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 February 28, 2010 - March 6, 2010


Talent Show 2010

Friday March 5, 2010

Trottier School

7:00 PM

Tickets can be reserved by sending email to TrottierTickets@charter.net Tickets are $11 dollars, if you pay for them by the MORNING of the show, else they are $15 a piece.
If you pay for your tickets ahead of time you can always pick them up in the lobby the night of the show. NOTE: Any reserved tickets not paid for 15 minutes before the show may be released to paying customers.
You can request center seats, but note that you might get a lot closer seating on the right or left side.
The week of the show you can pay in person and pick up your tickets in the school lobby at the allotted times:
Monday night 6:00pm - 8:30pm, March 1.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning 7:15am - 8:30am
Checks must be made out to Southborough Rotary. After paying expenses, $10 of your ticket will fund materials for the library and school equipment and the balance will fund Haiti Relief projects. Thank you for your support.

ARHS VS Hudson

March 4, 2010 - ARHS hockey players #4 Matt Torilli, #7 Michael Horgan,  #16 Justin Logan, #19 Tom Lewis shoot it out against Hudson.


Are you ready to slide into softball season?

Softball Open Gym

When: Tuesday, March 9, 16, 23, 30

Where: St.Marks Field House

Time: 7:30-9:00

Cost: $10

This is a great opportunity for pitchers, catchers and fielders to start warming up for the upcoming season. The girls will also be able to practice their swings.

Sponsored by Southborough Recreation Department and Southborough Youth Softball

Southborough Recreation

Girls Softball Clinic

Age: Grades 3 to 6 - 6:00 to 7:30pm

Days: Tuesdays, March 9, 16, 23 and 30 (4 weeks)

Cost: $60.00

Location: St. Marks Field House (Armour Cage)

Instructor: Bay State Softball Academy instructor Julie Morancy who is the Algonquin Varsity Softball Coach assisted by Southborough softball coaches

This is a 4 Week Instructional Program which will include Fielding, Hitting, Pitching and Throwing. Julie will demonstrate all skills and drills to the players and coaches and work with them at each station to ensure proper execution.

Register online: https://activenet6.active.com/southboroughrec/

Mail or walk in: 21 Highland Street, Southborough, MA 01772

Participant Name: _______________________________DOB_________Age______Grade ____

Allergies/Medical Concerns: ______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________City:________________State:________Zip:__________

Home Phone ( ) _____________ Cell Phone _________________ Email: ________________

Parent/Guardian Name 1 ___________________Parent/Guardian Name 2_________________

Cell Phone: ___________________________ Cell Phone ____________________________

Other Emergency Name and Phone: ________________________________________________

Participation Waiver-Must be signed below for all programs

I agree not to hold responsible the Southborough Recreation Commission: The Town of Southborough: owners of the premises where the program is held; or any of the parties connected with the program for any injury or accident that may occur during the program. I understand that if my child becomes a discipline problem, he/she will be dismissed from the program. No money will be refunded. I also grant permission for the Recreation Staff to seek medical care in the event I cannot be reached. ( All participants in any town recreation program must complete this waiver)

Participant or
Parent/Guardian _________________________________ Date:___________________________

Photos: _____approval to publish ______do not publish

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

No Events Scheduled

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

No Events Scheduled


Dog Licenses expire March 31, 2010
You must license your dog annually. Dog Licenses are currently available at the TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE. The licensing period is April 1st – March 31st. All dogs six months of age and older must be licensed with the Town Clerk. A $10 late fee will be charged for each dog not licensed by June 1st, plus penalties.

Puppies: New puppies over 6 months - 30 days to license
NEW to Town:
just moved to Southborough - 30 days to license.

Paper copy of current rabies vaccination must be provided.

Apply by Mail - Click here for application

Form of Payment: cash or check made payable to the "Town of Southborough"

•$12.00 (NOT spayed/neutered)
•$8.00 (spayed or neutered with vet certificate)


Want to get rid of your used books? The Algonquin Regional High School’s literary magazine, The Sachem, is raising money through donations of new and used books, CDs, DVDs, videos, records and audio books. The group has recently placed a drop-off donation container to collect these items from community members who’d like to repurpose their used goods while also helping The Sachem raise money. The group will be paid on an ongoing basis for all items collected in their donation container.

