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September 20, - September 26, 2009


September 25, 2009 - Ricky Scott and Charlie Pim of Southborough DJ's run the music at the Finn School Sock Hop.

The Southborough Board of Health and the Southborough Fire Department would like to remind residents that the H1N1 (Swine Flu) is still around but that there are ways to help with prevention of the disease.  Click the link below to take you to websites.

Click here for flu information

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Saturday Sep. 26
 Girls Freshman Soccer VS Nipmuc Regional HS Algonquin 10:00AM
 Boys Freshman Soccer VS Nipmuc Regional HS Algonquin 10:00AM
 Boys JV Football @ Milford High School Click for directions   10:00AM
 Boys Freshman Football VS Milford High School Algonquin 10:00AM
 Boys JV Soccer VS Acton-Boxborough Regional HS Algonquin 12:00PM
 Girls JV Soccer VS Acton-Boxborough Regional HS Algonquin 12:00PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer VS Acton-Boxborough Regional HS Algonquin 5:00PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Acton-Boxborough Regional HS Algonquin 7:00PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Saturday Sep. 26
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs Gym 10:00AM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   10:00AM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs Gym 11:00AM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Maynard High School   11:00AM
 Boys Varsity Cross Country VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   11:30AM
 Girls Varsity Soccer VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   12:00PM
 Boys Varsity Football VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs Football Field 2:15PM


Sudbury Valley Trustees

Sawink Farm, Westborough

“Land Protection Comes Full Circle” Outing

Saturday October 3, 2:00-4:00pm

Please join SVT for the inaugural outing at the new addition to its Sawink Farm Reservation in Westborough.  SVT Director of Stewardship Laura Mattei and SVT Stewardship Committee Member Whitney Beals will lead this walk. SVT has recently acquired the remaining lot of the Sawink lands. Hear about land protection history, tour the new parcel and take a walk around the loop trail.  SVT members: Free, Non-Members: $10

(contributed photos)

For additional information and registration, visit www.svtweb.org or call 978-443-5588.

SOLF and the Boyscouts have worked hard to prepare the trails for the Celebration of the Beals Preserve.

Come Join us!


September 26, 2009 - Hannah struts her stuff last night.


September 26, 2009 - This sunflower seems to attract a lot of bees.

Congratulations to everyone at Southborough News!


Southborough News has been selected as a Sparkles the Fire Safety Dogs' Fire Safety Champion


Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog's goal is to help keep children and their caregivers’ fire safe. Sparkles truly appreciates your organization helping spread the fire safety message!


Attached you will find a button to put on your webpage and/or blog. Please provide a link to the Sparkles the Fire Safety Dogs' Fire Safety Champion webpage (http://www.sparklesthefiresafetydog.com/sparkles_fire_safety_champions.html), where your organization is listed.


Please provide us with the link to where you have the Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog’s Fire Safety Champion’s webpage/blog and we will be sure to create a link to your site!


Together, we can help keep children and their caregivers’ fire safe!


Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

See the trailer for Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

Tylenol Recall

Click here for more information



Historic agreement re-defines passenger and freight rail system in the Commonwealth

BOSTON – Wednesday, September 23, 2009 – Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray today announced that the Commonwealth’s comprehensive multi-year rail transportation agreement with CSX Transportation (CSXT), the national freight carrier serving Massachusetts, has been finalized. The announcement was made during Lieutenant Governor Murray’s keynote address before a crowd of approximately 300 business leaders at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs breakfast.

Lieutenant Governor Murray, who has been working on this agreement since he was Mayor of Worcester, led the negotiations for this agreement on behalf of the administration with critical support from the Governor, Senator John Kerry and Congressman Jim McGovern. Many of the agreement’s major elements were resolved last year; however, the long standing debate concerning liability remained unresolved.

Today, Lieutenant Governor Murray proudly announced all parties reached an agreement under which CSXT will help defray the MBTA’s liability insurance cost and pay the deductible on the liability insurance policy if an accident occurs involving a freight train and CSXT is clearly at fault because of willful misconduct.

“Consistent with our commitment to improve transportation service throughout the Commonwealth, we have done more to deliver on the South Coast rail project than any other administration," said Governor Deval Patrick. “This is a critical milestone, and I thank Lieutenant Governor Murray for his leadership, and Senator Kerry, Congressman McGovern, and CSXT leaders for all coming to the table and staying there until we could get a deal that works.”

“The Governor and I have been dedicated to improving our freight and passenger rail system for the long-term health of our economy and our environment,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray. “We are thankful for the continued support of Senator Kerry and Congressman McGovern, who have both been by our side, helping us achieve the best interest for the Commonwealth. I also commend CSXT for its commitment to seeing this agreement to fruition. A vibrant rail network that serves both passengers and freight needs is an important part of our transportation system.”

