was yearning for some of the items in the box so they could not have come at a more better time. In addition to the nine soldiers that I have here with me at this site, I also package some of your goodies and send them to other sites that my soldiers are located to help boost their morale as well. In the Army there is a saying that says "High Morale means good work" so your contribution his helping to produce good work from my soldiers and for that I want to say thank you.
Shindand is a Airfield and is located in western Afghanistan. We are less than 100 miles from the border of Iran and to cure your curiosity as to what the base that we are on looks like just think of a good western movie but all the building are replaced by a lot of tents, and a nice scenery beyond the fence  with mountains all around us to include one that is covered with snow. Many people in Afghanistan and on this site calls Shindand the Wild Wild West because that is what it looks like and when it gets windy we have a lot of tumbleweed and other things blowing around like the movies and some dust storm as  well. We have 10 member here on the team to include myself. Look forward to hearing from you thanks once again. Thank you for your kind words and for keeping us in your thoughts and prays we greatly appreciate it.
1LT André M. Richards

Hello ladies, My name is Cheryl Jenkins Sims and I received the packages that you sent me. My coworkers and I had fun sharing the stuff.. I was extremely happy to read the letters the kids wrote me.. I wrote them all back and sent each one a stuff toy which I hope they will enjoy.. I am glad they are people like you around that care about others they do not even know.. Thanks a lot and may the good Lord continue to bless you and bring us home safe.    SPC Cheryl Jenkins-Sims

I would like to personally thank you for sending the soldiers in my unit that care package. It really meant a lot to us all to see how much people care and support us. It's a rarity to find people such as yourself who is willing to take the time out and give thanks. So let me thank you for all that you have done for us. Please let me know if this email has reached you. Take care and God bless.    Victor P Colón

Greetings, I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the kind package you sent. I would also like to thank you for my soldiers as they are the true beneficiaries of your kindness. The snacks and calling cards will go to good use. Again, thank you for the package. We all appreciate what you do for us  Thank You,     SGT Aaron Hass

I received your package the other day. I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you. I think it is great that your community comes together in support of us servicemen and women. I shared your package with everyone that was around and could use or just wanted something out of it. It was all very appreciated by myself and all the Soldiers. We all say thank you.    LT Kyle Floyd

Hi Lisa and Debbie, I would like to say thank you so much to you and to the organization for the care package. I work in a shop with 12 other soldiers, and they all loved all the snacks that we received. They were also able to call home with the phone cards, so I know they appreciated it! The most popular item, however, were the letters from the kids...we have 1 of them in our office and the other two are hanging in my room...they are very touching and the reason I want to stay in the Army. I also have one of the prayer pieces (crocheted square with cross) in my ACU pocket and will carry it everywhere with me. Thank you again for making my and my soldiers week! We all very much appreciate the support. God Bless,      2LT Kelly Shaffer

I am with the 190th MP CO, I wanted to thank yall for all the things that were sent to us, we really appreciate everything yall sent. I personally sent a thank you to the little girl Rachel Furbish, but was unable to send one to the 15 yr old from Southborough because did not have a name or address but really appreciated their letters. Lilly the lamb beanie found a good home. The drawings on the one box were awesome along with all the well wishes. I mailed you a thank you but it will take a while to reach, mail is already slow and with all the fighting now, it is even slower. We appreciate everyones thoughtfulness and are blessed to have folks like yall to help us out. Thanks again, much love, deb   SPC Debbie Mathews

I am Sgt Daniel L. Hammonds and I want to thank you on behalf of all the Marines at in MWSS-274 FOB Dwyer. We all greatly appreciate the time and effort you and you community put into the care packages we all received and greatly enjoyed. We also want to thank all of you for the time and sacrifice all of the members of the American Legion gave for their country. I know what the requirement is to be part of an American Legion. I thank you all from all the Marines here at Fob Dwyer for those who came before. I thank your community for their understanding and compassion for all of us out here. Words could never express the gratitude we feel in our hearts for the love and support you send in the boxes.

Respectfully and Sincerely, Sgt Daniel Hammonds

Thank you very much for the care packages. As you can imagine, many things are scarce here in Afghanistan and we have to rely on family members and groups like yours for necessities. We have boxes spread throughout our FOB: in the post office, chapel, MWR, and Combat Stress office, that we split up packages such as yours into and spread it out as much as possible so that it may reach as many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines as it can.

I've had the pleasure of visiting Massachusetts a couple of times on my last ship, the USS DeWert, out of Mayport, Fl. We were in Buzzard's Bay about three years ago and had the honor of marching in the St. Patrick'sDay Parade in south Boston a couple of years ago. Very hospitable people in Mass. and Boston. I look forward to the opportunity to visit again.

Again, thank you very much for your efforts. It always helps to know that there are those back home that recognize that we're trying our best out here.  To apply a quote from "Saving Private Ryan" to present day "But if, you know, if being here earns me the right to get back to my family, well then, then this is my mission."    QM2(SW) Ayers

Hello! My name is SFC Thomas Snipp. I am the platoon sergeant for E Co186 BSB stationed in Camp Lighting Afghanistan. I just wanted to thank you for the generous package which I received on 04 June 10. It was a wonderful surprise. As you know, soldiers receiving mail is a great morale booster. And your package was certainly a giant lift, not only to me, but to all the other Soldiers in my platoon. Your generosity and kindness is greatly appreciated. It warms my heart knowing that people like you back home, care and support us. Please pass on to your organization my thanks and be sure to tell them again how much your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Sincerely, SFC Thomas Snipp 

My name is SSgt Mike Brockelman, and I am stationed with SSgt David Currey in Afghanistan. He forwarded me your care package you sent him through the any Marine program because he noticed you are all from MA. I’m originally from Lancaster, MA and it is incredible to see support coming from so close to home. Thank you so much for all that you sent. I appreciate all the time and efforts you all put in to make us feel more comfortable in our present position. Please feel free to send me an e-mail whenever you have some free time. I could always use the company! SSgt Brockelman, M.D.