The gray book donation container, distinguished by its purple and yellow ‘Got Books?’ signs, is located in the parking lot of the Algonquin Regional High School at 79 Bartlett St., Northborough. This program is an ongoing fundraiser and donations can be made by the public at any time. All funds raised through the collection of these donations will benefit the funding of The Sachem.

For more information contact Got Books at www.GotBooks.com or call (978)284-2500.

Saint Patrick's Day Party - March 15, 2010 -3:30-5:30 Four leaf clovers and Leprechauns

 abound for this great celebration of the green. Fun, crafts, games and food. Come show your Irish side!


Monday March 15,2010 3:30-5:30 pm


Southboro Recreation Dept. 21 Highland Street 2nd floor


Preschool & School Age Children


$5 per family /Pay at the door. Pre-Registration is Required!


Make a lucky necklace

Sort and graph Lucky Charms

Decorate your own cookie

Make a derby hat

Decorate your own shamrock

For more information please contact Laurie Sugarman-Whittier via email at: lsugarmanwhittier@southboroughma.com

Southborough Unscheduled

A Non-Event!


Thursday, March 11th is

On this evening residents of Northborough,

Southborough and several other Massachusetts communities are, "stepping off the fast track and stepping

towards each other."

On this night, there will be no homework, practices or meetings in the town of Southborough. Parents are

encouraged to come home from work in time for a family

dinner, cancel or reschedule evening meetings that take place outside of Southborough and make this night special for the entire family by taking a step back from the busy, harried, scheduled lives we all lead.

In fact, it is really a "non-event".

Warmer Weather

March 2, 2010 - One of the perfect ocean sunrises in Florida . Sent by a Southborough news reader last week.

Letter to the Editor

To: Vera Kolias, Southborough Town Planner

Zoning Advisory Committee of Southborough

Planning Board of Southborough

Southborough Historical Society

From: Beverly and Chris Dantz,

Marijune and Paul Delouis,

Cathy and Francis Mainville,

Kathryn and Daniel Marous,

Susan O’Leary Hill,

Emily Van Nort and Joe Mercandante,

Michele and Jeff Walker, all of Southborough

Date: March 1, 2010

Re: Proposed Zoning Changes to the Historical and Family Neighborhood at Lyman Street, Southborough, Massachusetts

Thank you to all the members of town government who continue to actively work for our neighbors and our town. Clearly, a lot of work has gone into the proposed zoning changes posted on Southboroughtown.com. Nevertheless, many of these changes would adversely affect our town, especially our beloved Lyman Street and Hillside Avenue neighborhood.

First the proposed zoning changes would reduce property values on our street and in Southborough in general. Second, the affordable housing is being distributed disproportionately and inappropriately. Finally, this proposal would decimate the historic charm and character of not just our own street, but Southborough

The Proposal Would Reduce Property Values

The proposed zoning will affect our property value by allowing multi family dwellings or large commercial establishments near or in our single family home neighborhood. This will immediately hurt current residents (the tax base) and reduce Southborough’s attractiveness to future residents.

Multi family units and large scale commercial developments are inconsistent with the nature of our town. Ample commercial space is available on Route 9 without sacrificing the mom and pop business feel of our downtown. Forty foot height limits are likewise unlike our town character. The residents of Southborough enjoy a bucolic atmosphere and access to amenities in nearby communities. This zoning plan could sacrifice that.

Lyman Street is particularly vulnerable to large construction devastating our neighborhood because of the large tract of open land at the top of the Lyman Street hill and abutting the east side of Newton Street. While this is currently beautiful wooded open land, it is owned by a well known developer who has already advanced many far reaching plans for building expansively on this property. Giving him further breadth to build anything of his choosing would surely be detrimental to the town, and especially to the residents near this property.