“This deal is a tremendous victory with countless benefits for Massachusetts – it’s a boost to our economy, it’ll help reduce pollution, and it will relieve congestion on the roads. It’s been a long slog, but anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic on the Mass Pike or taken the commuter rail from Worcester to Boston will agree that it was worth every last minute on the phone, every hour in the conference room, and every heated discussion at the negotiating table. After clearing the liability hurdle, we were able to finish the important work of linking the economies, businesses and homes of Worcester, New Bedford and Fall River with Boston," said Senator John Kerry. "I want to thank CSX for their effort and I’m proud to be part of a group - including Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and Congressman Jim McGovern – that refused to go away until this was done."

“This announcement is terrific news for commuters in Massachusetts,” Representative Jim McGovern said. “Increasing commuter rail service to Worcester and Fall River has long been a priority of mine. It will ease congestion on our roads, increase economic development and benefit our environment. This agreement is the product of a lot of hard work and some difficult negotiations, and I want to thank Senator Kerry, Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray for all of their efforts.”

“This final agreement results from a lot of hard work on the part of many, many people over a long period of time,” said Transportation Secretary James Aloisi. “But our work is not done. We look forward to a new partnership with CSXT on these and other issues and are happy to further advance the prospects for increased MBTA service that this agreement provides.”

“This is a great development for the Commonwealth, its residents, its environment and its economy,” said Michael J. Ward, CSX Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “CSXT, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and the entire Patrick-Murray Administration have worked closely to create solutions that work for the Commonwealth, CSXT and its customers. In addition to commuter service, the plan will give the Commonwealth a double-stack freight rail route that will help alleviate congestion on Massachusetts highways.”

The main elements of the agreement include:

The Commonwealth will purchase the property rights of the Boston to Worcester rail line from CSXT, increasing the potential for additional commuter service while also taking control of dispatching and maintenance on the line. Through the development of this agreement, the MBTA has already been able to add five Framingham-Boston commuter trains to Worcester on CSX Transportation’s Boston line.

The Commonwealth and CSXT will increase the vertical clearances of bridges along the railroad main line between I-495 and the New York State line to accommodate double-stack freight trains. The Commonwealth will assume responsibility for raising highway bridges, while CSXT will be responsible for lowering tracks.

In conjunction with the Patrick-Murray Administration’s South Coast Rail Corridor Plan, the Commonwealth will purchase the New Bedford-Fall River Line from CSXT. The Commonwealth will also purchase the Boston Terminal Running Track and West First Street Yard in South Boston and CSXT’s ownership of the Grand Junction secondary line that extends from Beacon Park Yard through Cambridge to East Boston from CSXT.

In an effort to create capacity for additional commuter rail service over time, the Commonwealth will help CSXT relocate the company’s operations out of Beacon Park Yard in Boston. This relocation will facilitate the redevelopment and reuse of this strategic parcel of land.

Federal law requires that a new, state-of-the-art technology known as a “positive train control” system will be installed to provide improved rail safety. The new system will monitor rail traffic, and can automatically stop train movements in an area if it detects a potential conflict.

Passenger and freight trains will operate, as much as possible, in exclusive “windows” of time, thereby reducing the chance for conflict and assisting with the efficiency of both freight and passenger service.

Allocates liability amongst the parties in a way that provides incentives for both parties to operate safely, ensures that payments are made quickly to anyone injured in an accident, and encourages joint problem solving to correct safety concerns.

CSXT will contribute $500,000 to help defray the cost of the liability insurance policy the MBTA carries for the entire commuter system. Additionally, in the event an accident occurs involving a freight train and CSXT is clearly at fault because of willful misconduct, the rail road will be responsible to pay the deductible on that policy, up to a maximum of $7.5 million per accident.

In July, the Patrick-Murray Administration joined the New England Governors in announcing a coordinated regional vision for high speed rail that will connect major cities and airports, and support economic growth throughout the region. The Vision for the New England High Speed and Intercity Rail Network lays out key projects to strengthen passenger and freight rail service along new and existing rail corridors. To learn more about New England's rail vision visit: http://www.eot.state.ma.us/recovery/HSR.htm.


Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

No Scheduled events

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

No Scheduled events

The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund

Family Fun Run & Walk

November 1, 2009

10 am

At the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

$10 Registration for the 4K Race

Plus Cow Pie Contest:  $20 Square could win $300!