This is PFC Jonathan Roberts from the 173D Airborne Brigade Combat Team. Today we received a care package you help put together through the Courtney Wilson Care Package drive. First of all I would like to thank you personally for any time and service you put into making this possible. I would also like to thank everyone in Southboro, MA who donated any sort of item to make this happen. Right now the summer is getting hot, we have been here for 7 months and its starting to get old... Any time we receive a care package it is great! I know when I open it up it only last about and minute, but everyone is thrilled!  As you could assume, we do not have goodies like twizlers, Swedish fish, or other snacks. Also with army regular we are required to shave A LOT and razors are always a great gift due to the face we go through a lot. Also in this package we receive an abundance of Chest Items, tooth paste, brushes, and floss which is another thing that is very appreciated. Once again I think you personally for your part in whatever you did to make this happen. And I would also like to say thank you to anyone who donated any sort of time, gifts, or snacks for us.  Thank you for your support.  PFC Jonathan Roberts

The soldiers of GAVIN TAC-1 wish to extend their warmest thank you for taking the time and efforts your organization put into the care package you sent to us. Currently we have very little access to basic comfort items, so your package was well received. I will insure that the comfort items are passed out to the soldiers living here. I want to especially thank Jackie and Matthew for the wonderful letters they added to the box. I will hand these very special letters to some soldiers that can answer your questions. Knowing that we have the support of families from home help to increase the moral of the many members of GAVIN TAC-1, and gives special purpose to the many mission we are tasked to conduct. Again, thank you for the gift box, and it is our pleasure to serve families like yours here in Afghanistan.  LTC Michael Nurse

My name is Mark Pompi, a Staff Sergeant serving in Afghanistan with the men and women of B-Troop, 1st Squadron, 172nd Cavalry Regiment, out of the Vermont Army National Guard, Bennington Armory. We're part of the 86th IBCT. I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank you, and to all the fine Americans that donated the care package items in the 1LT Courtney Wilson Care Package Drive in Southboro, MA. We received the packages in great condition and they have been distributed to the soldiers serving in and around our FOB, (forward operating base.)

We have been blessed to have the continued support of great people like yourselves who take time out of their busy weeks to support the troops with those comfort supplies that are so important for morale. The every day items bring a little bit of home to the war zone and trust me, the items are all used and are very much appreciated. We even share our care packages with the Afghan Army soldiers and civilians that we work with daily. They know the American people support them as well in their struggle to bring peace, security and stability to their country in their long fight to be rid of the Taliban.

Our unit has many Massachusetts residents, myself included, (Pittsfield, in the Berkshires,) and it's nice to see that my home state is supporting us while we are away. So in closing, thank you again, very much, for the care packages, God Bless you as well!  Go Red Sox!  

SSG Mark E. Pompi

Just wanted to say thank you for the care packages and for supporting us. We really enjoyed the snacks!  -- Dominic Young

My name is SFC Sean D. Abbott, currently serving as the Platoon Sergeant of 2nd Platoon, D Co 1-4 IN. I have been blessed with a great group of soldiers who give it their all every day, no matter how difficult things get or how taxing the fight has been. I wanted to take time to thank all of you for the wonderful care packages for my soldiers and I. Your caring and concern are much appreciated. It has been a rough four months so far with much fighting and some losses, recently two more of our soldiers were killed, this time due to a suicide vest bomber. So your caring has done much to help with soldier morale and overall spirits. I apologize for not writing sooner, I believe that I received your packages about a week or so ago. As the Platoon Sergeant, I work an average of 18 hours a day, sometimes longer if we are fighting. With barely the time to sleep, let alone write. No worries however, sleeping isn’t something I am able to do much of as the temperature in my room at midnight has consistently been about 94 degrees. (Free sauna!) I do ask for your forgiveness in not having written sooner. I began last night, but the attack against us messed that up too. Lasted a few hours, but towards the end of it I had to get some shut eye to prepare for more if it were to come. Thank you again for helping my soldiers and I. I’m glad that in the world, there are still those who care about the men and women forward deployed. Take care and God Bless all of you. Your Friend and Soldier,    SFC Sean D. Abbott

Did You Know?

July 3, 2010 - That there is a drop off mailbox behind the post office at Town Center plaza.  You don't even have to get out of your car.

Half Staff Notification

The following is an updated advisory for flags across the Commonwealth for Friday, July 2 through Tuesday, July 6, 2010.  There are multiple parts, so please read carefully.


First, in accordance with President Obama’s proclamation, please be advised that flags should fly at half-staff in honor of Senator Robert C. Byrd until sunset on Tuesday, July 6, 2010.  On Saturday, July 3, 2010, flags will also be at half-staff pursuant to gubernatorial protocol in honor of Spc. Scott A. Andrews, of Fall River, Massachusetts who was killed in action in support of military operations in Afghanistan on June 21, 2010.


Second, also in accordance with President Obama’s proclamation, flags should fly at full staff on Independence Day, July 4, 2010.

Planning Snafu?

July 3, 2010 - Commuters on their way home or on their way to their holiday vacation spot got caught up for about twenty minutes last night on Northboro Road.  Once again a tractor trailer truck - too large- to negotiate and pull completely off the road to unload at a local business on Northboro Road nearly blocked the entire road.  Dozens of vehicles lined up both East and West waiting for the driver (no longer in the cab) to back the beast up.  Once lined up with the door, the truck now was parked entirely across one lane and half the other leaving all of us to negotiate the cab, curb and pole.  This isn't the first or the last that this will happen.