Currently, 15 children under age 12 live in the 10 houses on Lyman Street. The proposed changes would turn our family neighborhood into a place where families live next to parking lots instead of back yards and streets would be for business traffic instead of children’s bicycles.

Finally, the proposal flies in the face of the town’s Master Plan by creating permitted multi family rentals in a ‘overlay’ districts. The Master Plan calls for small multi family units in the business district only. (page 33).

In conclusion, the Zoning Changes should be revised to disallow any commercial entities or large multi family residences in the vicinity of Lyman street.

The Proposal Allocates Affordable Housing Unevenly

Lyman Street and other ‘villages’ are illogical places to artificially encourage affordable housing. Affordable housing is obviously a worthy initiative. Presumably, our town like many others seeks to create the most pleasant kind of affordable housing for the residents that live in it. This is best accomplished by spreading affordable housing throughout the town and not by singling out a small number of currently single family neighborhoods.

The Zoning Changes Propose a Scenario Which Decimates Lyman Street and Southborough’s Historic Character

While this argument is applicable to many of the villages in Southborough, we would like this chance to talk about our own, much loved street. While many of our Southborough friends live in homes built after 1960 or more likely, after 1990, we feel lucky to live on one of the few older streets in town and one of the only ones to maintain its neighborhood feeling.

The venerable Newton Family owned Lyman Street. As many in our town know, John and David Newton of this family came to this area, then known as Stony Brook, in the 1680s. The Newton family history is inextricably linked with the history of Southborough.

Lyman Street’s most beloved resident was Marjorie Newton Spurr. Mrs. Spurr grew up on the first house on Lyman Street, built in 1899. She went on to live at various points in the grand Victorian home at 15 Lyman Street and in 1927, for the occasion of her marriage, 10 Lyman Street was built for her in the Colonial Revivial style. She moved to 12 Lyman Street for her later years.

Mrs. Spurr is pictured in Fences of Stone as a volunteer for the Southborough Ground Observer Corp. during the second World War. Mrs. Newton was listed as an invaluable contributor this book, considered to be the seminal history of Southborough.

There exists a 1930s era picture of Mrs. Spurr’s then infant son, Warren Spurr (now deceased), as an infant sledding down Lyman Street. We are thrilled to say that not much has changed since then.

The proposed changes would allow for large scale development to occur literally in the backyard of these historic homes. Our cul de sac could be opened to commercial traffic if the open land is developed. The changes would also entice future buyers to tear down these homes and replace them with box like rental buildings.

Again, this thinking is inconsistent with the Master Plan, which seeks to “encourage architectural quality and the preservation of community character,” and states, “one issue that arose consistently was that of historic preservation in the villages.”

This zoning plan appears to generally protect neighborhoods of new construction but to leave the Victorians, the Colonial Revivals and the Arts and Crafts farmhouses vulnerable to becoming teardowns. Specifically, our neighbors on Hillside Avenue appear to be carved out of the proposed changes. While we agree that these are beautiful homes that should be protected (indeed, neither should they abut the proposed changes this plans calls for), we think that their own value would be affected if they were not part of a more diverse architectural landscape. Imagine the character of our town if the only protected parts of Southborough were post-1990 homes. This is the scenario the zoning plan appears to advocate.


In conclusion, we feel that this plan, while clearly the product of much thought and good intentions, would harm property values, quality affordable housing and the historic soul of Southborough. It does not take into account the wonderful nature of the neighborhoods and streets that it proposes to change, especially as relates to Lyman Street and Hillside Avenue, and we ask for extensive reconsideration of this proposal.

Taste of the Boroughs

Taste of The Boroughs : Wine, Craft Beer, and Food Tasting is scheduled for Sunday, March 7th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel on Computer Drive in Westborough, MA.

This event highlights local restaurants and caterers in the Boroughs (Westborough, Northborough, Southborough, and Marlborough) and the surrounding areas, pairing them with fine wine and craft beer vendors from several regions. In addition to the culinary treats, there will be silent and live auctions, a DJ, and live music.

According to Jessica Crandall, Event Co-Chair, “The auction will be a fun-filled night out, where you can bid on amazing auction packages from local and national businesses, all while sampling fine wine, craft beer, and delicious food from great area restaurants.”