For more information visit southborobelties.org  or email

Joyceg1@yahoo.com or lpbourdon@aol.com
Genealogy Crowd

September 25, 2009 - The Southborough Library hosted their first meeting of the all new genealogy club.  People came from Holliston, Natick, Berlin, Hudson, Marlborough, Hopkinton, Ashland, Westborough, Worcester, Southborough and more to attend the first of many meetings that will assist participants in tracing their routes.  Nearly 75 people attended the first meeting.  Introductions of the participants held many interesting stories from relatives finding some online and writing and sending packages of photos, to others traveling to their ancestral lands.  There were several attendees that went back to the Salem witch trials and the Mayflower. Many of the nationalities represented last night were from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Sweden, Holland, France, Italy.  Others were of Jewish, Native American and Canadian descent. It was an interesting collection of those that have been doing family research for many years and those just starting out.  The next meeting will take place at the library on October 29.

Finn School Sock Hop

September 25, 2009 - The "Dolp"Finns celebrated the beginning of school with a sock hop.  Here they dance the Macarena.

Jenny Boston

Private Boutique Party 


 Thurs., September 24 from 7-9 pm

Colonial Plaza, 45 East Main Street, Westborough, MA

(Across the street from Rugged Bear & Arturo's Restaurant)

Come & show your support for the Friends of Southborough Recreation! 

Customers visiting tonight only will receive 10% off their purchase. 


Also, this Friday & Saturday (Sept. 26 - 27), customers can shop & give credit to Friends of Southborough Recreation

Store Hours for Sept. 25 & 26...

Friday:  10:00 - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 - 4:00pm

Please www.JennyBoston.com for more information.

Join the Southborough Public Library
Genealogy Club



Attend a planning meeting, Thursday, September 24

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


For people of all skill levels.

To sign up, please visit or call the library at 508-485-5031.

The genealogy club is free and open to the family-history-loving public. It is for people of all skill levels - beginners to experienced. We'll bring in speakers, and/or meet for roundtable discussions.

We will be holding monthly meetings on Thursday nights - here at the Library. (9/24 and 10/29, so far). And, on Saturday, November 14, there'll be a (free) daylong Beginners Genealogy workshop, sponsored by the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists. Tell all your friends and family!

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Building Committee

The Southborough Board of Selectmen are seeking volunteers for a Southborough resident to

represent them on the Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Building Committee. The

high school is looking to replace their roof, HVAC system and windows and doors throughout

the school. Interested residents should contact the Southborough Selectmen's Office by emailing

selectmen@southboroughma.com  Please provide information on your education,

background and reasons why you are interested in serving on this committee.


Healthy Paws Veterinary Center

First Annual Pet Halloween Party”

To Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary

· WHEN: Saturday, October 31st

Noon to 2pm - Raindate, Sunday, November 1st

· WHERE: Healthy Paws Veterinary Center

6 Old Flanders Road

Westborough, MA



Judged Costume Contest for Pets and their “humans”, Pet Parade,

Talent Show, Activities for the Children, Treats for Everyone (including your Furry Friends)

Plenty of Great Prizes!

Click for Healthy Paws Website


Main Street Information from September 17, 2009 Meeting

Department of Public Works

Main Street Reconstruction Project

Public Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maps presented:

Sears Road to Common Street
Common Street East
Common - Main Street
Common Area Concept #1
Common Area Concept #2
Common Area Concept #3
Common Area Concept #4
Cordaville Road to Park Street
Cordaville to Park Concept #1
Cordaville to Park Concept #2
Cordaville to Park Concept #3

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Friday Sep. 25
 Girls JV Volleyball VS **Postponed To Tba - Clinton High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Leominster High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS **Postponed To Tba - Clinton High School Algonquin 4:30PM
 Girls JV Field Hockey VS Leominster High School Algonquin 5:00PM
 Boys Varsity Football VS Milford High School Algonquin 7:00PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Friday Sep. 25
 Boys JV Golf @ Blackstonevalleyregtechhs Click for directions Red Farms 3:00PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Montachustt Regvochs   3:20PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Murdock High School   3:30PM
Champions and Runners Up

Dee Kerner, Dan Kerner, Pat Richardson, Pat Frizell, Aneeka Kalia.

Frizell and Anneka defeated Dee and Dan Kerner  6-4, 6-3.

Fall is Here

September 23, 2009 - Gulbankian Farms Garden Center and Florist shop has a wide array of colors for planting of this years fall mums.  Why not pick out a pumpkin or stroll the gift shop while there.


Sudbury Valley Trustees

Sawink Farm, Westborough

“Land Protection Comes Full Circle” Outing

Saturday October 3, 2:00-4:00pm

Please join SVT for the inaugural outing at the new addition to its Sawink Farm Reservation in Westborough.  SVT Director of Stewardship Laura Mattei and SVT Stewardship Committee Member Whitney Beals will lead this walk. SVT has recently acquired the remaining lot of the Sawink lands. Hear about land protection history, tour the new parcel and take a walk around the loop trail.  SVT members: Free, Non-Members: $10

(contributed photos)

For additional information and registration, visit www.svtweb.org or call 978-443-5588.