Sports and Recreation



Mile-A-Minute vine (Persicara perfoliata) also known as Devil’s Tear-thumb, is an invasive weed that has recently appeared in several new locations in Massachusetts. Native to Asia, this species was accidentally imported and became established in Pennsylvania by the 1930’s.  Closer to home, it appeared in New England in the past decade in southwestern Connecticut and on Block Island.  Here in Massachusetts recent reports of Mile-A-Minute vine populations have been confirmed by Division of Fisheries and Wildlife State Botanist, Bryan Connolly and other state agencies such as the Department of Agricultural Resources, Department of Transportation and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. These agencies are working together to locate and eradicate known Mile-A-Minute plants as well as other invasive plants.  Originally, Falmouth and Milton were the only towns with known Mile-A-Minute infestations, but in 2009, additional populations were located in Erving, Greenfield, Littleton, Boston, Bridgewater and Middleborough. All confirmed infestations are currently subject to ongoing control efforts. 


Mile-A-Minute is a rapidly spreading, spiny annual vine growing at rates of six inches per day, smothering native vegetation on its way to attaining a final length of 20 feet. It tolerates various soil types, produces abundant bird-dispersed blue fruits with seeds that can grow after being buried for up to seven years.


“Mile-A-Minute vine is an easily identifiable plant,” says Connolly.  He noted that the most obvious features are the almost perfectly triangular leaves and a circular leaf-like bract that surrounds the stem at the base of every leaf. The vine is slender and covered in small, curved spines. It also produces very distinct metallic-blue fruits.  Images, information, and a recent guide to similar species to aid in identification of this highly invasive plant can be found at a website created by the collaborative efforts between the Department of Agricultural Resources and UMass Extension at www.massnrc.org/pests/linkeddocuments/mamflyer_mass.pdf.


Finding the locations of new populations Mile-A-Minute infestations is the first step to controlling its spread. If you believe you have seen Mile-A-Minute, make detailed notes on the location, take close- up photos and provide a map to the plant's location. Report findings online at http://massnrc.org/pests/mamreport.aspx or to Bryan Connolly at bryan.a.connolly@state.ma.us. Send hard copy notes and photos by postal service to: Mile-A-Minute Report, MassWildlife Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA, 01581.


Hampton Beach, NH

Saturday, July 17

Six Flags

Saturday, August 14

Medieval Times

Saturday, August 28

Southborough  Recreation

Sunset Flight

July 1, 2010 - Headed into the sunset.

Red Cross Blood Drive

St. Anne's Church

20 Boston Road/Route 30 Southborough

Church Hall

Monday, July 19, 2010

2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Double Red Cell donations available at this drive

Free Carton of Friendly's Ice Cream

Fire Log

July 1, 2010 - Firefighters responded to a small track fire at the MBTA Tuesday night.

Sunday 6/27/10


    A29  FF STRONG       FF NEAL





    A29  FF RICE         FF PIERCE


Monday 6/28/10


    A29  FF RICE         FF COBB



    C30  FF STRONG























    E23  FF SHANAHAN     FF HOGAN  More Fire Log Click Here

Ida M. Kaler, age 97, a resident of Framingham since 1933, formerly of Southborough, died Tuesday, June 29, 2010, at St. Patrick Manor in Framingham. Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late Robert H. and Harriet A. (Hodge) Kaler. Mrs. Kaler graduated from Southborough High School and Framingham Business College. She worked at the former Cushing Hospital in Framingham and went on to work at the Soldiers Hospital in Boston for 30 years as chief payroll clerk prior to her retirement in 1974. She was a member of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Framingham. Mrs. Kaler was the sister of the late Waldo Kaler and Henry Kaler who was killed in action during World War II. Relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral Friday, July 2, at 9 a.m., from the Norton Funeral Home, 53 Beech St. (Corner of Union Ave.) Framingham, (www.nortonfuneralhome.com), followed by her funeral service at 10 a.m., in St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 3 Maple St. (Main Street at Buckminster Square), Framingham. Burial will follow in the family lot at Rural Cemetery, Southborough. In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy may be made to St. Andrews Discretionary Fund, 3 Maple St. Framingham, MA 01702.

Sports and Recreation


During the month of July, the public is invited to join professional foresters and wildlife biologists from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) on three informative evening tours on state lands located in central Massachusetts to explain and discuss state forestry and wildlife habitat management practices. These public lands have been managed for the purposes of watershed management, forest or wildlife habitat diversity.  All tours will meet (rain or shine) at 6:30 PM and last until 8:00 PM.  Please wear sturdy footwear and bring insect repellant.  Directions to meeting places and descriptions of sites are listed below. A fourth tour will take place at a sawmill in Orange on July 28 at 6:00 PM offered by a forest products company and will focus on the use of locally harvested trees for lumber and the manufacture of other forest products. Dates and locations of the tours are as follows:

July 7— DCR Federated Women's Club State Forest, Petersham This tour will take participants to two sites, a shelterwood system designed to regenerate a variety of tree and shrub species and a forest type conversion/clearcut intended to create and maintain an early successional (young) forest habitat.  Meet in the center of Petersham at the Memorial Library, 23 Common Street just off Route 32 to carpool to the sites.

July 14 – DCR Quabbin Reservoir, Hardwick Two site visits on this tour will demonstrate harvest results from forest thinning operations, enlarging forest openings, and show how forest regeneration achieves watershed management goals for species diversity and forest age structure.  Meet in the center of Hardwick in front of the Hardwick Post Office at the intersection of Barre Road and Petersham Road (Route 32A) to carpool to the sites.

July 21 – DFW Phillipston Wildlife Management Area, Phillipston This site features a 30-acre old-field white pine harvest using a seed-tree cut to regenerate a more diverse stand of mixed species, including red oak, white pine, black cherry, and hemlock. The young forest habitat created benefits several declining bird species such as Brown thrasher, Blue-winged warbler, and White-throated sparrow, all of which depend on this type of habitat. Meet at the Templeton General Store located at the intersection of Routes 101, 2A, and Baldwinville Road. Carpooling to the tour location is encouraged.