Proceeds from the auction benefit the Westboro Area Jewish Community Center (WAJCC). The event is open to the community. Tickets are $40 per person in advance, $50 at the door. For more information please visit www.tasteoftheboroughs.com or call 508-366-6121.


Fire Log

Monday 3/1/10










    E22  FF STRONG       FF KANE









    E22  LT SADOWSKI     FF KANE  For more Fire Log

On the Cutting Edge of Alzheimer's Research:
the Search for Answers
Moderator Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Medical & Scientific Relations
Alzheimer's Association, National Office
Join us at the
National Heritage Museum
33 Marrett Rd.
Lexington, MA
Clinical Trials
Learn about open clinical trials for Alzheimer's research.  
Click Here.

Memory Ride for Research supports the Alzheimer's
research grants program.

On the Cutting Edge: the Search for Answers
Join us for a unique opportunity to hear leading researchers from leading institutions discuss their work.

Wednesday, March 10

 7:00 p.m.
National Heritage Museum
Lexington, Massachusetts
or call 617.868.6718
Dear Friends,
I would like to personally invite you to join us for this special evening, not only to learn about research going on "in our own backyard," but also to be part of an engaging give and take discussion on a topic that is so critically important to us all--Alzheimer's research. I hope to see you there. 
James Wessler
Alzheimer's Association, MA/NH Chapter

The trial for Footnote was extended for us but it ends on March 9th. Access is at the Southboro Public Library only.


Trial Access (Footnote) –

User ID: southborough

Password: trial

some information from their website:

About Footnote

Historical images digitized

Footnote helps you find and share historic documents. We are able to bring you many never-before-seen historic documents through our unique partnerships with The National Archives, the Library of Congress and other institutions.


Our patented digitization process is helping bring other collections to life on the web everyday.

But Footnote is more than just a dusty, digital archive online. We provide you the tools to share your historical passions and connect with others.

Footnote is perfect for

  • History Buffs

  • Genealogists

  • Researchers

  • Family Historians

  • Military Historians

  • Teachers

  • Institutions

  • Sports and Outdoor Activities

    Algonquin Regional High School

    Coed Varsity Ski @ MIAA ALPINE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Wachusett Ski TBA
     Boys Varsity Ice Hockey @ SEMI-FINALS VS HUDSON New England 5:30PM
     Girls Varsity Gymnastics @ STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS DCU Center 7:00PM
    Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
    Wednesday Mar. 31
     Boys Varsity Lacrosse @ Northeast Reg. Tech. High Click for directions   3:30PM
    Scenes from the Battlefield Antietam

    March 1, 2010 - Antietam, Maryland represents a Civil War battle that lasted twelve hours on the date of September 17, 1862.  At the end of battle there would be nearly 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded or missing out of the nearly 100,000 that fought for both sides that day.  Antietam would become one of America's most bloody battle ever.  (Southborough News photo)



    Boston— Representative Carolyn Dykema is pleased to announce that a bill she filed last January, H.3658, An Act Relative to School Transportation, has been reported favorably out of the Joint Committee on Education as part of a consolidated bill that establishes a commission on school transportation concerns.

    The assessment of bus fees, which was the subject of Representative Dykema’s bill, is among the issues that will be scrutinized by the new commission.  In addition to addressing the question of fees, the commission will investigate regional school and special education transportation and propose ways to manage school transportation more cost-effectively. Specific cost saving measures to be looked at include optimization of bus routing through the use of shared software, collaboration among school districts, and outsourcing transportation administration to a third party.

    “As towns struggle to balance their school budgets, the state needs to play an active role in proposing strategies for controlling the high cost of school transportation,” said Dykema. “This commission will be charged with providing actionable solutions and I hope the bill will come up for a vote soon so the commission can start its work. It’s especially good news that the commission will also look into concerns raised by my constituents related to the assessment of fees.”

    A report of the Commission’s findings and recommendations would be due by the end of 2010. The bill must be passed by both the House and the Senate before the Commission can be established.