ARHS Updates


Hannaford Helps Schools program started Sept 6 and will continue until Dec 6 - with checks issued to participating schools in March

of 2010. When you shop at Hannaford you will receive 3 Hannaford "dollars for schools" when you purchase any four participating

items (and there are hundreds of participating items) - you'll get the "dollars" like a coupon when you check out. You then simply have

to put the "dollars" into the Algonquin slot of the Hannaford Helps Schools display on your way out the door. What an easy was to

raise money!


TD Bank has also offered an exciting new fundraising program for ARHS! TD Bank will contribute 1/2% of total bank account

balances of all new or existing accounts. Students and families accounts are eligible, you won't loose a penny and APTO will get a

donation. Please contact Brian Ferris at TD Bank in Westboro (508) 366-7575 if you are interested.


Michelle Sheppard, Fine Arts Teacher, and her students are being recognized at the annual Gala Ball of the UMASS Medical Center

for artistic contributions to the Halls, Offices, and Patient Rooms of the Children’s Hospital. Michelle will accompany three of her

student artists to the event and receive this prestigious award.


Mathematics teacher, Sean McGrath, has been nominated by three of his students for the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished

Mathematics Teaching in the High School. This award is given by the Mathematical Association of America. Sean’s team competed

in the 2009 American Mathematics Contest 12, a nationwide competition involving a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice

examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus concepts.


Tyler Jacobson, class of 2010, has been accepted to the American Choral Directors Association Eastern Division Men’s Honor Choir.

The honor choir will sing at the ACDA Convention in Philadelphia in February. Kathrine Waters is our Choral Director.


Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Thursday Sep. 24
 Girls Freshman Soccer @ Westboro High School Mill Pond 3:30PM
 Boys Freshman Soccer @ Westboro High School Gibbons Middle 3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Milford High School Click for directions Hopedale 3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 4:00PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Thursday Sep. 24
 Boys Varsity Golf VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   3:00PM
 Girls JV Soccer VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   3:25PM
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Worcester Technical H.S. Gym 3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Worcester Technical H.S.   4:30PM
 Boys Freshman Football VS Blackstonevalleyregtechhs   5:00PM
T-hawks of the Month

September – 2009

Kelsey Henningson Volleyball

Elana Marks Volleyball

Amanda Hubley Cheering

Fiona Watkinson Cheering

Caitlynn Wentworth Cheering

Samantha Howells Field Hockey

Sheridan Sleeper Field Hockey

Kevin Carens Football

Taylor Henry Girl’s Soccer

Maggie Kiley Girl’s Soccer

Charity Bike Run

September 22, 2009 - Bikers cruise route 85 for a charity run event this past Sunday.

The Southborough Police Department now has a Confidential Tip-line.  Dial 508-485-2121 and ask for the Tip Line or extension 600.

The caller is NOT required to leave their name and telephone number.  Leave as much detail as possible when you call.

Crossing Sit

September 22, 2009 - CSX gradall sits along the tracks at Central Street.


Try Something New, like skating on artificial ice, on Saturday October 3rd at the Greenway Conservancy’s second annual fall festival in Dewey Square Parks. Tickle all of your senses at this free all-ages event with a farmers market and cooking demonstrations, local art, a carnival ride, Greenway and Harborwalk tours, treasure hunt, and multi-cultural music. Get your body moving with hula hoops, Nordic pole walking, and a laughter class…where everyone gets an A+.

Keep checking back for updates about all the new things we will be trying on October 3rd!


Farmers market

Cooking demonstrations using local produce


Artificial ice rink (skates provided)

Carnival ride

Kids activites and games

Performances by local musicians (schedule TBA)

HarborWalk tours

All-ages treasure hunt

Greenway walking tour

Boat tour of the Fort Point Channel


Nordic pole walking

Hula hooping demonstration and lessons

Laughter classes

Click here for more information

Southborough Library

Do you like to read?

Do you wonder how things work?


Come to our new program this fall on


For children in Kindergarten and First Grade

Wednesdays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

October 21, October 28

November 4 & November 18

We will read books and do an experiment on a different science topic each week.

Please register at the Children’s Room desk or by calling 485-5031.

Space is limited



NEW SUNSPOTS: In a year when the sun has been utterly blank 80% of the time, the sudden emergence of two large sunspots in a single day is a noteworthy event. Today is such a day.  NASA satellites and amateur astronomers are monitoring a pair of growing sunspots, both apparently members of long-overdue Solar Cycle 24.   The emergence of these active regions is not enough to end the deepest solar minimum in nearly a hundred years, but they do represent a significant uptick in solar activity.  Check http://spaceweather.com for images and updates.

SEPT. EQUINOX:  Today, Sept. 22nd at 2118 UT (5:18 pm EDT), the sun crosses the celestial equator. This event marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere. It's also the beginning of aurora season around the poles. Happy equinox!