July 28 – Heyes Forest Products Sawmill, Orange – This unique sawmill and forest products manufacturing tour is being offered by Heyes Forest Products (HFP), a company that has harvested trees and manufactured lumber products from the forests of the North Quabbin region for the past 40 years.  Meet at 6:00 PM at Heyes Forest Products, 34 Daniel Shays Highway (Route 202) in Orange.


June 30, 2010 -Tom Finelli and ARHS Basketball players Dan Butka, Reggie Padgett, Grant Wageman, Patrick Murphy volunteer their time to paint the Choate Basketball Court (Woodward).  Tom Finelli is the SYBA President and these 4 boys came up through SYBA under during Tom’s tenure as coachThis court is heavily used during the spring and summer months and really needed to be done over.  The Choate Recreation area is a great asset to our community and well used by the kids playing basketball and the field lit up with a softball game.

The Recreation Commission thanks Mr. Finelli and the kids for their efforts, the Southborough Selectmen.  They did a great job!!

Got Hummingbirds?Ruby Throated Hummingbird

For all you hummingbird fans out there, now's the time to keep your eyes open. It's the height of the nesting season and the females are especially busy as they are feeding young.

If you spot a hummingbird, please let us know. We're collecting data for our Breeding Bird Atlas. Our goal: to collect 300 hummingbird sightings in 2 weeks! Report your sightings online with our Hummingbird Reporter.

alphabet blocks,blocks,child care,letters,Photographs,playthings,signs,spelling,symbols,toys

Looking for a babysitter this summer?  Check out http://www.southboroughbabysitting.com/

Marlborough Fire from the start

June 30, 2010 - Photos by Dave Wills who got to the fire minutes after the call came in.

Senior Center Event

Sports and Recreation
Summer Days of Baseball

June 30, 2010 - District 9 and the Sizzler's play ball on a hot summer's night at Mooney field.

Ribbon Cutting

June 29, 2010 - A ribbon cutting ceremony took place earlier today at the Southborough affordable house on Parkerville Road.  The house sits directly across from the Finn School.  For several months now, after SHOPC purchased it, the house has been being rehabbed by Assabet Valley students.  The house will be put up for sale on a lottery basis.

With so many reality dance shows on television, why not join in the fun and learn some new moves or maybe dance to help stay fit.   Annemarie's dance centre in Ashland is just a very short drive from Southborough and offers experienced instructors and a variety of dance classes. Click the ad above for more information.

2010- 2011 Registration Information

Please call the studio for registration information for ages 9 and up

The following classes are full and are closed for registration as of May 15th, 2010

  • Monday 5:05 Ballet 1
  • Monday 5:50 Jazz 1
  • Monday 6:35 Modern 1
  • Wed 7yr combo  4:10
  • Wed 9:30 5yr combo

2010- 2011 Registration Forms

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In the News...

Researchers have discovered that a gene mutation associated with younger-onset Alzheimer's may hinder the removal of toxins from the brain, making it harder for brain cells to survive. The finding, researchers say, may point the way to possible treatments. - HealthDay

