Avoid Frozen Pipes This Winter

I read a great article from a Home Clinic newspaper column about thawing out frozen pipes. When you leave in a cold climate as in Southborough, Mass, you have to think about such things. You people in California and Florida can come back another time. The article made me think of a funny story that is supposed to be true. A couple had been married for about ten years, and fighting was typical during most of them. They ended up deciding to divorce, and it was anything but amicable. They despised each other and there was malice deep in their hearts. Each vowed to “get” the other. Let’s see who won out. During the divorce proceedings, they were obliged to divide up their property. It included stocks, bonds, a collection of gold coins, and a winter home near a ski resort. His wife didn’t know much about its maintenance. After considerable strife, the husband appeared to be giving in to his wife’s demands by granting her the mountain chalet. He pretended to accept her joy and smile of victory. He was seething inside. She was scheduled to visit the house in a few months. He was allowed one last stay in the charming abode. He couldn’t wait to get there. He enjoyed a week of powder skiing and more than a few hot toddies by the fire. As he was packing up and loading the car, he took one last look and grinned from ear to ear. He knew what was going to happen when his wife arrived. He knew and was also told by a strident voice screaming on the phone. “Bill, you son of a bitch. The house is completely flooded.” “Not my problem,” he smirked. “You wanted the house, you got it.” Dead silence on the other end of the line. What I know from this story is that Bill did nothing to prevent the pipes from freezing and breaking, thus causing a huge first floor flood—and horrendous mess. Those of us in the northeast know how to do it. We recognize that pipes don’t always have insulation and outside ones freeze because they pass through an unheated space. If you don’t wrap those likely to burst, you will face the consequences. A frozen water pipe must be thawed promptly if you don’t want it to split. Being on Water Heater Watch is important if your pipes are frozen, because if the water is too hot, you will split the pipe. You simply open a faucet or valve that is connected to it. As the ice melts, the water begins to run easily. You don't need to run hot water through it, just the standard cold water will do. Of course, Bill had done no such thing. Thus, where water was trapped, it turned to steam and the pressure burst the pipe. I could laugh at the image of his wife’s shocked face, but I also know that this could happen to anyone in my town. Let me know if you want that Home Clinic article?

Making the Most of Yard Sale Finds

When you live in a winter climate much of the year, you get used to the crisp, fresh air. It is one of the great benefits of rural life. I love outdoor sports, long walks, sitting in a snow-covered park, and other activities popular with folks in Southborough. Like most, residents, I get tired of the stale air inside that results from too much heating. I crave open windows at work at the risk of alienating a few colleagues. Not everyone wants to wear a jacket sitting at their desk. Given this state of affairs and my penchant for clean air, you can imagine my chagrin when a friend who borrowed my car left it reeking of smoke. I assumed that he would do it outside, like most considerate smokers. Not so. The car needed a lot of help. I could barely get inside to start the car. Opening the windows wasn’t enough. It just so happened, however, that I found a yard sale down the street, and lo and behold, there was a new spray can of air freshener. Just in time. I immediately went about spraying the carpets and seats. It sure helped, and in a few minutes, I could drive the car without choking. I digress here, but I have to say that I also found a lot of other things at the yard sale to clean up and refurbish. I normally don’t go to these events, but this time was an exception. Not only did I get the air freshener to restore the car (at a very low price) and now there is No More Smoke Smell, but I also found some pieces of patio furniture that I can spray paint this summer to supplement my limited seating around the grill. To my surprise, the homeowner sponsoring the sale had some enamel waterproof paint and even some rust remover. I found everything I needed for this project. I got more out of the deal than a way to quickly remove stale smoke odor. I guess you never know what you will find. People sell anything from dishes and cooking utensils to old clothes and shoes. They offer old nails and tools, cast off toys, used books and office supplies. If you are looking for an odd decorative item for your home, you will find it. If you like to collect junk, you have the perfect resource. I also found a scented candle that might come in handy in a smoke-filled room. I hate stale air so much that I have several contingency plans. I think I will go to more yard sales in the area!