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of Spaceweather.com

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Wednesday Sep. 23
 Girls Freshman Field Hockey VS Notre Dame Academy Algonquin 3:30PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Wednesday Sep. 23
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Bay Path Regtechhs Click for directions   3:00PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Sutton High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Montachustt Regvochs Click for directions   3:30PM
And the Tournament Begins

September 22, 2009 - Golfers head for their respective holes to begin the Falconi Golf Tournament.


Join Clare Curran-Ball and Linda Hubley in supporting research for prevention and treatment of the disease Alzheimer's.  Both of us have a parent that has currently been diagnosed with the disease.  Click the logo to the left for the Team Page.

thank you



400 Main Street

Walpole, Massachusetts  02081

Phone:  508.668.0268 ext 399  FAX: 508.668.0612

We cordially invite you to Open House 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

There will be activities, demos & exhibits as follows:

Admissions Information

Free Refreshments

Computer Lab
Heavy Equipment Operation

Animal Exhibits

Dog Grooming & Obedience

Tree Climbing Demo

Landscape Garden Display

And much, much more. . . .

Click here For More Information



Norfolk County Agricultural High School (NCAHS) is a public high school that offers academic and vocational training to 460 students from the 28 towns and one city of Norfolk County and more than 40 out of county (tuition) towns. The school is situated on 300 acres in Walpole, a suburb of Boston, and offers specialty training to students who are interested in pursuing careers in Animal and Marine Science (veterinarian science, canine grooming and obedience, marine science, dairy and livestock management and equine studies), Plant and Environmental Science (floral design, urban forestry, landscaping, environmental technology, ornamental gardening and natural resources), and Diesel and Mechanical Technology (diesel and heavy equipment operation and repair, construction, welding and small engine repair). The school is one of three such schools in Massachusetts charged with promoting agriscience and agribusiness opportunities.

Our school is different than most regional vocational technical high schools in that students attend both academic and vocational classes every day. It is also unique in that the vocational areas are interrelated. Most students take some courses in each area throughout their four years. During the ninth and tenth grade, students participate in a foundation program in which they experience all areas of the agricultural curriculum. At the end of the tenth grade, students select a vocational major in which they will specialize for the next two years. Students are required to pass four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years of social studies, two years of science and 34.5 vocational credits in order to graduate. A distance learning video conferencing program offers eligible seniors the opportunity to complete six college credits in Spanish I and II from Bridgewater State College.

In the last decade, new agricultural programs have been added to meet the needs of the region. Equine Science, Marine Biology and Environmental Technology have been introduced as vocational programs. The Agricultural Mechanics program has also been updated to focus on diesel and mechanical technology. A collaboration with Southworth-Milton and New Hampshire Technical Community College is preparing students for exciting careers in mobile equipment repair.

There are 27 high schools in the County and 41 feeder middle schools. Depending on their residence, students may apply to two other regional technical high schools as well as the Center for Technical Education in Quincy. These programs do not offer state approved agricultural programs.

NCAHS has a high retention rate (students enter in grade 9 and graduate) and a low dropout rate, which was 0% in 2007-2008. The attendance rate is about 96%.
The number of students attending post secondary programs upon graduation has also increased. This number has exceeded 70% for the past four years. As we have strengthened and improved our academic courses, more students have opted into two and four year colleges. We are also pleased to report that more than 20% of our students find employment in related occupations, and 1-5% annually join the military. Positive placements (college, related employment and military) exceeded 98% for the class of 2008.

Our students and teachers take advantage of many cultural and educational experiences available in the South Shore and Boston. Field trips during school and club activities after school, weekends and during the summer provide a wealth of enrichment opportunities. In addition, local businesses offer our faculty and students tours and visits that enhance the curriculum.

Once students become involved in NCAHS, we see many positive results. About 35% of our students maintain honor roll status and about 25% have perfect attendance. At least one third of the student population is involved in our athletic program and many students participate in more than one school club or activity. Many awards and opportunities for recognition are provided to our students.

Five years ago we began collaboration with Bridgewater State College that allows seniors to take college level Spanish through distance learning. Tufts University professors and students share our campus several times each year and Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst enrolls many of our students .Internship programs for students with the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Comparative Medicine, The New England Wildlife Center and The Arnold Arboretum in conjunction with Mass Bay Community College provide tremendous career opportunities. We are proud that our school offers so many enriching opportunities and that students and their parents are committed to ensuring that they may participate by providing transportation and assisting with and participating in fundraising activities.