Learn More at a Program This Summer
Falls Prevention (Becket, MA)
Thursday, July 1, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Becket COA, 557 Main Street (Rt. 8)
Many falls can be prevented.Come and learn the causes of falls and helpful tips to lower your risks. Snacks will be served. Registration not required.
Know the 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters
Memory loss or behavior changes severe enough to disrupt daily life are not a typical part of aging.  Knowing the 10 Warning Signs can help determine if it's important to speak to your doctor and get a diagnosis for yourself or someone you care about. Early detection matters! 
Plymouth, MA
Monday, July 12, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
Plymouth COA, 10 Cordage Park Circle, Rear, Suite #108
Click here to register or call 800.272.3900
Lowell, MA
Wednesday, July 14, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Lowell Senior Center, 276 Broadway Street
Click here to register online or call 800.272.3900
Getting Started: What to Do When Your Family Member Has Memory Loss  (Mendon, MA)
Tuesday, July 27, 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon
Mendon Senior Center, 62 Providence Street
Overview of Alzheimer's disease for families who have a loved one with memory loss. How to get a diagnosis, how to address behavior and communication problems, how to find local resources, what treatments are available, how to understand research and the best way to set up a safe environment at home.Click here to register or call 800.272.3900
Alzheimer's Disease Legal and Financial: Issues and Answers (Springfield, MA)
Thursday, July 29, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Alzheimer's Association, 264 Cottage Street
For people in any financial situation, information by an elder law attorney about important topics such as wills, durable power of attorney, health care proxy, and what Medicare and Medicaid do and do not cover. Click here to register or call 800.272.3900
What You Need to Know About Medication Safety
MedsThere is no medication to prevent or cure Alzheimer's disease, but a number of drugs are used to treat Alzheimer symptoms. Physicians may also prescribe drugs to manage delusions and hallucinations, depression, agitation or sleeplessness. Although these medications can help manage symptoms, they can also produce side effects. Click on the capsules to learn more about managing medications.
Meet Richard Mark, NH Office
Richard MarkDick Mark of Concord, a New Hampshire native, has joined the Alzheimer's Association as the New Hampshire Advocacy Coordinator.  With nearly four decades of experience in non-profit advocacy and community organizing at the local, state and federal level, Dick has joined our team to help us address issues that affect people with Alzheimer's.  We are excited to welcome him to the team.Call Dick at our NH office at 603.606.6590 or stop by and say hello.
Are you under 40? Mix and Mingle July 15
Mix and Mingle on July 15th with AlzTogether!  AlzTogether - the next generation of Alzheimer's Advocates, invites those in their 20s and 30s to mix and mingle at J.A. Stats Restaurant and Bar in Boston, MA on July 15th, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  Enjoy complimentary appetizers and meet new people, all while raising awareness for Alzheimer's!  Click for more information and to register for free.
See Our Champions Exhibit
Matty in the MorningKISS 108's Matt Siegel, Matty in the Morning, and a host of other celebrities donned purple tees and had their photos taken to support the Alzheimer's cause. The Champion exhibit is on display at Auburn Mall, now through July 20, Auburn MA; and Andover, MA Public Library July 21-August 20. Watch for added locations near you in the coming months!
Raise awareness in Newburyport, MA  
The Alzheimer's Association is calling all VOLUNTEERS and ADVOCATES to join us and raise awareness by marching in the Newburyport Yankee Homecoming Parade Sunday, August 1st. Bring family and friends and help us raise awareness for the cause! Click for information.
Ask and You Shall Receive
 MW logo 10
Committed to the cause but uncomfortable asking for Memory Walk support? You're not alone - many walkers fear they're imposing or assume they'll be turned down. But research at Stanford University reveals that people often underestimate how likely others are to help. In one study, volunteers asked to estimate how many people they would need to approach to reach a fundraising goal predicted they would have to ask 50 percent more people than actually needed! Another study demonstrated that while some believe a "soft sell" works, a direct solicitation makes people much more likely to help.  As Memory Walk season gets underway, remember to ask. You may be surprised by the results. If you have not joined yet, click on Memory Walk to register for one of our 13 walks in Massachusetts and New Hampshire!
Don't let them go without passing Alzheimer's legislation!
State House
Mass legislators will start summer session at the end of July; they have not yet voted on Silver Alert and Nursing home regulations for Alzheimer's care.
Are we going to let them leave without passing these important bills?
Call Jen Carter, Manager of Advocacy today at 617.868.6718 and ask what you can do. OR call your state senator and representative and ask them to get these bills passed!
June 30th!
Find us on Facebook
 Boot Camp for Facebook Beginners! Learn how to use FB to help fight Alzheimer's. It's FREE.
Wednesday June 30
5:30 - 7 p.m.
311 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA
Follow us on Twitter 
Last Call for Riders!
Memory Ride
Saturday, July 24th
Devens, MA 
Click above to ride!  
This is the last call for riders! Help fight Alzheimer's by riding for research!  There are 20, 62, or 100 mile route options available.
Join Our Mailing List 
Coping with Early Memory Loss
July 15
6-7:30 p.m.
An introduction to the tools you need to cope with early memory loss--pratical, supportive help and information. 
 311 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA
Call 617.868.6718 to register
We Need You!
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Alzheimer's Association. Whether you have a few hours or want to commit to a major or ongoing program, there is a place for you at the Alzheimer's Association.  Click on the photo to learn more!
NH Reach the Beach Sept. 17-18
The Reach the Beach Relay, a 200-mile adventure race from Franconia Notch to Hampton Beach, benefits the Alzheimer's Assocation! We need volunters to support this great event. Click to learn more!

Our Vision:  a world without Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter
311 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472
regional offices:
Raynham, Springfield and Worcester, MA and Bedford and Lebanon, NH
617.868.6718  MA |  603.606.6590 NH | 800.272.3900 24/7 Helpline

Governor Patrick has ordered the American and Commonwealth flags flown at half staff effective immediately until further notice in honor of the passing of State Representative Robert Nyman of Hanover who died on Friday, June 25, 2010 and U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia who died on Monday, June 28, 2010.

Please be advised that Governor Patrick has ordered the United States and Commonwealth flags be flown at half staff effective immediately and until further notice in honor of State Representative Robert Nyman of Hanover, MA who died Friday, June 25, 2010 and U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia who died Monday, June 28, 2010.

This gubernatorial order applies to:

1.  The main or administration building of each public institution of the Commonwealth, e.g. town and city halls

2.  Other state-owned or state-controlled buildings

3.  All state military installations

Sports and Recreation

T-Hawks Pop Warner Football

Online registration for the 2010 season is now open!
Registration ends on June 30th!


Hot, Hazy and Humid

June 28, 2010 -   Sultry summer days still lay ahead.  Tomorrow same with heat, humidity and the threat of thunderstorms.

For the Home

Looking for a home in an active 55 and over community check out Lorraine's latest listing

Real Estate Transactions and MLS listings Brought to you by Lorraine Estella of Realty Executives, Southborough, MA

Lorraine Estella
Lorraine Estella
205 Turnpike Rd • Southborough, MA  01772
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Direct: 508-449-4119 • Phone: 508-480-8800
Cell: 508-726-3809 • Fax: 508-449-4119
Website: www.LorraineEstella.com
Email: LMESTELLA@charter.net








206 Turnpike Road

Flagship Bank

Sunshine Farm Realty LLC



200 Turnpike Road

Flagship Bank

Brunswick Realty Trust



83 William Onthank Lane

Bator, Shirley A

Bonfiglio, Mary L.



4 Skylar Drive

Henderson, John C. Martha M

Meng Jun & Bai Chenyang



7 Hickory Road

Ludwig, Peter D. & Kristin M

Brendon Properties



Nichols St

Bennett, Elaine Landry

Carey, Leslie Tr & Giblin



35 Carriage Hill Cir

Sullivan, Susan

Baglaneas, John T



Nichols St

Bennett Elaine Landry M

Carey Leslie S. Tr



Nichols Street

Carey Leslie S Tr Giblin

Christakis Peter N Tr



10 Vickery Hill Lane

Mt. Vickery Realty Trust

Cavan, James J. Jr.



7 Fitzgerald Lane

Kuchnir, Karen

Congdon, Hohman Joshua



50 Sears Road

Parsons Karen E. Tr

Conigliaro Gregory A.