How to Winterize Your Home

Let's assume that all the above incredible information about Southborough manages to convince you to relocate to the town. You need to pick up a few tips on how to winterise your home. The town sets to winter in January whereby the temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius or even lower. Here are some helpful strategies that will help you take care of your property during the freezing climate.   Create a Checklist You need to create a checklist before everything else. A checklist helps in ensuring that you cater to all the requirements. Planning an action is important because there is a less chance that you will forget any step. Take a look your home, both the interior and the exterior then decide what you need to do. A good fact about the checklist is that you will remember to undo everything once it is time to open up your house after winter fades.   Turn off Main Water Supply After making the checklist, you would probably want to off the water at the main supply. Winter comes with some drawbacks, and one of them is that the pipe can freeze and burst especially if the furnace fails. Making sure that the main water supply is off will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses afterwards. In conjunction to that, you do not need to worry about any leaking taps that you forgot to turn off.   Drain Waterlines Turning off the main supply is not all. You have to drain all the waterlines because the water in them could freeze and cause bursting of pipes. You would not want to walk in and find out that your toilet pipes or other water channels are in poor condition. An air compressor should you get rid of excess water in all the drainages. Generally, all equipment and facilities that contain water drainages should be free of excess water. That includes dishwashers, washing machines, swimming pools, that is if you have any, among others.   Unplug Electrical Appliances Unplugging electrical appliances is a must. Frankly, everyone including children knows that electrical appliances should not be left in the sockets even if you are leaving your house for a short while. How about a whole winter season that you will stay away from home. Electricity can cause massive damage in case of any faulty wires or other factors that interfere with the normal flow. You should never assume that nothing can happen and that your home is safe. Ignorance can cost you a lot because any event of disrupted electric flow can bring down your house to ashes which is one of the worst experiences in life. Think about how you will have to start from scratch. Besides that, electricity damages can ruin your vacation because you must return with immediate effect to plan the next step. The above steps are helpful, and you will thank me later if you follow the advice.

Indoor Sports

Southborough is a great place to be, and if you happen to be a resident of this amazing place, this blog will provide vital information that can help you pass winter time without even realizing it. There is a lot to say for small town life. Our objective is to ensure that the Southborough we know today is a whole lot better than the one we knew the day before. The only way we can achieve this goal is to share as much as possible all that we know is safe and sound for you and your family to do this winter. That said, I will begin with a big shout out for indoor sports as a way to not only get through the winter, but to really relish this time of year. A full court game in a gym is so much better than a rough-surfaced school playground court. The hoop is better since it is not subject to the elements and you won’t find the net hanging by a thread or two in any place I know of.  No obvious rust on the rim or erased boundary lines from harsh, pounding rain. Basketball is my choice to stay healthy and active and out of the cold. If I want to be cold to the bone, I will go ice skating on a pond or skiing. If I want to keep my parka in a locker, I can play indoor tennis, badminton, racket ball, air hockey, shuffleboard, and much more. I know of places like Minneapolis, a frozen winter wonderland, where you can find indoor soccer, football, or cricket. After all, they have sky walks to get from one building to another it is so frigid outside. Somehow it doesn’t sit well with me, so I stick with basketball as my recommendation for winter fun in Southborough. Massachusetts is not the coldest state in the union, but it has to be one of them. No wonder relatives call from California when they hear about impending storms of the century hitting the northeast. I stem the tide of criticism, “why do you live there?” with a lot of boasting about indoor basketball. I always have access to a court, which is not at all true in many towns based on what I've read in Baller's Guide. The kids take over the school gym or the local team is in practice. It’s the same with the regional ice rink. Just try to get on the ice at 3:00pm when the youth of the town is out in full force after school. Somehow my fellow basketball players and I always gets a pickup game at the last minute. We often schedule weekends, however, to be sure. By nature, basketball is an indoor sport even though so many play on a school playground because they don’t have an alternative. There is nothing better than a slick polished wood surface to help you glide with the ball as you dribble for your next shot.