In 1998, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts initiated a statewide assessment program, MCAS. Students must pass English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics tests in order to be eligible for graduation. State curriculum frameworks have been developed, and our teachers have worked diligently to align our curricula and to prepare students. This same year our school became part of the High Schools That Work Network. This initiative gave us the perfect vehicle to address the needs of our school and improve student achievement. The class of 2003 was the first class that met these rigorous MCAS standards. School scores have continuously improved. All members of the last six graduation classes reached the competency determination. This means that they have passed both the English Language Arts and Mathematics tests. A strong developmental program and remediation program integrated throughout the curriculum certainly have a role in their success. Norfolk County Agricultural High School scores were higher than the state averages. The Norfolk County Agricultural High School has been the proud recipient of three prestigious educational awards; The Pacesetter School Award, The Compass School Award and The Vanguard School Gold Award.

Falconi Golf Tournament

September 21, 2009 - This was the  17th Annual golf tournament held by businessman James Falconi.  This is the largest fundraising event to help sponsor the Southborough seniors and their programs.

Representative Dykema Comments on Interim Senator Vote

Dear residents and voters of the 8th Middlesex District,

As you may know, Thursday night I voted against legislation that would provide for an interim appointment to the US Senate until a special election is held in January. Thanks to many of you who have voiced your opinion on this issue and I appreciate

this chance to share with you the reasons behind my vote.

Underlying my vote is my respect for our democracy and the democratic process. While our party system encourages vigorous debate, it also relies on mutual respect and confidence that the framework of laws that guide the debate are fair and just for all, regardless of party affiliation. Each one of us has a stake in defending this principle because if we can't trust the fairness of the process for making our laws, we can lose our trust in the laws themselves.

My vote against the interim appointment was not a vote for or against any political party or any policy position. It was a vote for deliberative policymaking and against what I viewed as lawmaking of convenience, seemingly to fit the situation at hand, not driven by our long-term interests.

I believe that as a state and a society we need to move beyond partisan positions, listen to each other, and have rational and substantial discussion about solutions to the many challenges that face us. At the heart of this discussion must be a trust that we are all working for the greater good. That when our government makes laws we all agree to abide by them, not seek to change them when they do not serve our individual interests, whatever they may be. After carefully considering all the implications of this vote, I concluded that any benefits to our state from an interim appointment would be significantly outweighed by the cost in public trust. And we cannot afford to jeopardize this trust, especially with the many challenges that lie ahead.

If you would like to speak with me personally, I would welcome your call. (617-722-2210)


Carolyn Dykema

September 18, 2009


The Finn SOS cordially invites all Finn families to

Family Sock Hop

And Pizza Party

When: Friday, Sept. 25th


 Where: Finn School Gym and Cafeteria

A great way to wrap up the first month of school!

Bring your whole family and join the school community at the Finn Family Sock Hop and Pizza Party.

Meet fellow students and parents as you listen to music, dance and eat pizza.

Enjoy pizza, music and dancing with your kids and visit the book fair!


Don’t forget :  ONLY sneakers and socks allowed in the Gym. Parents, PLEASE be responsible for your kids!



SOUTHBOROUGH, MASS --- Members of Southborough’s Boy Scout Troop 92 of the Knox Trail Council, recently returned from a week-long canoe trip on the Saranac Lakes in upstate New York.  Seven Scouts and two Scoutmasters canoed a total of 58 miles, tent camping each night and either hiking, fishing or swimming daily.

Travelling to New York by car, the canoe portion of the trip began at the State Bridge Boat Launch on Saranac Lake and went as far as Buck Island on Fish Creek Bay at which point the troop members retraced the route to return to their base.

The Scouts involved included Scott and Sam DiStefano, Mitch Hilbert, Ryan King, Peter LoVerso, Kenny Kuchnir and Adam Wolfset, all of Southborough. They were accompanied by their Scoutmaster; Peter DiStefano and immediate past Scoutmaster; Peter Kachajian, also of Southborough.

High points of the trip included watching two loons engaged in a mating ritual and hiking Ampersand Mountain which provided spectacular views of all three Saranac Lakes from its peak. The Scouts canoed an average of 8 miles each day. The Scouts who participated in the trip will receive the 50 Miler Afoot and Afloat Award.

Troop 92 is known for its “year round campers” (the Troop camps a minimum of once a month, twelve months of the year.) This was the first week-long camping trip had been attempted by the troop in recent memory and was so successful that it will be repeated next year.

Troop 92 is sponsored by St. Anne Church, Southborough and meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. For more information on joining the troop, please contact Peter DiStefano at petehaleysss@aol.com

Chapel of the Cross to Bring “40 Days of Community” to Church and Metrowest Area This Fall


--“40 Days” Focuses on Building Community Within Church While Serving the Surrounding Area Together--

Westborough, MA – September 2009 – This Fall, Chapel of the Cross will begin a seven-week church-wide focus for all ages called 40 Days of Community.  Starting Sunday, October 4th, 40 Days will encompass our Sunday worship services, small groups, and service projects.  The three-fold goal of 40 Days is to grow more connected to one another, committed to our community, and closer to Christ.