52 Sears Road

Parsons, Karen E. Tr

Conigliaro, Gregory A



14 Wolfpen Lane

Leon Stephen W. & Gail

Parsons, Karen E.


$460,000.00 23 Parkerville Road Ten Eyck Catherine L Ward Daniel F. & Leslie 4/30/10
$259,000.00 11 Newton Street Hasenzahl, Donald G Neavyn Paul J. & Ateth 4/30/10
$1,113,500.00 Metcalf Lane Parmenter Pine LLC Trask Inc 5/10/10
$438,000.00 1 Birchwood Drive Goering, Bradley K. Faessler Jason F & K 5/14/10
$309,900.00 46 Framingham Road Mauch, Douglas D Tolander Kimberly 5/14/2010
$530,000.00 26 Meeting House Path Middle Road LLC Malik, Mahr A 5/17/10
$190,000.00 26 Richards Road Hook, Beth L. Henrich Gary P 5/25/10
$549,900.00 8 General Henry Knox Road Gattuso, Matthew A. Whiteley, Philip S. 5/25/10
$310,000.00 21 Ward Road Lindquist Brian B. & K Kennedy-Sita Dallas M 5/26/10
$910,000.00 5 Witherbee Lane ACM Realty Trust Gattuso Matthew 5/27/10
$625,000.00 2 Wyeth Circle Schmitt, Richard A. Debroczy, Peter 5/28/10
$963,000.00 14 Joslin Lane Khalid Ibrahim Teng, Gary G. 6/1/10
$400,000.00 2 Meeting House Lane Illinger, Kathleen A. Roberts, Janet A. 6/3/10
$1,000.000.00 9 Presidential Drive Wiebusch, Richard V. Fruhan William E. III 6/3/10
$520,000.00 10 Meeting House Lane Middle Road LLC Illinger, Kathleen 6/3/10
$425,000.00 35 White Bagley Road Perry John W. Kendall Homes, Inc 6/3/10
$425,000.00 41 White Bagley Road Perry Harriett Kendall Homes INc. 6/3/10
$837,199.00 4 Sears Road Molinari, Deborah Pojani, Andrew J. 6/4/10
$440,000.00 28 Deerfoot Road Richardson, Patricia & Allen, Susan Molinari, Deborah 6/4/10
$351,000.00 40 Gilmore Road Smith, Linda E. Huynh Nina T 6/4/10
$366,000.00 200 Parkerville Road Burtt, Joseph K. Herbold Pablo A 6/4/10
$173,000.00 27 Meetinghouse Lane Middle Road LLC Gordon Maria E 6/4/10
$200,000.00 11A Cherry Street Bey Dean Gordon Richard N. Tr 6/7/10
$383,000.00 3 Hammond Place Freniere Richard Jr Bishop Christopher 6/11/10
$435,000.00 9 Admirals Lane Smith Mary E. Est Nixon, David A. 6/15/10
$100,000.00 146 Cordaville Road Cordaville Properties N 146 Cordaville Road LLC 6/16/10
$660,000.00 130 Deerfoot Road Thomas, Thomas & Linda Bentz Bryan L. & Gale Paula 6/17/10
$774,900.00 30 Presidential Drive Astoria Fed Savings Poirier Robert 6/17/10
$510,000.00 86 Middle Road Sambrook, Andrew Rudnicki Anna 6/18/10
$482,500.00 28 Meeting House Lane Middle Road LLC Pearlman, Eric B. 6/21/10
$299,000.00 119 Northborough Road Johnson Beatrice SMC Realty Trust 6/22/10
392,500.00 5 Southville Road Moses, Nicole P. Silva Lydia L 6/22/10
$559,250.00 19 Overlook Drive Hurley, Matthew C. Dsouza, Timothy L. 6/24/10
$807,500.00 3 Devine Lane Wakefield Alexander Almy Samantha 6/24/10
$710,000.00 111 Middle Road Sullivan Michael Hurley, Matthew C 6/25/10
$583,000.00 77 Pinehill Road Dandrea Anthony E. Romm, Louis W. 6/25/10
$811,945.00 11 Foxhill Drive Bartolini Builders, Inc Grogan, Richard 6/28/10
$540,000.00 18Breakneck Hill Road Kendall, Dara M. Aghabababyan Caroline 6/28/10

An Update on Eddie's Cause Mowing for Muck.  Eddie has raised over $1200 to donate to the National Wildlife Federation to help defray costs associated with taking care of the wildlife struggling in the oil spill in the Gulf. 

Risk-free fun for the 4th and summer

It's time for parades, fireworks, barbecues, picnics, beaches, boating, vacations and a whole lot more.

To take advantage of the summer, you’ll need to do some planning – to decide what to do, where to do it, and how to do it safely.  The safety factor affects everybody, from food-handling to fireworks, and a little caution will go a long way. Here are some tips and some ideas: 

·        Fireworks are only for the pros 

·        Barbecue and summer food safety

·        Summer fire safety

·        Reminder on summertime safety tips 

·        Remember to use bug spray when outdoors 

·        Things to do on the 4th of July 

·        MBTA July 4th info 

·        July 3-4 road closures 

·        July 4th: what's open/closed 

·        Be prepared - check your local weather forecast

MA State Listings of Professional Fireworks Displays

Sports and Recreation



Outdoor adventure game challenges all ages

to disconnect from cyberspace and reconnect with open space

The Great Park PursuitBOSTON - The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is launching its fourth

annual Great Park Pursuit, a summer-long series of free family adventures in Massachusetts

state parks. This year, families will design their own Park Pursuit adventures with activities

they choose.

“We envision the Great Park Pursuit as a first step in building the next generation of

environmental stewards,” said DCR Commissioner Richard K. Sullivan Jr. “The Great Park

Pursuit gives participants a sampling of what our more than 450,000 acres of state parks offer

on a daily basis. Let’s not let television and the Internet replace wonderful, traditional

activities like hiking, fishing, and biking.”