    State Representative Carolyn represents the towns of Holliston, Hopkinton, Medway (pct. 1), Southborough (pct. 2 & 3) and Westborough (pct. 2).

    Collection for Baypath Humane Society and Buddy Dog

    Girl Scout Troop #77099

    Items Needed:               

    Blankets, towels
    Cat litter
    Science-Diet Dog or Puppy food
    Dried or canned cat food
    General Cleaning Supplies
    Laundry Detergent
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Distilled Water
    Milk bones or other animal treats
    Plush toys for pets
    Pet toys

    (Items in bold are ones that are needed most)

     Donation boxes locations:  Finn, Woodward, Neary, Trottier, Algonquin, Milestone Stables, and Southboro Library.

    Collections will take place until the end of March.




    BOSTON- State Representative Lew Evangelidis (1st Worcester District) announced today that he continues to be opposed to new fees that are currently being implemented at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, including today’s new fee on “in person” visits to RMV branches.  Evangelidis, who voted against last year’s budget which contained a number of RMV fee increases including a $10 increase in license renewals, has filed legislation to remove the $5 fee to visit an RMV branch or speak with a customer service representative over the phone.   Evangelidis will also be sending a letter to the Registrar to express his discontent with these additional fees. 

    Evangelidis said, “During these tough times it is unconscionable that the RMV will again return to the taxpayers for another increase on government mandated driver’s licenses and registrations.  The registry has this completely backwards, if the RMV’s goal is truly to promote the use of online services, they should do so by offering a discount for those who choose to use online transactions, rather than penalize those who wish to utilize the paid employees at the RMV who are simply doing their job.”  He continued by saying, “I voted against these increases, as well as increases to our sales tax and alcohol tax, during the FY10 budget deliberations and continue to be adamantly opposed to more fees and taxes.” 

    Evangelidis had also filed legislation last year which would order the RMV to streamline transactions to make them more user friendly by having licenses, registrations and inspections expire in your birthday month. Evangelidis’ bill has been filed with the House Clerk and is awaiting further action.


    The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) is asking interested wildlife artists to consider entering one or more of its three 2011wildlife stamp competitions. Each year, MassWildlife issues three wildlife recreation-related stamps: an archery stamp, a primitive firearms stamp, and a waterfowl stamp. Income from the sale of these stamps supports wildlife research as well as the acquisition and management of key habitat areas. All three of the stamps feature artwork selected through competitions open to artists anywhere in the country. There is no cost to submit entries. For rules and regulations and other stamp information, go to www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/recreation/licensing/stamps/stamp_info.htm. The deadline for entries to the 2011 archery and primitive firearms stamp competition is May 31, 2010; deadline for the 2011 waterfowl stamp is June 1, 2010.

    Wildlife stamps play an important wildlife management role in Massachusetts, generating about $300,000 annually. These funds are used to enhance critical wildlife habitat. All of the stamps are issued both in full-color hard copy and in a black-and-white stamped version for those who opt to purchase their licenses online. The stamps are required of licensed hunters who hunt deer during the archery or primitive firearms season or hunters pursuing migratory birds. Highly collectible for many hunters, these stamps are also sought by other conservationists and stamp collectors. Through these competitions, the MassWildlife obtains the right to produce the designated stamp featuring the winning artwork. The artist retains ownership of the artwork and the right to sell prints, which are of specific interest to members of conservation organizations such as the Massachusetts Bowhunters' Association, Ducks Unlimited, and beyond.

    Complete sets of all three stamps are on display at MassWildlife's Field Headquarters in Westborough. Collectors wishing to purchase stamps from past years should call Mary Cavaliere in the MassWildlife Boston office at (617) 626-1577. The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem has a limited quantity of waterfowl stamps and stamp sets available for collectors. The Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamps and Prints, a loose-leaf binder with a detailed history of the waterfowl stamp program from its inception to the present was published by the Peabody Essex Museum and is available for purchase. Contact the Museum at www.pem.org or call (978) 744-3390. Information and regulations governing the three stamp competitions can be found by calling Jill Durand at (508) 389-6301 or at www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/recreation/licensing/stamps/stamp_info.htm. For more details on the stamp competitions, contact Ellie Horwitz at ellie.horwitz@state.ma.us or call (508) 389-6305.