 Some important elements to 40 Days of Community include:

·        BETTER TOGETHER: KICK-OFF: 40 Days will kick-off on October 4th with a message taught by Pastor Tom at the 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services that will set the stage for the campaign events to come.

·        HOST HOMES: There will be an opportunity for anyone who is interested to join a small group which will be studying Rick Warren’s Better Together: What on Earth are We Here For? lessons. This interactive study will look for a deeper understanding of God’s purposes and allow participants to build friendships and serve with one another in our church and our community.

·        MINISTRY FAIR: This event is designed to give people a variety of opportunities to become involved in a ministry that reaches out with a helping hand to those around us. The fair will be held after each of our Sunday morning services on November 8.

·        MISSION PROJECT: At the heart of 40 Days is a focused extension of our on-going "Chapel Cares" initiative. Our Missions Project Team will identify local outreach opportunities for our small groups to do together, with an emphasis on serving the elderly and aging in the Metrowest area.

·        CELEBRATION SUNDAY: The campaign culminates with a church-wide party where we will rejoice together in all God has done in our midst during the campaign.

All are invited to participate in 40 Days of Community and explore the question “What on earth are we here for?” with us at Chapel of the Cross—we hope to see you there!

Chapel of the Cross is located at 160 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA, 01581. 

Saturday – October 10th

3:00 – 5:00pm Scarecrow contest drop off at Community House

Winner will be announced October 12th

Scarecrows will be on display through October 17th


Sunday – October 11th

9:00am Registration for Heritage Day Road Race-Rotary Club

10:00am Start time for race

**New start location NEARY School**  Click here for pre race registration

4:30–6:30pm Light Up Southborough

Pumpkin Drop-off in front of Library

7:00 – 8:30pm Pumpkin Lighting & Viewing On Common St.


Monday – October 12th

7:00–9:30am Vendor Set-up, St. Marks Field (Rt 30&Rt85)

9:30am Vendors Open

Parade Line-up at St. Anne’s Church

For more info 508-330-2020

10:00am Annual Heritage Day Parade Begins

Boston Rd., Main St., Cordaville Rd.

Contact Recreation Office if you or your group

wish to participate 508-229-4452

11:00am–2:00pm Fire Dept. Open House


11:30am-2:00pm Luncheon at the Community House

$7.00/meal, $6/senior citizens (no child size meal or rate)

1:00pm Life flight helicopter lands at Woodward School

2:30pm 3rd Annual Pie Eating Contest – Sign up at Gazebo

3:30pm Vendors Close & Clean up


Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Tuesday Sep. 22
 Girls Freshman Volleyball VS Milford High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls JV Volleyball VS Milford High School Algonquin 3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 4:00PM
 Boys JV Soccer VS Wachusett Regional H.S. Algonquin 4:00PM
 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S. High School 4:00PM
 Girls JV Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   4:00PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball VS Milford High School Algonquin 4:30PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Tuesday Sep. 22
 Boys Varsity Cross Country @ Keefe Technical High Scho Click for directions   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball @ South Lancaster Academy Click for directions   4:30PM
St. Anne's' and St. Matthew's Annual Picnic

September 20, 2009 - Enjoying a hot dog at the annual picnic. The picnic began with celebration of a mass followed by eating, fun and games. Below is a sampling of the fun had by all today.

BE ALERT FOR THE SPACE SHUTTLE: Space shuttle Discovery is flying across the United States today atop a specially modified NASA 747 airliner.  The trip is necessary because at the end of its last mission Discovery landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California and must now be returned to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  Sky watchers along the flight path (particularly in Texas, Louisiana and Florida) should be alert for the extraordinary sight of a spaceship flying through blue sky on top of an airplane.  Check http://spaceweather.com for details.

FARSIDE SUNSPOT:  NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft is tracking an active region over the sun's eastern horizon that could be a large, new-cycle sunspot.  We can't yet see it from Earth, but the sun's rotation is turning the region toward us, and it could pop into view as early as Sept. 21st.   Readers with solar telescopes should monitor the sun's eastern limb for developments.  Images and updates may be found at

Flowers for Grandma

September 20, 2009 - These twins picked some Hydrangea flowers to give to their grandmom yesterday afternoon.

Head em up and move them out

September 20, 2009 - Like a scene from the old western show Rawhide - minus the horses- the local Southborough 4-H Livestock club got to move the Belted Galloways at Davco Farms Conservation lands to another pasture.  The club is run by Southborough resident Paul Bourdon who lives at the former Davis farms and cares for the cows.  Most of these 4-H members also belong to the Woodville Trailbusters 4-H Horse Club and the Crafty Cats Craft Club also in Woodville. Many of the members exhibited a cow, chickens and other livestock or horse at the 4-H Fair this past August.