Each year, several hundred families have participated in the Great Park Pursuit, hiking to

beautiful views, learning to fish, pitching a tent, roasting s’mores, discovering secrets of the

past, riding in horse-drawn wagons, and much more.

This year’s program will run July 1 through Sept. 18. DCR parks across the Commonwealth

will host Great Park Pursuit activities at various times and locations throughout the summer.

Teams are challenged to participate in six programs in several themed categories by Sept. 18.

Categories include “Into the Woods,” “Go Wild,” “Explore the Night” and more. Adults and

children will step back in time, discover secrets of the coast, and get to know the night sky.

Teams collect special program stickers at each participating DCR park and chronicle their

adventures on the team card that they download from the DCR website. They can also track

their adventures with stories and photos on their personal Great Park Pursuit homepage.

Great Park Pursuit teams can be families, but they can be other groups of adults and

children, too. Each team must include at least one person 18 years or older and at least one

person under 18.

For More Information Click here

In the Comfort Zone

June 27, 2010 - Just relaxing on a hot summer's day.

Library seeks Part-time, Temporary Children’s Library Assistant


This is a temporary 3 month position, effective July 1, 2010; 15-18 hours/wk. Provide materials and reference information relative to the juvenile collection; develop and maintain the juvenile collection and assist with juvenile programs and services. Position reports to the Children’s Librarian.           

RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to: Reference assistance and reader’s advisory at the children’s public service desk, on the telephone, using juvenile print materials and online resources.  Assist library visitors with computers, including library catalog, word processors, Internet, etc.  Assist in planning, promoting, and conducting children’s activities, programs and services; assisting with summer reading program.

Assist with developing and displaying materials to promote children’s programs. Keep library’s web site up to date regarding children’s materials and programs.

Perform circulation desk duties as required in the children’s room and in the adult areas of the library. Perform other similar duties as requested.






QUALIFICATIONS:  Knowledge and experience of best practices in public librarianship is essential.  Knowledge of children’s literature. Understanding development needs of 0-10 year olds and how they learn.  Flexibility, motivation and ability to work well in a shared and cooperative environment.  1-3 years expereience.  Proven ability to work with the public.   Bachelor’s degree or combination of work and education equivalent preferred.

SALARY: $16.93 per hour, no benefits.

CONTACT:  Send resume and letter of interest to Jane Cain, Library Director, Southborough Public Library, 25 Main Street, Southborough, MA  01772.  Position closes July 1, 2010.

McGRATH Robert F., late of Boynton Beach, Florida and formerly of Southborough and Sherborn, Massachusetts, died on June 23, 2010 at age 77. He is survived by his wife, Jayne (Carroll) McGrath, his daughter, Tara and her fianc, William Freitas, and his beloved dog, Bailey McGrath. McGrath was born in Newton, Massachusetts, son of the late Ralph and Madeline (O’Connell) McGrath. He was the brother of William McGrath, who predeceased him. McGrath was a triple Eagle, graduating from Boston College High School, Boston College and Boston College Law School. He also received a Masters Degree in taxation from Boston University Law School and practiced domestic relations law in Massachusetts from 1961 until the time of his death. He was one of the most well regarded and respected domestic relations attorneys in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for almost forty years, having practiced with the late Monroe Inker as well as with the firm of McGrath & Kane. He served as a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He received many awards and recognitions for his leadership in the field of matrimonial law including the Hon. Haskell C. Freedman Award given by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as the Boston College Law School 50th Anniversary Outstanding Alumnus Award and has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America every year since 1983. During his career Mr. McGrath lectured and wrote extensively in the field of domestic relations. McGrath was President of the Boston College Law School Alumni Association and was a member of the Massachusetts and Boston Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, serving as President of the Massachusetts Chapter and serving on the National Board of Governors of said Academy for many years. Calling hours will be at Burke and Blackington Funeral Home, 1479 Washington Street, WEST NEWTON, on Monday, June 28, from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. The funeral service will be held at the Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola at Boston College, 28 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, on Tuesday, June 29 at 10:00 A.M. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor, Brookline, MA 02445-7266 and Joslin Diabetes Center, One Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215.

It is time to MARCH in the library’s annual

4th of July parade!


July 1

11:00 am

All children are invited to join our parade to the Town House!

Refreshments will be provided after the parade


Event Information

Event Info:The 14th Annual Memory Ride will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Devens, MA

Welcome to 2010 Memory Ride!

The 14th Annual Memory Ride will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Devens, MA.

The route: There will be three distance options: 20, 62, and 100 miles through the scenic landscapes of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. If you are new to biking and are looking for a first-time challenge, sign up for the 20 mile option.

Teams: Forming and joining a Memory Ride team is a great way to get friends, family and co-workers together for a fun and rewarding day. Teams can be made up of riders and volunteers. The fundraising minimums are all added together so team members can help each other out when it comes to raising money.

The cause: 90% of money raised by Memory Ride participants fund Memory Ride grants awarded through the Alzheimer's Association's research grants program. 10% of the proceeds stay in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to help fund programs and services that assist families affected by Alzheimer's disease.

As a result of the wonderful effort put forth by the 2009 Memory Ride, two Memory Ride research grants were awarded in October. The recipients of the grant were: Bradford Dickerson, M.D. from Massachusetts General Hospital, and Olivia Okereke, M.D. from Brigham and Women's Hospital. For more information on the work they are doing, please visit the Alzheimer's Association website at www.alz.org/MANH

Join us for a Friday evening pasta dinner (at Museum Field, Fort Devens) from 6 pm to 8 pm to meet other riders and share your stories.

7/23/2010 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Early registration on Friday, July 23, 2010 is from 4 pm to 8 pm.