    Sports and Outdoor Activities

    Algonquin Regional High School

    No Events Scheduled

    Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

    No Events Scheduled


    March 5 -7 – Flower and Patio Show, Worcester -- Come to the Worcester DCU Centre and stroll through wonderful garden displays, relax by a tranquil water garden in the Café, and browse through the information, services and items that will make your "outdoor living room" something to enjoy for years to come! On March 5 at 3pm, MassWildlife biologist Laura Hajduk will give a talk about “Backyard and Patio Wildlife.” The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife will also be staffing a vendor where wildlife fact sheets and advice to homeowners about their wild neighbors will be available. For more information about the Flower and Patio Show, go to www.centralmaflowershow.com or call 1 (800) 533-0229.

    March 6 – Massachusetts Birders Meeting, Waltham -- Bird enthusiasts of all levels are invited to enjoy a full day of workshops, speakers, bird updates, exhibits, and more at the La Cava Center at Bentley College. This annual meeting is hosted by MassAudubon and this year is co-sponsored by Manomet Center for Conservation Science. In 2009 the Department of Interior produced “The State of the Birds”, a comprehensive synthesis describing the conservation status, threats, and recovery objectives for every major North American bird group. Since birds have long been litmus for environmental change, what's happening to birds could portend what the future holds for mankind. Among the presentations will be a session on Marsh Birds and Whip-poor-wills in Massachusetts by MassWildlife's NHESP Restoration Assistant Chris Buelow. Registration is required and details can be found at: http://www.massaudubon.org/news/index.php?id=917&type=news.

    March 10 – Bears of Massachusetts, Athol -- The Athol Bird and Nature Club’s March meeting features Masswildlife biologist Ralph Taylor, who will discuss the black bears in Massachusetts and human confrontations with them. The meeting, which is free and open to the public, begins at 7PM at the Miller’s River Environmental Center on 100 Main St. How common are black bears in our area? What draws them to our town? Can we learn to live at a respectful distance from these large, furry neighbors? The manager of the Connecticut Valley district of the Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife in Belchertown, Taylor will help us understand those questions. Directions and more information about the Athol Bird & Nature Club, go to: http://www.millersriver.net.

    Sprouting Potholes

    February 28, 2010 - Town DPW employees have been kept busy filling in the abundance of potholes showing up after the storm.

    Assabet Valley Mastersingers


    The oratorio ELIJAH by Felix Mendelssohn is generally acknowledged to be a favorite of singers and audiences alike.  Assabet Valley Mastersingers with full orchestral accompaniment will present this musical treasure at 3:30 PM on Sunday, March 14th at St. Mark’s School, 25 Marlboro Road (Route 85) in Southborough.  The title role will be sung by Philip Lima, critically described as having a “glorious and vibrant” baritone voice.  AVM Artistic Director Robert P. Eaton will conduct the full ensemble, including vocal soloists soprano Andrea Matthews, mezzo Catherine Hedberg, and tenor Matthew DiBattista with the Algonquin Regional High School Camerata Choir, directed by Kathrine Waters.  The cameo role of Youth will be filled by Algonquin freshman Ben Rutan.

                The location is accessible to the physically challenged.  Assistive listening systems, courtesy of Crossroads Community Foundation, are available at all concerts for use by hearing impaired audience members. Large print programs will be offered to those desiring enhanced readability.

                Concert tickets may be purchased at Robinson Music Company, Westborough; Shattuck’s Pharmacy, Northborough; Coldwell Banker, Shrewsbury; English Garden Florist, Southborough;  Arts Alliance in Hudson; and both Joy-Den Jewelers and Main Street Café in Marlborough.   Advance sale tickets are discounted $1 (one) from the general price of $20 (twenty) and $18 (eighteen) for students and senior citizens.