September 20, 2009 - Many Cordaville residents ask all the time about the status of this building which sits on the former site of the Ipanema and Kahili resteraunts site.  Here is an update from the realtor. Southboro, MA - 106 Southville Road - Rt. 85 The 10,600 s.f. new construction office building still sits waiting for its tenant or buyer.  Once the site of Ipanema Restaurant, the 1 1/2/ acre parcel now hosts a 1st class  office building that is 90% completed.  The final finishing touches will include the custom build-out for whoever buys or leases the building. The owner has now offered the building as full floor office condominiums of 5,300 s.f. each. According to Marlene Aron, listing broker at Metrowest Commercial Real Estate in Southboro the asking price of $695,000 for the first floor and $795,000 for the second floor, has brought new interest, mostly from medical buyers.  Marlene can be reached at 508-740-0000 for more information.


Southborough meetings

September 21 -  September 25, 2009





BOARD OF SELECTMEN Sept 21 5:00 PM Front Foyer Town House
ADVISORY COMMITTEE [meeting with Board of Selectmen] Sept 22 8:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
BOARD OF SELECTMEN Agenda Sept 22 6:30 PM Hearing Room Town House
BOARD OF SELECTMEN [joint meeting with Southborough School Committee] Sept 23 7:00 PM Library Trottier Middle School
Sept 23 7:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
Ladder Truck Presentation Sept 23 7:00 PM Cordaville Hall
COMMUNITY PRESERVATION COMM. Sept 24 7:00 PM Hearing Room Town House
21  Monday 22 Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24 Thursday 25 Friday 26 Saturday
8:30am Health Clinic
8:30am Walking Group
9:30am Pool
8:30am Health Clinic
9am Friday Hours
9am Unstructured Activities
9am Falconi Golf Tournament
10am Bocci
10am Creative Writers
9:30am Mah Jongg
9:30am Painting Class
9:30am Cribbage
11am Senior Singers
2pm Fitness
10am Bocci
10am Canasta
12 PM BluePlate 12 PM Ping Pong 12 PM Pitch
12:30pm Bingo
2 PM fitness 12 PM Pitch 1:00 PM Bridge

Click here for the new Senior Center Website

Falconi Golf Tournament  Sept 21:

Anyone interested in volunteering for the Falconi Golf Tournament subcommittee should see Mary or Alice at the front office or call (508) 229-4453. Anyone wishing to donate items to the Falconi Golf Tournament Silent Auction (i.e. major sports tickets, timeshare rentals, etc.) should submit their name and donation description to Mary or Alice at the front office or call (508) 229-4453.

Alice’s Gift Shop:

Please stop by and see what Alice has in the gift shop this summer. There are some really pretty items. If you would like to make a donation, please drop them off at the front desk.


We now have two computers in the hall before you enter our main room that are now hooked up to the internet. You will be able to read e-mail and look up information as well as play some fun card games. Feel free to sit down and use the computers. Let us know if you would like any help.

Children's Library room is now reopened. Still awaiting some more furniture but open.  So come on back!

Southborough Library Schedule

Sunday 20 Monday 21 Tuesday 22 Wednesday 23 Thursday 24 Friday 25 Saturday 26

10:30 Story Time

Session 1 begins

Ages 2-5

Please register in

Children’s Room


10:30 Story Time

Ages 2-5

Please register in

Children’s Room


10:30 Story Time

Ages 2-5

Please register in

Children’s Room

6:30Young Adult

Book Group


11:00 Toddler


Ages 0-2 years


Library open

on Saturdays


Sports and Outdoor Activities

Algonquin Regional High School

TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Monday Sep. 21
 Boys JV Football VS Marlborough High School Algonquin 3:00PM
 Girls JV Volleyball @ Hudson High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Field Hockey @ Gardner High School   3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   3:30PM
 Girls Freshman Volleyball @ Hudson High School   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Cross Country @ Fitchburg H.S.   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Cross Country @ Fitchburg H.S.   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Hudson High School   4:30PM
 Boys Freshman Soccer @ Wachusett Regional H.S.   5:00PM
 Girls JV Field Hockey VS Fitchburg H.S. Algonquin 5:00PM
 Boys Freshman Football VS Marlborough High School Algonquin 5:00PM
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
TOMORROW'S EVENTS - Monday Sep. 21
 Boys Varsity Golf @ Minuteman Regional HS Click for directions   3:00PM
 Boys JV Football @ Hudson High School Click for directions   3:30PM
 Boys Varsity Soccer VS Leicester High School   3:30PM
 Girls Varsity Field Hockey VS Montachustt Regvochs   4:00PM