7/23/2010 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The 20 mile option will begin at 11:30 am from Devens Museum Field.

7/24/2010 11:30 am - 5:00 pm

The 62 mile option will begin at 9:00 am from Devens Museum Field.

7/24/2010 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The 100 mile option will begin at 6:30 am from Devens Museum Field.

7/24/2010 6:30 am - 5:00 pm



20 Mile Participant Rider: $50.00
Registration fee includes a t-shirt and one raffle ticket. The fundraising minimum is $300.

62 Mile Participant Rider: $50.00
The registration fee includes a t-shirt and one raffle ticket. The fundraising minimum is $750.

100 Mile Participant Rider: $50.00
The registration fee includes a t-shirt and one raffle ticket. The fundraising minimum is $1,000.




Participant Level

Ten-Gears ($10,000.00 + ) 
Receive photo and story in Alzheimer's Association newsletter and on Memory Ride website, 2010 Memory Ride cycling jersey, Memory Ride framed certificate of achievement, and recognition in the Alzheimer's Association annual report.

High-Gears ($5,000.00 - $9,999.00) 
Receive 2010 Memory Ride cycling jersey, Memory Ride framed certificate of achievement, and recognition in the Alzheimer's Association annual report.

Spinners ($2,500.00 - $4,999.00) 
Receive Memory Ride framed certificate of achievement, and recognition in the Alzheimer's Association annual report.

Team Level

Ten-Gear Team ($10,000.00 + ) 
Team recognition on signage at the 2010 Memory Ride, a framed certificate of achievement for team members, recognition on the Memory Ride website and in the Alzheimer's Association annual report.

High-Gears Team ($5,000.00 - $9,999.00) 
A framed certificate of achievement for team members, recognition on the Memory Ride website and in the Alzheimer's Association annual report.

Southborough meetings

June 28 - July 2, 2010





Municipal Facilities Committee


6:30 PM

Upper Hall Cordaville Hall

Zoning Board of Appeals - Agenda


6:45 PM

Hearing room Town House

Board of Selectmen - Agenda


6:00 PM

Ribbon Cutting - 209 Parkerville Road

Board of Selectmen - Executive Session, returning to Open Session


6:30 PM

Hearing Room Town House

ADA Committee


10:30 AM

Town Administrator's office town house

PILOT Committee 6/29 9:00 AM Hearing Room Town House
Conservation Commission
Executive Session at 7:30 pm; Open Session at 8:00 pm -
7/1 7:30 PM Hearing Room Town House

Sunday  27

Monday  28

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30

Thursday 1

Friday 2

Saturday 3





 4th of July parade 11:00 AM



The Library has a great new website:  Click here

Senior Center Activities

28 Monday  29Tuesday 30 Wednesday 1Thursday 2Friday 3 Saturday
8:30 am Health clinic   8:30 am health clinic 9:30 Mah Jongg
9:30 AM Cribbage
8:30 am Walking Group
9:30 Pool
9:30 am Tai Chi
9:30 Kennedy museum mini bus trip
  10:00 AM Bocce 10 am Bocce  
12 Ping Pong
12:00 PM Pitch 10:00 AM canasta
2:00 Fitness   2:00 Fitness 1:00 PM Bridge  

Click here for the new Senior Center Website

Support Our Senior Centers:

Stop on in and get your "Senior Centers Bumper Sticker"


We now have two computers in the hall before you enter our main room that are now hooked up to the internet. You will be able to read e-mail and look up information as well as play some fun card games. Feel free to sit down and use the computers. Let us know if you would like any help.

Can't get to the Meeting but want to find out what went on? Check out:


Charter - Channel 12

Verizon – Channel 37

Thursday - 7:00 P.M.

Friday – 9:00 A.M., 5:00 P.M.

Saturday - 12:00 P.M, 5:00 P.M.

Sunday - 9:00 A.M., 6:00 P.M.

Monday - 1.00 P.M., 6:00 P.M.

Tuesday - 2:30 P.M., 7:30 P.M.

Wednesday - 9:00 A.M., 5:00 P.M.

Sports and Recreation

The Marlboro Sr Panthers split their doubleheader with the Wayland Gray Sox B’s winning the first 5 to 2 scoring 4 runs in the 5th inning and losing the 2nd 11 to 9.  Marlboro’s offense was led by Stephen Goldstein going 5 for 7 and Ron Saloman 4 for 7.  Jim Raymond and Paul Starek both chipped in with a triple.

The Marlboro Jr. Panthers split their doubleheader with the Canton Seniors losing the first game 8 to 4 and winning the 2nd 7 to 4.  Marlboro’s offense was led by John Gauvin 4 for 6 with a triple and Tom Hal 3 for 6 also with a triple.

Wood Sculpture Ideas Wanted

The Town of Southborough DPW is looking for ideas for a chainsaw sculpture.  The sculpture is part of the sculptor’s vision of creating chainsaw art throughout Massachusetts.  The sculptures all represent the Towns that they are in, he calls it  “Project Eco-Art”.  The sculpture will be placed near the gazebo on the lawn at the Southborough Public Safety property (18-21 Main Street).  The sculpture has to be a singular figure/item.  The piece will not be painted.  To see the sculptor and some of his chainsaw sculptures visit his website http://www.themachinejessegreen.com/index.html

Please be creative, we need ideas that make you think of Southborough.  Whether Southborough conjures up images of a historic figure like General Henry Knox, a whimsical figure like a Dancing Belted Galloway or a piece of nature like a Blue Heron, we want your ideas.  Send your ideas to chainsaw@southboroughma.com.  Please send in your ideas by July 9th.  All ideas will be forwarded to the sculptor to determine if it can be sculpted within a tree stump.  Ideas determined to be buildable will be available to be voted on during the last two weeks of July.  Information on how to vote will be available by July 16th.