Southborough’s Coffee Joints

When winter sets in at Southborough, it does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your home. Staying behind is not a bad idea. You can enjoy the climate by keeping yourself busy with several activities or just enjoying indoor games and movies. Aside from the activities, you will never regret visiting the coffee shops in Southborough. They are incredible places to be not just for keeping yourself warm but also tasting Winter incredible types of coffee. If your favourite is black coffee, white coffee, latte, name them all, the bottom line is Southborough has amazing coffee joints.   B Sisters Cafe The B Sisters Café is one of the best coffee shops in Southborough. You will love the place and give a high rating. If you wish to taste an amazing cup of Latte and a perfect Croissant, make an effort to look for the joint or ask around for its location. The B sisters Café is a strong competitor of other incredible coffee joints because the variety of coffee it offers is just out of this world. Make a point of visiting the café, and the crew will not disappoint you. Once you have any variety of coffee at the restaurant, it will be one of your favourites. Additionally, you can have delicious snacks such as brownies, croissants and the Panini sandwich aside your coffee.   The Starbucks Am sure everyone knows about the Starbucks. The company has joints all over the world, and Southborough is not left out. If you are one of Starbuck’s fan and you are worried that you may not find your best coffee company in Southborough, you are wrong. Southborough is one of the most amazing towns in Massachusettes. Therefore, you should expect to find almost all of your favourite food and coffee branches. Starbucks never disappoints because their coffee which has a great percentage of whole coffee beans. Do you love gift cards and holiday gifts? Starbucks restaurant in Southborough if you happen to be a frequent client of the restaurant because you benefit as much as the café does. The service of the crew is not questionable. The Restaurant has kind and well-mannered individuals who have the customers’ interest at heart.   The Coffee Loft Have you ever heard of the Coffee Loft in Massachuttes and you wonder where to find it. There are several branches, and Southborough harbours one of them. If you are a coffee lover, your new friends in Southborough will mention to you that the Coffee Loft is the café for you. In fact, the joint is so popular that you are likely to visit it immediately when you relocate Southborough. Do yourself a favour and have a satisfying and amazing cup of Caramel Latte, iced coffee, white coffee and many more varieties. You are likely to refill your cup if you know how quality coffee should taste. The joint also offers nice snacks like salad sandwiches, Chicken Caprese sandwich, hams, chocolate chip scones and several others. The crew has sweet people and does a great job. You should be a lucky person if you have a soft spot for the joint because another one will open in the town soon.   The Red Barn Coffee Roasters The Red Barn Coffee Roaster also make the list of best coffee joints in Southborough. The name itself is enough to let you know that the café does not play when it comes to coffee. If you love hot chocolate, the Red Barn Coffee roasters exist because of you. The bakery system is spectacular, and the team offers daily specials. Break your breakfast routine at your house once in a while and have a full exquisite breakfast meal at the joint. The cafe also has a huge an beautiful parking lot. You can have your meal in the parking lot and still be comfortable and relaxed. All the above joints are available for you so you can have different experiences. Who said your winter or just normal days could not be spectacular?

Why Southborough

If you decide or wish to live in Southborough, you are just on the right path. Southborough is one of the best towns in Massachusetts, and the high chances are that it will not disappoint you. Here are some of the reasons you should be happy with your choice.   Central Location First, Southborough has a strategic location near England hence has easy access to the England market. Think about all the goods and services that you would love to get at the England market. When you live in the town, you can go to England any time you wish because it is less than 75 miles away. In conjunction with that, the town has an efficient commuter system that can get you to the England market fast. In fact, it only takes about 35 minutes to reach places like Boston, Worcester and Manchester. Also, then you can easily access major airports such as the Boston’s Logan airport which are less than 30 miles away from the town. The town’s central location makes it easy to commute from one point to another without difficulties or a lot of expenses.   Thriving Economy The economy is one of the major factors that determine the wellness of a country, state or town. Who would not wish to live in a town that thrives economically? Southborough is the place to be if you want to stay in Massachusettes. Frankly, a thriving economy benefits everyone because as the economic status grows, more companies and industries open up hence increasing opportunities for employment. If you are worried about unemployment, living in Southborough will be your answer. Additionally, if you are self-employed and running your bus promises, Southborough’s growing economy has your back. There 80% chance that your business will bloom within a short time.   Infrastructure Southborough’s infrastructure is incredible. The town not one of those that suffer regarding infrastructure hence making people have a backward life. As mentioned before, the transport services of Southborough are not disappointing. You will never worry about how you should get to a particular location especially if you do not own a personal vehicle. The town has all types of transport, that is, bus, air, rail and highway services. You can travel to any location as per your convenience at any time.   Schools and Colleges The town nears incredible colleges. In fact, some are the most prestigious institutions in the world. A good example is the Framingham State University. The institution is just minutes away from Southborough. Often, people change their mind about relocation when the plan compromises their education. If you are planning to relocate to Southborough from another State, a college education is the least of your worries. You or your college-level children, if you have any, will have an easy time adjusting to new institutions and continuing with your studies.   Apart from nearness to Framingham State University, the town harbours Clark University, which is another prestigious educational institution in the world. Aside from higher education, Southborough has various schools for younger children. An example is the St.Mark’s school which is a day and boarding institution. The school has good statistics hence there is no reason you would refrain from getting your child in the institution if that is your plan.   Another amazing institution is the New England Center for Children which admits children that have autism. The institution is a nonprofit organisation that gears towards helping children with autism thrive in education just as other normal kids. How incredible is that? You should already begin packing your bags if you are planning to start a new life in Southborough.