                For further information call (978) 562-9838 or reference www.avmsingers.org.   Partial funding for the Assabet Valley Mastersingers, a non-profit organization, has been provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council through local Arts Councils.

                    An afternoon with Christine Tsen and Grace Choi

    Our fabulous cellist Christine and Grace Choi  will be holding a concert at Pilgrim Church on March 7 at 3 PM.  Christine has been voluntarily playing at not only at Pilgrim church, but the senior homes and other churches in the neighborhood of Southborough.  Grace also has played at the senior centers around the home area.  Now they will  gather to have a concert with Christine's favorite Irish tunes, film music, classical pieces, and some Korean folk songs that Grace has arranged for this event.  We hope you can bring your family and friends to this free concert.  All donations will go to the Covenant House and MSPCA. 

    For More information on Christine click here


    Annemarie Fairhurst and Annemarie’s Dance Centre has been teaching dance to youngsters and the young at heart for thirty-two years. There is so much to learn at Annemarie’s Dance Center. The offerings at the studio include Combination classes, Get Funky, Creative Movement, Ballet classes, Little Ballerinas, Classical Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and adult classes. Courses are offered from preschool and up.

    Annemarie’s Dance Centre also offers a Performance Company The Movement Project plus an Art Program. Instructors come from a wide array of experience and instruction that include Early Childhood Education, graduates Emerson College, Rutgers, Smith College, Imperial Academy of Dance in CT, The School of Performing Arts, Rogert Williams University in Rhode Island and many more prestigious dance and performance colleges. Many of the instructors have also trained, prepared or performed with such prestigious productions such as the Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Hartford Ballet, Ipswich Moving Company School of Dance, FlipSide Dance Theater, Zen Monkey Dance Project, Prometheus Dance, Ted Hershey Dance and many more.

    Click above advertisement for more Information

    Southborough meetings

    March 1 -  March 6, 2010





    Advisory Committee 3/1 7:30 PM Upper Hall Cordaville Hall
    Historical Commission 3/1 7:00 PM Historical Museum 25 Common St
    Planning Board - Agenda 3/1 7:00 Pm Hearing Room town House
    Board of Selectmen - Executive Session, returning to Open Session at conclusion of Executive Session - Agenda 3/2 6:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
    Municipal Facilities Committee 3/2 7:00 PM Memorial Hall Southborough Fire
    Youth Commission 3/2 7:15 Conference Room Fayville Village Hall
    Council on Aging 3/3 7:00 PM Country Kitchen Cordaville Hall
    Scholarship Advisory Committee 3/3 7:30 PM Hearing Room Town House
    ZAC-Public Discussions on Zoning Revision Process: Open Space and Villages 3/3 7:30 PM Upper Hall Cordaville Hall
    Recreation Commission 3/4 7:30 PM Recreation Office 21 Highland Street

    Sunday 28 Monday 1 Tuesday 2 Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 Friday 5 Saturday 6

    Storytime ages 2-5 years 10:30 AM




    Storytime ages 2-5 years 10:30 AM 



    First Wed Book Group 10:00 AM

    Storytime ages 2-5 10:30 AM

    Science and books 3:30 PM



    Toddler Time 11:00 AM

    Music by David Garden 11:00 AM





    The Library has a great new website:  Click here

    For the March Calendar with Reminders click here

    Senior Center Activities

    1  Monday  2Tuesday Wednesday 4 Thursday 5 Friday 6 Saturday
    8:30 am Health Clinic
    7:45 am Walking Group
    9:30 Pool
    8:30  Health Clinic


    9:00 Friday Hours
    9:00 AM Center Opens
    9:30 AM Cribbage
    9:30 am Tai Chi
    10:00 AM Creative Writers
    12 PM Blue plate special 11:00 Senior Singers 9:30 Mah Jongg 10:00 Canasta
    2 PM fitness
    12 Ping Pong
      12 PM Pitch 2:00 PM Fitness 12 Pitch  
      1:00 water aerobics   1 PM Bridge 1 PM Water Aerobics

    Click here for the new Senior Center Website

    Support Our Senior Centers:

    Stop on in and get your "Senior Centers Bumper Sticker"


    We now have two computers in the hall before you enter our main room that are now hooked up to the internet. You will be able to read e-mail and look up information as well as play some fun card games. Feel free to sit down and use the computers. Let us know if you would like any help.