Great Winter Sporting in Southborough

The Octopush One of the greatest ways to pass the time this winter is by participating in this breathtaking sport. In the real world, this game has another name called underwater hockey which is enough to create the idea that it is a six by a six-player match that takes place under the water. Yes, as much insane as it sounds, it is one of the most amazing, unique and memorable ways to spend your time this summer. It is worth noting, however, that the biggest risk here is your ability to hold your breath underwater as much as possible.   Kronum At the mention of this sport, the first thing that comes to mind is another type of rugby. The rules of this game require that you be not only fast but also perfect when it comes to handling all the other players in the game. One can only earn points by accurately directing the ball to the mouth of either of the crowns. The role that the other plays have is to ensure that the authenticity of the score you attain cannot pass for challenging in the opinion of the other team.   Hantis The Hantis is one of the most intense table challenge sport that man knows. The rules here require the players to do anything within their capabilities to master and display different types of overhead and low attack tactics that can come in handy when you release the loach. The good thing about this game is that everyone can play it regardless of age and other circumstances. In simpler words, the same rules that apply to Ping pong can more or less work in this game as well. It is a safe game even if it sounds like there are no boundaries when it comes to the real match.   Segway Polo Another unique yet very reputable game is the Segway Polo. Steve Wozniak had an influential role to play in the founding of this game back in 2004. Sports and games reviews have it that this game is a game that passes for an ideal association with geeks. However, this does not mean that only smart people can play it. Hoverboards usually come in handy as they help to pass a strong message to the rest of the world who are willing to make this culture worth recalling.   Road Tennis You can be able to tell just by the sound of the title itself that this game is not just fun, to begin with, it is also very cheap and convenient to come by at this time. All that this game requires is a slight stretch off the pavement, a small tennis ball and some great bats. In the real world, history proves that for the last eight or so decades, road tennis has been part of the growth and development of games and sports of human activities. There are so many activities that you can engage in during this winter, and all that you need to do is open your mind and welcome any great ideas.

Ice Sports in Southborough

Ice Skating Spending your winter holidays in Southborough can never turn out gloomy. One activity that can make your winter season worthy is ice skating. Ice skating never gets old no matter how old you grow. You should be happy because some regions of the world never receive snowfalls that the people who reside are such regions wish they too could engage in winter activities. Places for ice skating in Southborough are numerous so skate your way to the fun days. Ice skating is an activity you can engage in together with your family and friends, and the experience is always spectacular. Am quite convinced you always wait for the next winter season if ice skating is part of you.

Sledding Sledding is fun if done with precaution. The good thing about winter season is that the snow is everywhere. Go to the hills safe hills of Southborough and slide your way down. If you have children, sledding is a perfect outdoor activity for them. As long as they keep warm, they are good to go. You can also bring back some of your childhood memories by doing the same. It is winter, and no one will ask you why you are sliding down a hill full of snow like a child. When winter sets in, everyone is allowed to be a child.

Ice Canoeing Sea, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams are always busy with sporting activities regardless of the climate. Ice canoeing is another activity that makes your days worthy during winter in Southborough. Suppose you are wondering of Southborough has place lakes or other water bodies for canoeing, they are many. Perfect examples are the Sunset beach, the Kiwanis beach, Bell Pond and Walden Pond State Reservation among others. Make an effort to try ice canoeing with your friends or family, and if you are scared, lifesavers, guards and marine security are available to keep watch in case of any danger.

Skiing Skiing is a great sport especially if you know how to go about it. It can be dangerous but fun if you perfect. There is always a first time for everything and skiing is worth a try but after practice. Once you learn skiing, winter gets more magical with every coming season. If you are not sure about the safety of the sport, the list is endless. The primary point is, spending your winter holiday in Southborough is just as fun as having it in other regions around the world.