    - St. Patrick’s Day Party -

    Come enjoy a Traditional Irish Feast Corn Beef and Cabbage with all the fixings!

    Also offering Baked Stuffed Chicken

    Entertainment by Jug O’ Punch Irish Band

    Sign up at the front desk or call (508) 229-4453


    Ethel A. (Goff) Otenti, 92, of Franklin, and formerly of Framingham, died Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010, at the Maples Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Wrentham. She was the wife of Eugene E. Red Otenti, who died in 1980. Born in Framingham, May 30, 1917, a daughter of the late Howard E. and Lottie (Austin) Goff, she was educated in Southborough, and was a 1935 graduate of Peters High School in Southborough. Mrs. Otenti worked many years ago at the former Watertown Arsenal as a typist, and later at the Fenwal Electronics Company in Framingham, as a tester for more than 20 years. She was a member of the Franklin Federated Church in Franklin, the Chapter 4 Womens Club and the Friendly Circle for the Blind. She was active in the Senior Citizens, and was a volunteer for the Meals on Wheels program in Framingham, and then in Franklin. She was a proud member of the Red Hat Society, and enjoyed knitting and crocheting. She was also proud to be a direct descendent of Abel Goff of Rehoboth, who served in the American Revolution. She is survived by four sons William G. Otenti and daughter-in-law, Geraldine, of Wakefield, Paul E. Otenti and daughter-in-law, Patricia, of Lake Placid, N.Y., Gene Otenti and daughter-in-law, Marianne, of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Bruce M. Otenti and daughter-in-law, Jeanne, of Framingham; a sister, Blanche Kivi of Walpole; 14 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. She was the sister of the late Howard E. Goff Jr., Florence Pessini, Charlotte Haeuber Hynes, and Bertha Stivers. Relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral, Tuesday, March 2, at 10 a.m., at the Franklin Federated Church, 171 Main St., Franklin. Interment will follow in Rural Cemetery, Southborough. Calling hours are Monday, March 1, from 3 to 7 p.m., at the Charles F. Oteri & Son Franklin Funeral Home, 33 Cottage St., Franklin, (www.oterifuneralhome.com). If desired, donations in her memory sent to the Framingham Heart Study, 73 Mt. Wayte Ave., Framingham, MA 01702, would be appreciated.

    Normand Maxim Bergeron, 87, of Southborough, formerly of Hopkinton, passed away, at home, on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. He leaves behind his loving wife of 61 years, Lousie M (Halley) Bergeron. Normand was a resident of Hopkinton for 58 years, and of Southborough for six. He was a World War II U.S. Army veteran and worked at General Motors for 33 years. He spent 25 wonderful years of his retirement wintering in Bontia Springs, Fla. Normand loved traveling, baseball, walking the beach, reading and keeping up with all of his many grandchildren. We will all miss him dearly. In addition to his wife, he leaves seven children, whom he loved, Mary Anderson and her husband, Jeff, of Southborough, Jean Withee and her husband, Brian, of Westborough, Rita Bancroft and her husband, Cliff, of Templeton, Richard Bergeron of Milford, Yvonne Wright and her husband, Phil, of Southborough, Linda Gassett and her husband, Brian, of Hopkinton, Normand Bergeron and Danielle Recine of Hopkinton; a brother, Ernest Bergeron of Maryland; 18 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Calling hours are Monday, March 1, from 4 to 8 p.m., at Morris Funeral Home (Morrisfuneralparlor.com), 40 Main St., Southborough. A funeral Mass will be held Tuesday, March 2, at 10 a.m., at St. Mathew's Church, Highland Street, Southborough. Burial will follow in St. John's Cemetery in Hopkinton. Memorial contributions may be sent in his memory to MetroWest Home Care & Hospice, 85 Lincoln St., Framingham, MA 01702.

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